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March 14, 2014

Hackers Target Israel On Holocaust Remembrance Day

A hacker group known as Anony­mous Arab has announced plans to initiate a cyber-attack against Israel on Holo­caust Remem­brance Day (April 7). The campaign, called OpIsrael, is being promoted on multiple social media platforms in order to attract hackers from around the world.  opisrael-anonymous-arab-april-7-holocaust-remembrance-day

In a statement on the Anony­mous Arab Facebook page, the group threatened to launch “electronic attacks against as many Israeli websites as possible.” The group also threatens Israeli citizens: “Your credit cards, your bank accounts, your servers … are ALL in a danger!”

Last year, Anony­mous Arab issued a similar warning around the same time to “wipe Israel off the Internet.” The warning was followed by a series of cyber-attacks against Israeli government, military and private websites, although with limited results.

The Facebook page includes tutorial videos on hacking websites. One post reads, “Guys who are experienced in the DOS Attack [Denial of Service Attacks], preparations must be made to attack the website of the Zionist Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” The post specifically mentions the Farsi language website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Another post reads, “Now, Attack. Stop the service on the Israeli weapons website.” The post also lists tactical instructions and asks participants to hide their IP [Internet Protocol] so they cannot be tracked.

The past few years witnessed an escalation in cyber-attacks against Israel by various hacker groups from all across the Arab World. Hackers have also increased their attacks against the websites of Jewish institutions in the United States.

Hackers who target Israel often claim their attack is part of an electronic Jihad against the State of Israel in defense of the Palestinian people, but the timing of this campaign to coincide with Holocaust Remembrance Day demonstrates an anti-Semitic bent.

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April 9, 2013

Electronic Jihad Targets Israel On Holocaust Remembrance Day

As Israelis and Jews prepared to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day, various hacker groups launched a campaign on Sunday to “wipe Israel off the Internet.”

While described by some hackers as an attack against Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, the campaign was specifically timed with Holocaust Remembrance Day and has featured strong anti-Semitic rhetoric, including Holocaust denial.

For example, a group calling itself Anonymous Arab posted an Arabic-language YouTube video on April 6 calling for the removal the ‘Zionist Entity’ from the internet.” The video says there is “no proof” that the Holocaust took place – “you have fabricated with your partners” – and that Israel is “unworthy to exist in your current form.”

“So long as your regime exists,” the video says, “peace shall be hindered.”

In addition, the Lebanonbased satellite television station Al Mayadeen aired an interview with a representative of Al Falaga, a Tunisian hacker group that participated in the cyber-attack. In the interview, the representative said, “We chose this day because it’s the memory of the Holocaust when the Jews were burned by the hands of Hitler and today they burn by our hands.” The interview was posted later on the Facebook page of Al Falaga.

According to initial reports, the cyber-attack, which was announced several months ago as “OpIsrael2,” affected some Israeli government and defense sites, but failed to bring them down.

Several hacker groups participated in this campaign. A pro-Hamas hacker group, Al-Qassam Electronic Brigades, posted a YouTube video on April 7 that included what appears to be a recording of a hacking operation against the website of one of Israel’s political parties, Kadima.

The Moroccan Ghosts, a politically motivated hackers group that has previously targeted the web­sites of Jew­ish insti­tu­tions in the U.S., published on their Facebook page a long list of hacked websites that they claim are either Israeli are Jewish-operated.

Some of the websites hacked by the Moroccan Ghosts were defaced with anti-Israel slurs and loaded with a media player that recited verses from the Quran. Despite the claims that they targeted Israeli and Jewish-operated websites, some of the listed sites have no apparent affiliation with Israel or Jews, and may have been included because they were an easy-to-hack and serve to inflate the impact of the cyber-attack.

In addition, several pro-Hamas websites, Facebook pages and other hacker forums posted threads claiming hacking operations against Jews and Israelis worldwide.

The first OpIsrael took place during Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza last November, when hackers targeted, and in some cases defaced, various Israeli websites.

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November 30, 2012

ADL Tracks Hackers Targeting Jewish Institutions For Electronic Jihad

The Moroccan Ghosts, a politically motivated hacker group targeting the websites of Jewish institutions, launched a cyber-attack last week against a server that hosts approximately 50 Jewish congregational websites, including synagogues in New Jersey and Connecticut.

The hackers defaced the targeted websites with their logo and an hour-long video denying the Holocaust. The Moroccan Ghosts, which has reportedly hacked approximately 82 websites since March, had been promising to launch attacks for several months.

The group celebrated the attack in a statement posted to its Facebook page. The statement, translated by the Anti-Defamation League, claimed that the attack was carried out against “one of the most significant and very extreme Zionist assemblies that support Israel in America.”

The statement also read: “…we posted on their wall a video that proves the ridiculousness of accusing the Germans with the Holocaust. It [the holocaust] was a scam by the Jews to blackmail the Germans and the west after the war and gain international sympathy to take over Palestinian lands… The truth is Holocaust never happened…”

ADL notified Facebook about the group’s activity and subsequently, the page was taken down. The group has since reestablished a new Facebook page, featuring similar content and promising to continue to recreate new Facebook pages as needed.

A post on the groups Twitter feed warned that “War against the Zionist pigs is coming coming coming…,” Through its twitter feed, it also declared support to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah, the Palestinians and the Arab and Islamic causes.

On one of the Moroccan Ghosts’ YouTube channels, the group describes itself as a Moroccan patriotic group that operates under Morocco’s motto “God, the King, and the Homeland.” The group has been targeting perceived supporters of Israel, mostly but not exclusively, in the United States.

In addition to its animosity towards Israel, Zionists and Jews, the group claims to oppose the Polisario Front, a group working for the independence of Western Sahara from Morocco.

This latest cyber-attack is part of a larger trend of politically motivated hackings targeting the websites of perceived supporters of Israel. ADL’s regional offices can offer guidance to Jewish institutions regarding online and digital security.

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