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August 15, 2014

Iran Holds Gaza Exhibition, Cartoon And Caricature Contest

Iran’s House of Cartoon, a professional artist guild sponsored by the municipality of Tehran, announced the opening of an international cartoon contest on the “Israeli war on Gaza,” which has drawn submissions from artists around the world of cartoons and caricatures with anti-Semitic and Holocaust imagery.

The exhibit, called International Gaza Cartoon Exhibit 2014, will run from August 12 to August 28 at the Palestine Museum of Contemporary Art in the Iranian capital.The exhibit is also promoting  and featuring a cartoon and caricature competition, dubbed “From Adolf Netanyahu to Benjamin Hitler,” that will award cash prizes for the best depiction of Israel’s military offensive against Hamas targets in Gaza. According to Masoud Shojaei Tabatabaie, the director of the House of Cartoon, the competition has received submissions from a number of countries, including Brazil, Cuba, Lebanon, Germany and Spain.

The House of Cartoon’s announcement said that the cartoon portion of the contest will focus on four subjects: “Silence of Media and International Associations, Genocide and Killing Baby in Gaza [sic], Treason and Accompany of Arab League, Great Satan (USA).” In addition, there will also be a caricature contest with themes such as “Adolf Netanyahu!” and “Benjamin Hitler!” as well as caricatures of world leaders Iranian leaders have accused of taking Israel’s side in the Gaza conflict, including King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Francois Hollande of France, David Cameron of Britain, and Angela Merkel of Germany.

First prize for the best cartoon and caricature will be an award of $1,500, followed by $1,000 for second place, and $700 for third.

Among the cartoons submitted and published on the House of Cartoon’s website are cartoons equating Israelis to Nazis and Israel to Nazi Germany. Images invoking the classic anti-Semitic canard of a blood libel, including depictions of Israel and Israelis as blood-sucking insects or animals attacking Palestinian children, are also prevalent in the exhibit. Caricatures featured in the exhibit include images of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wearing a swastika armband and images of President Barack Obama aiding Israel in killing Palestinians.


Submission from Bangladesh


Submission from Iran


Submission from Iran


Submission from Brazil


Submission from Turkey

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January 15, 2014

Ariel Sharon in the Middle East Media: Reviled In Death As In Life

Just as former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was demonized in the Arab and Muslim media throughout his life, so it is following his death.  Following Sharon’s death on January 11, newspapers and websites across the Middle East were flooded with articles, opinion pieces and cartoons depicting him as a “killer,” “butcher,” “terrorist,” and “war criminal.”

In their look back at Sharon’s life, most opinion writers have focused on what they consider to be his direct responsibility for the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon. Others have accused him of being responsible for the US-led war in Iraq and for masterminding an alleged assassination of Yasser Arafat.

Jihad Al-Khazin wrote in the London-based Al-Hayat, “….I hear he died and I hear that he is about to die, and I say ‘God, don’t send him back.’ He paid the price of his crimes on earth, and when he leaves he will be firewood for hell.”

Ironically, while the view from the street and the media is uniformly negative, many Arab leaders – quietly – are said to have had great respect for Sharon. While they may have disagreed with his policies, many have said that they trusted his credibility and viewed him as a leader who would always stand by his word.

Perhaps more than other Israeli leader, Sharon was vilified in the Arab media throughout his life. While op-eds frequently assigned to Sharon the worst human attributes, it was through the more visual – and visceral – editorial cartoons where the former Prime Minister was portrayed as a demonic figure that was the embodiment of human evil.

As highlighted in ADL’s 2010 publication, Personalizing the Conflict: A Decade of Assault on Israel’s Premiers in the Arab Media, depictions of Sharon in cartoons included rivers of blood, images of the angel of death, various monsters and animals with demonic features, Nazi comparisons, and classical anti-Semitic themes like allegations of blood libels.

A favorite caricature of Sharon was of him eating Palestinian children, drinking their blood and slaughtering them.  Even following Sharon’s debilitating stroke in January 2006, Arab newspapers portrayed him on his sick bed, intimidating the angel of death, who is afraid to take him.

After his death, the cartoons appearing in the Arab and Iranian media repeat these long-time images of Sharon as a devil, now eagerly awaited in hell.


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December 17, 2013

Iranian Media Reflects Khamenei’s Recent Anti-Semitism


Khamenei’s Facebook post on Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy

Iranian media and the country’s highest political and religious authority, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, haven’t let the recent interim agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue diminish the Islamic Republic’s zeal for promoting its deep-seated anti-Semitism and support for Holocaust denial.

Despite President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif’s recent overtures to the West, extreme elements in Iranian media and its leadership continue to express their vitriolic animus toward Israel and Jews in print, on the web and on social media.

A look at recent officially sanctioned cartoons and caricatures found in Iranian press reveal an uptick in the portrayal of Jews and Israeli leaders as insects, monkeys, rats and dogs (see examples below). In Iranian and Islamic cultures, dogs are often considered najis, or religiously impure beings.

In many illustrations, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is also shown as an Israeli lackey responsible for the atrocities occurring in neighboring Syria on Israel’s behest.

Iran’s broadcasting and publishing media is under the control of Ayatollah Khamenei and is charged with presenting the regime’s anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-West ideology. In a post published on Khamenei’s Facebook and Twitter pages on December 16, 2013, marking the anniversary of French Holocaust-denier Roger Garaudy’s trial for his 1996 book that referred to the Holocaust the “myth of the six million,” Khamenei lavished praise on Garaudy as a “French #Muslim resistance fighter.”

Recalling an official meeting held in 1998 during Garaudy’s visit to Tehran, Khamenei said “Zionists are just like the #Nazis and display the same #racist behaviors.” Khamenei’s post was accompanied by an image of Garaudy standing alongside images of Holocaust victims, injured Palestinians, and Nazis.


Israeli termite to the Saudi termite: “Don’t fret… I’m telling you we will eat and destroy it…!”

Depicted as a frog, Saudi King Abdullah tells Israeli scorpion: "What a coalition we’ve formed!"

Depicted as a frog, Saudi King Abdullah tells Israeli scorpion: “What a coalition we’ve formed!”








Sign reads: “Nuclear negotiations”



King Abdullah to the Israeli ant: “Crush him!!! Crush him!!!”
The shoe represents Iran.








Regarding Iran’s latest launching of a live monkey into space.









“Dogs prohibited from entering.” Dog is “Netanyahu”








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