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June 5, 2012 4

May Not So Merry For White Supremacists

April ended with a shock to the racist world, as promi­nent Ari­zona white suprema­cist and bor­der vig­i­lante J.T. Ready fatally shot four peo­ple before turn­ing his gun on him­self.   White suprema­cists would not be given a chance to catch their breaths, how­ever, as the month of May con­tin­ued to serve them set­back after setback.
Christo­pher Brooks of Amer­i­can Front
On the heels of the Ready murder-suicide came a high pro­file inci­dent in Florida in early May, in which law enforce­ment offi­cers rounded up almost the entire Florida con­tin­gent of the hard­core racist skin­head group Amer­i­can Front on weapons, para­mil­i­tary train­ing, and hate crimes charges.  To date, author­i­ties have made 14 arrests.  Accord­ing to court doc­u­ments, the group allegedly con­ducted para­mil­i­tary train­ing to pre­pare for an “inevitable race war” and dis­cussed pos­si­ble acts of vio­lence rang­ing from shoot­ing at a house to attack­ing an anti-racist group.
This just set the stage for a wave of arrests and set­backs to the white suprema­cist move­ment in May, including:
  • In mid-May, Vir­ginia neo-Nazi Bill White became a fugi­tive, announc­ing that he had “left the coun­try,” though author­i­ties think oth­er­wise.  White, who had been released from prison in April, missed a re-sentencing court hear­ing and pos­si­bly feared he might be sent back to prison.
  • On May 19, anti-racist activists crashed a Chicago-area white suprema­cist event billed as an “eco­nomic sum­mit,” attack­ing atten­dees and send­ing three to the hos­pi­tal.  Police arrested five anti-racists on charges related to the attack.  Adding insult to injury, police also arrested two of the atten­dees of the white suprema­cist event—one for child pornog­ra­phy and the other for unlaw­ful pos­ses­sion of weapons by a felon.
  • On May 30, Joliet res­i­dent Brian Moudry, a long-time Chicago-area white suprema­cist asso­ci­ated with the Cre­ativ­ity Move­ment, was arrested on fed­eral arson and civil rights charges in con­nec­tion with the 2007 arson of an African-American family’s house a few doors down from Moudry’s.
  • Also on May 30, agents from the Wash­ing­ton, D.C., Joint Ter­ror­ism Task Force arrested Vir­ginia white suprema­cist Dou­glas Howard Story for allegedly attempt­ing to obtain a fully auto­matic AK-47.  Story had a track record of on-line com­ments about respond­ing with vio­lence to encoun­ters with police and about how Pres­i­dent Obama might be assassinated.

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May 31, 2012 Off

FBI Arrests Chicago-Area White Supremacist For Hate-Motivated Arson

Photo credit:  Will County Sheriff’s Department

FBI agents on May 30, 2012, arrested long-time Chicago-area white suprema­cist Brian James Moudry, 35, for allegedly set­ting fire to the home of an African-American fam­ily in Joliet near Moudry’s own home in 2007. Nine peo­ple were in the house at the time, eight of them chil­dren, but they escaped the fire with­out injury.

Pros­e­cu­tors have charged Moudry with arson, using fire to inter­fere with hous­ing rights on the basis of race, and using fire to com­mit another felony. If con­victed, Moudry could face up to 40 years in fed­eral prison.

Moudry has a lengthy his­tory of both arrests and white supremacy. By his own admis­sion, he spent most of his teenage years in juve­nile insti­tu­tions. By the time he was 18 he was already a white suprema­cist. In 1996, he wrote a fan let­ter to the white power music mag­a­zine Resis­tance in which he talked about how much he and his father enjoyed the arti­cles and ended his mis­sive with the cry of “WHITE UNITY and WHITE POWER!!” Within a few years, he was arrested for aggra­vated assault and hate crimes for assault­ing two African-American men in a restau­rant park­ing lot and spent some months in the county jail for the assault.

At first, Moudry was pri­mar­ily active on the white power music scene, edit­ing a white power music fanzine dubbed Hate­mon­ger and play­ing in a white power band called Xeno­pho­bia while call­ing him­self “War­head von Jew­grinder.” Xeno­pho­bia per­formed songs such as “Vomit on the Rabbi” and “Delenda Est Judica,” and appeared on a com­pi­la­tion CD along with Flam­ma­ble Hebrews, with which Moudry also performed.

In the early 2000s, Moudry met Matt Hale, then leader of the Illinois-based World Church of the Cre­ator (WCOTC; now known as the Cre­ativ­ity Move­ment), and became an active mem­ber of the group, styling him­self a “Rev­erend” and orga­niz­ing WCOTC ral­lies and protests and pass­ing out white suprema­cist lit­er­a­ture in north­ern Illi­nois. Moudry quickly became the “state leader” of the WCOTC for Illi­nois. The WCOTC col­lapsed in 2004 fol­low­ing Hale’s arrest and sub­se­quent con­vic­tion for solic­it­ing the mur­der of a fed­eral judge; in sub­se­quent years Moudry was part of a small band of Hale loy­al­ists try­ing, largely unsuc­cess­fully, to keep the group alive fol­low­ing Hale’s arrest.

In July 2010, FBI agents paid Moudry a visit to ques­tion him about an alleged threat by Moudry to an African-American postal car­rier; no charges were filed, but accord­ing to author­i­ties he was “encour­aged to behave.” How­ever, not long after, in August 2010, local police arrested Moudry for allegedly threat­en­ing a youth with a weapon. That case is still pending.

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