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December 27, 2013

Anti-Muslim Group Promotes Offensive Project For Police

ACT! for America, a grassroots anti-Muslim organization that describes Islam as a backward and seditious political ideology that poses a threat to America and its democracy, has launched a project designed to provide law enforcement with “the information, materials and training they need to effectively understand and fight Islamist terrorism.”thin-blue-line-project-act-for-america

However, the Thin Blue Line Project (TBL), a web-portal launched in October 2013 that is accessible to current and past law enforcement officials, contains elements that are built on distorted and offensive claims about Muslims.

For example, a section titled “Pedophilia,” advises law enforcement of what to be aware of when investigating a Muslim household. It tells police that “they should be aware of any minors in the home who are not a part of the immediate family.”

“In some cultures,” the section continues, “as our military and others who have served extensively overseas can attest, having young males around the household who are used sexually by the men in the home, is common.”

The TBL also includes a section that advises police officers on how to identify a “jihadi” during routine traffic stops. Among the indicators, according to this section, are pamphlets from the Muslim Student Association, or taking note of the individual’s accent and “asking[ing] where they are from in a comfortable non-threatening tone.”

Recommendations such as these not only paint a distorted view of the Muslim community, but also promote bigotry and misinformation to law enforcement.

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August 20, 2013

The One Million Muslim March On 9/11


Rabbi Alam and Brigitte Gabriel appear on Sean Hannity program

The American Muslim Political Action (AMPAC), an organization with a relatively insignificant presence among American Muslims, created a strong media reaction by announcing its intention to organize a “One Million Muslim March” to the U.S. Capitol on September 11, 2013. AMPAC was founded and is run by Mr. Rabbi Alam (“Rabbi” is his first name), an American war veteran originally from Bangladesh with a past record of making controversial and bigoted statements.

Several US media outlets and activists have highlighted some of Alam’s past anti-Semitic and conspiratorial remarks implying Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attacks. For example, in 2009 Alam posted a comment on Topix, a web-based forum, on the discussion topic “Was 9/11 a conspiracy?” He wrote “a big yes from my own understanding.” In the same post, Alam questioned why 9/11 was an “official holidy for all jewish people [who] worked in the WTC [sic]” and added “who can tell me how many of the Jewish people died on the 9/11 tragedy? [sic].”

AMPAC’s website also states, “The history of the Jewish-Zionist lobby AIPAC shows that it is more effective to be ‘radical’ and express one’s views strongly and honestly, than to be fearful and timid. The best defense is a good offense.”

Alam recently appeared on Fox News with Brigitte Gabriel, leader of  Act! for America, to discuss the march with Sean Hannity. The interview called into question his ability to organize a large event, and underscored his willingness to stir controversy. By his statements, he made it readily apparent why some anti-Muslim groups would find him a convenient example to cite in promoting their agenda.

To date, there is little evidence of support for the march from American Muslims.

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June 5, 2012

Anti-Muslim ACT! for America Urges Counterterrorism Program


Update — Octo­ber 29, 2013: Act! for America founder and president Brigitte Gabriel announced the launch of “The Thin Blue Line” project on October 28, 2013.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT! for America, an organization promoting the idea that Islam is a backward and seditious political ideology, has issued an appeal to supporters to enlist their help to confront changes taking place in law enforcement training programs across the nation.

Addressing recent controversies regarding the use of anti-Muslim materials in counterterrorism training courses, Muslim-American civil rights organizations have demanded that training materials be reviewed and expunged of offending content.

To counter what Gabriel terms as “political correctness,” ACT! for America has launched “The Thin Blue Line Project,” a project that will oversee the creation of a website designed by and for law enforcement professionals. According to Gabriel, this project and website will easily provide the resources and information law enforcement officials need in order to combat the doctrine of jihad, Islamic terrorism, and organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

“Those on the Thin Blue Line need to understand the ideology driving the terrorism. They need to be able to connect the dots between what these jihadists believe…They need to understand the ‘threat doctrine’,” Gabriel says in her appeal for support.

To make this project a reality, ACT! for America is calling on concerned members, known as “Patriot Partners,” to donate $11 per month to make “The Thin Blue Line Project” possible.

In her writings and public appearances, Gabriel often portrays Islam as a threat. For example, in her book They Must Be Stopped; Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It, Gabriel wrote, “It is not yet politically correct to talk about a religious war. But this is exactly what we are facing: a religious war declared by devout Muslims….It’s not radical Islam. It’s what Islam is at its core.”

Earlier this year, in a New Year’s message to ACT! members, Gabriel asked supporters to come together and support the “Patriot Partner Campaign,” a campaign designed to introduce additional anti-Shariah bills in U.S. states throughout the 2012 legislative session. In a message promoting the campaign, Gabriel said, “We are facing an enemy in radical Islam that’s using our laws, our open-mindedness, and our tolerance against us.”

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