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December 29, 2014

Indian Soap Opera Invoking Hitler’s Name Airs In The Arab World

An Indian soap opera that ADL criticized in 2011 for its use of Hitler in its title is now airing in the Arab world on Zee Alwan, a Dubai-based satellite television channel and one of the divisions of India’s mega-media giant Zee Entertainment Enterprises.

Promotional material on Facebook for Aukhti Hitler

Promotional material on Facebook for Aukhti Hitler (“Sister Hitler)

The show Aukhti Hitler (Arabic for “Sister Hitler”), which originally aired with the title “Hitler Didi” in Hindi, has been dubbed into Arabic. It started airing in the Arab world on December 17.

The show title refers to the lead character, a young woman known as a strict disciplinarian who takes a no-nonsense attitude with family members. The show’s plot attempts toexplain the harsh attitude of the main character as a coping mechanism “to face life’s challenges.”

The woman referred to as Hitler is also portrayed as a hardworking person with leadership skills who will not compromise. In the first episode, other characters describe the way she speaks as “Hitler’s laws.”

The show aired originally in 2011 on Zee TV in India. In response to its offensive title, ADL issued a letter at that time asking the network to change the name of the show. The network responded with a letter apologizing for the title and saying that the network was “in the process of renaming the program.”

Currently, Zee Alwan airs the show five times a week to a large Arab audience, and the network is using the same offensive language and imagery to promote the show via its Arabic social media platforms. For example, Zee Alwan TV launched an Arabic Facebook page for the show that includes images of  Hitler’s moustache; the TV network also started an Arabic Twitter hashtag #أختي_هتلر, which translates into “Sister Hitler.”

Zee Alwan is Zee network’s second largest Arabic channel catering to the Middle East. The free-to-air channel features popular Indian programs and other TV shows dubbed in Arabic.

The show plays on a myth in some parts of the Arab world that Hitler was a kindhearted person inside who was forced to be “strict” in the face of challenges.

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August 26, 2014

Claims That ISIS Has Jewish Roots Grow In Muslim World


Cartoon published on Al-Iraq Agency News website

Several prominent public figures in parts of the Muslim World, including religious figures, elected officials and scholars, are promoting a conspiracy suggesting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)was created by the Jews and Zionists to tear Islam apart.

ISIS has engaged in a murderous terrorist campaign and has conquered significant territory stretching between Iraq and Syria over the past several months. In June it declared its advances to be the latest Caliphate and renamed itself the Islamic State.

The following are some examples that demonstrate the growing popularity of the absurd accusation that Jews and Israel are responsible for the creation and rise of ISIS.

  • August 7: The World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates, an umbrella group based in Egypt for scholars connected to Al-Azhar University, Egypt’s top religious authority, published a statement on its website describing how ISIS and other extremist groups are “[a] Jewish product under various names that change every now and then.” The statement cites the head of the association’s chapter in Pakistan, Sheik Sahib Zadeh Aziz, as saying, “The terrorist organization ISIS is a Zionist plot which aims to murder Muslims, shed their blood, and rape [their] women and girls.”
  • August 6: During an interview with Dijlah, an Iraqi-based satellite television station, popular scholar Ahmed al-Kubbaisi said, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [ISIS leader]… no more than a Jewish agent… and even Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism is a hundred percent Jewish product.” He added, “I am responsible for this statement before the lord. [I swear] by God, this is an organized Jewish movement to tear apart the Ummah [Islamic Nation] and it did tear it apart.” In response to his attack on the founder of Wahhabism, the official version of Islam implemented in Saudi Arabia and a number of other Arab-Gulf states, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia and other prominent scholars in the region attacked al-Kubbaisi for affiliating ibn Abd al-Wahhab with the Jews – an ultimate insult in the Arab world. Consequently, a Saudi lawyer submitted charges to the Dubai police, which submitted the complaint to the attorney general in Dubai.
  • August 4: Iran’s Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council, Mohsen Rezae, said during a TV interview with the Tehran-based Alalam TV that the “Zionist Entity” is behind ISIS. He said that because there is a small number of “Zionists” worldwide, they usually try to get rid of others by making them fight each other. “There is information that al-Baghdadi himself [ISIS leader] received training and instructions at the Israeli Entity,” Rezae said.
  • July 29: A prominent Shia’a cleric in Iraq, where ISIS has conquered significant territory over the past few months and killed many Shia’a Muslims, Ayatollah Sayed Mortada Al-Qazwini, reportedly described ISIS during an Eid sermon in Kerbala as “a Jewish Israeli organization, established to tear apart the land of Muslims.”

