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August 10, 2012 Off

ADL Releases New Report On White Power Music Scene In The U.S.

The recent tragic shoot­ing spree at the Sikh tem­ple in Oak Creek, Wis­con­sin, in which Wade Michael Page killed six peo­ple before killing him­self after a shootout with police, has drawn atten­tion to the shad­owy world of white power music.

Page, a com­mit­ted white suprema­cist and mem­ber of the Ham­mer­skins, a hard­core racist skin­head group, was heav­ily involved in the white power music scene in the United States. He played in a num­ber of white power bands over the pre­vi­ous 12 years, most promi­nently the bands Def­i­nite Hate and End Apathy.

Page was just one of hun­dreds of white suprema­cist musi­cians lis­tened to by thou­sands of white suprema­cists in the United States and beyond. Today, white power music per­me­ates the sub­cul­ture of the white suprema­cist move­ment. Not all white suprema­cists enjoy white power music, but many of them do, espe­cially neo-Nazis and racist skin­heads. For lis­ten­ers, white power music is not sim­ply enter­tain­ment. It is music with a mes­sage, a medium used to express an ide­ol­ogy suf­fused with anger, hatred and violence.

ADL’s new report, The Sounds of Hate: The White Power Music Scene in the United States in 2012, details the cur­rent state of the white power music scene.

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August 6, 2012 1

ADL Connects Suspected Shooter at Wisconsin Sikh Temple to White Supremacist Skinhead Group

The man iden­ti­fied by law enforce­ment author­i­ties as the sus­pected gun­man in the Wis­con­sin mur­der spree on Sun­day, August 5, Wade Michael Page, 41, was a white suprema­cist skin­head known to the Anti-Defamation League for sev­eral years as the leader of End Apa­thy, a white power music band affil­i­ated with the Hammerskins. 

The Ham­mer­skins are a long­stand­ing hard­core racist skin­head group with a his­tory of vio­lence and hate crimes.  Page was him­self a mem­ber of the Ham­mer­skins (he was a “prospect” in 2011), and iden­ti­fied him­self as a North­ern Ham­mer­skin, part of the group’s Mid­west branch.  He was pre­vi­ously asso­ci­ated to vary­ing degrees with a vari­ety of other white suprema­cist bands. 

Page, who some­times referred to him­self by the pseu­do­nym “Jack Boot,”  is fes­tooned with white suprema­cist tat­toos, includ­ing a Nazi Death’s Head (Totenkopf) tat­too and a Ham­mer­skins tattoo.

Accord­ing to an inter­view Page gave to a Hammerskins-associated record label in 2010, he started End Apa­thy in 2005 and wrote many of its songs, as well as play­ing gui­tar and singing vocals. In recent years, End Apa­thy has been a fea­tured band at many Hammerskin-organized white power music con­certs, includ­ing the August 2010 “Meet  & Greet BBQ & Bands” in North Car­olina, the Ham­mer­skins’ St. Patty’s Day Show in March 2011 in Orlando, Florida, and Ham­mer­fest 2011 in Octo­ber 2011, also in Orlando.

Images of Wade Page:

Wade Page at Ham­mer­skin concert

Wade Page (on left) with Def­i­nite Hate

Wade Page (on right) at Ham­mer­skin event

Wade Page at Ham­mer­skin concert

Wade Page (on left) play­ing with Def­i­nite Hate

Wade Page and Def­i­nite Hate at 2011 Ham­mer­skins “St. Pad­dys Day” concert

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