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August 12, 2014

David Duke Exploits Gaza Situation With New Video

Former Klan leader and anti-Semite David Duke, presenting himself as a “peace activist” and an unbiased “historian” has created a new exploitive video on the war in Gaza. Duke uses the situation in Gaza to promote his own virulent brand of anti-Semitism and attempt to win sympathizers.david-duke-gaza-video

In the video titled, “Israeli Genocide in Gaza,” Duke accuses Israel of “barbaric” mass murder and genocide. He also alleges that the media and politicians are controlled by Zionists who purposely mislead the public.

Ironically, Duke claims to be a historian “who likes to expose hypocrisy, deception and manipulation.” Yet he uses all three to paint Jews as murderers, liars and thieves. Duke also represents himself as a champion of the Palestinians despite having been an active white supremacist for decades.

The real objective of Duke’s video, which has received almost 32,000 views on YouTube, is to demonize Jews and to promote the idea that Jews control America. At the end of the video, Duke exclaims, “Free Palestine and free America and free the world from Zionist lies and tyranny.”

In addition to the video on the situation in Gaza, Duke has been trying to raise money to publish “The Illustrated Protocols of Zion,” a version of the notorious anti-Semitic work that accuses Jews of a worldwide plot to control the world.

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May 29, 2014

American Racists Embrace Gains in Europe by Far-Right Parties


Pat Buchanan

Figures ranging from far-right pundit Patrick Buchanan to white supremacist leader Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute are embracing the gains made by far-right and extremist parties in Europe during elections to the European Parliament in May.

The Americans who are saluting the results of the elections believe that the gains by the nationalist and far-right parties indicate that Europeans have rejected increased immigration and multiculturalism in favor of a return to traditionalist values. Some also argue that Europeans are more interested in the ardent nationalism and patriotism exhibited by Russian leader Vladimir Putin than in integration and liberal Western values.

Buchanan, who predicted the results of the elections in Europe in a May 23 column, argued that the rise of far-right parties means that Europeans want to preserve their “separate and unique ethnic and cultural identity.” Buchanan further asserted that the gains made by far-right parties signal a return to “traditionalism and cultural conservatism, reverence for the religious and cultural history and heritage of the nation and its indigenous people.” Buchanan has hoped for the same in the U.S. In numerous books and columns, he has argued that America is being destroyed by “Third World” immigrants and that the country needs to maintain its white European heritage.

In his comments on the European elections, Matt Parrott, a founder of the Traditionalist Youth Network, agreed with Buchanan and asserted that Europeans are more interested in Putin’s nationalism than in America’s liberalism. He laments that white supremacists in America will be “be forced to patiently wait on the sidelines” while traditionalist ideals and openly nationalist politicians come to the forefront in the rest of the world. He suggests that America’s extreme right learn from the advances made by their counterparts in Europe.

In a podcast, Richard Spencer, the head of the white supremacist National Policy Institute, spoke with Roman Bernard of France about how anti-EU sentiment had become a “bogeyman” for far-right parties in Europe. They believe that anti-EU sentiment is “negative politics” and that Europeans should be focusing on creating “white consciousness.” White supremacists on both sides of the Atlantic hope that whites in Europe and America will become “racially aware” and promote their own ethnic interests.

Anti-Semite David Duke put a different spin on the European elections, which reflects his virulent anti-Jewish views. Duke asserted that European voters had rejected two ideologies that Jews allegedly force on them—immigration and globalization.

American white supremacist activists would like to see extreme-right parties and ideologies become more appealing to the mainstream in America. They see Europe as a model for making that happen but acknowledge most Americans are not inclined to accept “white nationalism.”

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April 29, 2014

Tehran Book Fair To Feature Works By Anti-Semites, Holocaust Deniers


27th Tehran International Book Fair

An annual book fair in Tehran, hosted by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, is set to include domestic and foreign-published anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying books, including the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and works by notorious American racist David Duke.

President Hassan Rouhani is scheduled to preside over the opening of the fair, the 27th annual Tehran International Book Fair, at the Imam Khomeini Grand Prayer Grounds on April 29. The fair will then be open to the general public from April 30 to May 10. Several high-ranking government officials will accompany Rouhani at the opening festivities, including Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Janati, the director of the fair Abbas Salehi, and Hassan Hashemi, the governor of Tehran.

The book fair will feature literary works authored by Iranian, Arab and Western writers. The fair’s selection of Farsi-language titles include several books dealing with Zionism, alleged Jewish control over Hollywood and the U.S. government, and Holocaust denial.

Among the books that will be offered, according to the fair’s website, is a Farsi translation of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, and Iranian-authored books on Holocaust denial, such as Half Hidden: Legend-Building of the Holocaust.

The list of anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying books authored by Westerners is disturbing. Among the books that will be featured is American Holocaust denier and anti-Semite Michael Hoffman’s The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians, and Jewish Supremacists (titled in Farsi: Holocaust! A Report on the Depth of Jewish and Zionist Influence in all Organs of the United States of America) by David Duke. A translated collection of essays on the alleged excessive power of the American pro-Israel lobby by American academic John Mearsheimer is also listed on the fair’s website.

Many of the anti-Semitic titles originating from the West will appear in translated editions for Iran’s Farsi-speaking audience.

In 2013, similar titles, particularly Arabic translations of the Protocols, appeared at international book fairs held in neighboring Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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