Several Arab newspapers and TV stations have also circulated a story claiming that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad agent by the name of Simon Elliot. This claim originally appeared in the anti-Semitic and conspiratorial American publication Veterans Today. In addition, an ad campaign against ISIS appearing on Afaq, an Iraqi satellite television station, showed a snake with the mark of ISIS coming out of the Jewish Star of David.

Even the notorious anti-Semitism of a group such as ISIS is not enough to prevent some in the Muslim world from claiming Jews are responsible for the ISIS reign of terror in Iraq and Syria.

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February 1, 2013

UAE Official Links Israel and Jews To Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracies Via Twitter

Update — 11/9/15: Dubai Police Chief, Dahi Khalfan, appears to have resumed his activity on social media, and uses anti-Semitic statements to respond to opponents of the United Arab Emirates. On November 3, he wrote on his official Twitter account several statements to promote anti-Semitic narratives and anti-Israel conspiracy theories. In response to a comment praising Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Khalfan wrote, “On one side he appears as if he is against the aggression against Gaza, but at the same time his military airplanes participate in joint air maneuvers with the Jews.”

He then commented, “The Mason Brotherhood [Muslim Brotherhood] is part of a plot by the Jews.” He also claimed in another post that an Israeli leader had confessed that Israel would win over Arabs by spreading sectarianism among them.

It should be noted that some of his controversial Tweets appear to have been deleted later.


“…how fast you romanticized the Jews, couldn’t you wait a year at least… such a rush.”

Dubai Police Chief, Dahi Khalfan, who is known for his public animosity toward the Muslim Brotherhood, is increasingly using anti-Israel conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism in his Twitter campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Khalfan, who also holds the rank of Lieutenant General and serves as a member of the Executive Council of the Government of Dubai, has over 300 thousand followers on his Twitter account, which he devotes primarily to criticism the Muslim Brotherhood.

In his tweets, Khalfan tries to discredit the Brotherhood by describing nefarious allegiance to Israel and Jews. The way Khalfan uses these conspiracy theories demonstrates that no allegation made against Jews and Israel is too absurd when it is used to stigmatize and discredit others in Arab world.

“The Jewish-Muslim Brotherhood alliance and the project of establishing Greater Israel.”

On January 2, for example, Khalfan Retweeted a link to a YouTube video titled “The Jewish-Muslim Brotherhood alliance and the project of establishing Greater Israel.” The video accuses the Jews of using the Brotherhood to achieve their goal of controlling Muslims and establishing greater Israel.

Several of Khalfan’s tweets from January 4 attempt to discredit the Brotherhood by suggesting that the group cares too much about Jews. For example:

  • When one of the brotherhood officials, Essam El-Erian, called for Egyptian Jews to return to Egypt to accelerate the destruction of Israel, Khalfan mocked the Brotherhood, tweeting, “Essam El-erian says to the Jews who left Egypt ‘Wahashtoona’ [love song: We miss you].”
  • He also tweeted, “The Muslim Brotherhood fell down in public opinion as their ugly creed is shown to be ‘The goal justifies the mean’/// how fast you romanticized the Jews, couldn’t you wait a year at least… such a rush.”
  • A third tweet read, “Yesterday the song of the Ikhwanjia [Muslim Brotherhood] was: in Millions we march to liberate Palestine, but today the Ikhwanjia’s chant ‘Oh precious Jews, come back where you are, take whatever you want’”

Below is a sampling of Khalfan’s tweets linking Israel to the Brotherhood, which he views as a safeguard for Israel.

  • On January 26, Khalfan tweeted: “The Brotherhood is a corrupt group that cannot lead the Ummah [Islamic nation]. They came [to power] by an American choice to achieve the security of Israel – no more.”
  • On January 25, Khalfan tweeted that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are complicit in a Muslim Brotherhood’s role to protect Israel: “Get the facts: the Muslim Brotherhood means ensuring the safety of Israel by Hamas and [Islamic] Jihad…”

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