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February 1, 2013

UAE Official Links Israel and Jews To Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracies Via Twitter

Update — 11/9/15: Dubai Police Chief, Dahi Khalfan, appears to have resumed his activity on social media, and uses anti-Semitic statements to respond to opponents of the United Arab Emirates. On November 3, he wrote on his official Twitter account several statements to promote anti-Semitic narratives and anti-Israel conspiracy theories. In response to a comment praising Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Khalfan wrote, “On one side he appears as if he is against the aggression against Gaza, but at the same time his military airplanes participate in joint air maneuvers with the Jews.”

He then commented, “The Mason Brotherhood [Muslim Brotherhood] is part of a plot by the Jews.” He also claimed in another post that an Israeli leader had confessed that Israel would win over Arabs by spreading sectarianism among them.

It should be noted that some of his controversial Tweets appear to have been deleted later.


“…how fast you romanticized the Jews, couldn’t you wait a year at least… such a rush.”

Dubai Police Chief, Dahi Khalfan, who is known for his public animosity toward the Muslim Brotherhood, is increasingly using anti-Israel conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism in his Twitter campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Khalfan, who also holds the rank of Lieutenant General and serves as a member of the Executive Council of the Government of Dubai, has over 300 thousand followers on his Twitter account, which he devotes primarily to criticism the Muslim Brotherhood.

In his tweets, Khalfan tries to discredit the Brotherhood by describing nefarious allegiance to Israel and Jews. The way Khalfan uses these conspiracy theories demonstrates that no allegation made against Jews and Israel is too absurd when it is used to stigmatize and discredit others in Arab world.

“The Jewish-Muslim Brotherhood alliance and the project of establishing Greater Israel.”

On January 2, for example, Khalfan Retweeted a link to a YouTube video titled “The Jewish-Muslim Brotherhood alliance and the project of establishing Greater Israel.” The video accuses the Jews of using the Brotherhood to achieve their goal of controlling Muslims and establishing greater Israel.

Several of Khalfan’s tweets from January 4 attempt to discredit the Brotherhood by suggesting that the group cares too much about Jews. For example:

  • When one of the brotherhood officials, Essam El-Erian, called for Egyptian Jews to return to Egypt to accelerate the destruction of Israel, Khalfan mocked the Brotherhood, tweeting, “Essam El-erian says to the Jews who left Egypt ‘Wahashtoona’ [love song: We miss you].”
  • He also tweeted, “The Muslim Brotherhood fell down in public opinion as their ugly creed is shown to be ‘The goal justifies the mean’/// how fast you romanticized the Jews, couldn’t you wait a year at least… such a rush.”
  • A third tweet read, “Yesterday the song of the Ikhwanjia [Muslim Brotherhood] was: in Millions we march to liberate Palestine, but today the Ikhwanjia’s chant ‘Oh precious Jews, come back where you are, take whatever you want’”

Below is a sampling of Khalfan’s tweets linking Israel to the Brotherhood, which he views as a safeguard for Israel.

  • On January 26, Khalfan tweeted: “The Brotherhood is a corrupt group that cannot lead the Ummah [Islamic nation]. They came [to power] by an American choice to achieve the security of Israel – no more.”
  • On January 25, Khalfan tweeted that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are complicit in a Muslim Brotherhood’s role to protect Israel: “Get the facts: the Muslim Brotherhood means ensuring the safety of Israel by Hamas and [Islamic] Jihad…”

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November 14, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Leadership Denounces “Zionist Aggression” in Gaza

Freedom and Justice Party newspaper: “Israel Announces the War on Gaza”

UPDATE (11/16/12): President of the Freedom and Justice Party Sa’ad Katatni presided over a press conference today in Cairo, where he gave a statement on behalf of a coalition of Egypt’s political parties on events in Gaza. The coalition’s statement condemned Israel’s military operation against Hamas and denounced the “scandalous American and Western support for the terrorist Zionist entity, which is a rapist of the indigenous Palestinian rights.” Furthermore, the coalition demanded “Arab and Muslim governments … to take steps to punish the Zionist entity,” and called on the  “Arab League to withdraw the Arab Initiative, which no longer exists due to Zionist insolence…”

In response to Israel’s targeted military action today to protect Israelis from renewed rocket fire from Gaza, senior leaders and members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its political party, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), have made a series of statements denouncing Israel’s right to defend itself and its citizens. For example:

For Israel, the Egyptian revolution meant that “they could not practice their daily hobby of killing our people in Palestine. They are in a situation of severe anger and they think that their hands are no longer cuffed; but they are delusional.” – Mohammad Saif al-Dawla, aide to Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi

Israel is “turning the tables and renewing the war on terror again and [causing] instability…regional intelligence agencies assisting the Entity in order to divert attention from the crimes committed in Syria.  – Essam El Erian, Vice President of the Freedom and Justice Party and senior Muslim Brotherhood member

“The Zionist entity is exercising the usual crime and bloodshed…Egypt should withdraw the ambassador and freeze relations, open crossings, and protect and support the resistance.”Statements made by Sobhi Saleh, senior Brotherhood and FJP member, according to FJP’s website

The Muslim Brotherhood also published an official statement, which read in part:

Today there was “a dangerous escalation of the Zionist army, which has been built on killing and terrorism since its first day…”

“This criminal aggression [by Israel] is a real change that threatens the continuing stability of the region; this is happening under the protection of the United States of America, which supports it [Israel] in all it does and maintains a hostile position towards Palestinian attempts to acquire international recognition for a state. In addition, the silence of the Western states and their position as an audience is encouraging this Entity’s bullying and aggression.”

“The Palestinian Authority must cancel its security coordination with the Zionist occupation’s army, immediately.”

“It is important [for the Arab states] to communicate with non-aligned countries and African countries to adopt decisive resolutions; we don’t envision anything less than cutting diplomatic and trade relations with this usurping entity. The Egyptian government must be the first to do this, so it can become an example for Arabs and Muslims who maintain relations with this entity.”

In addition to these remarks, the Syrian government, which has been engaged in a bloody civil war against its civilians for over a year, condemned Israel’s “atrocities” in Gaza and called on the international community to “pressure Israel to stop the sinful aggression on our people in the defiant Gaza Strip.”

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