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September 1, 2015

Deadly Violence, Plots Mark Right-Wing Extremist Courtroom Dramas

Judges and juries in Kansas, California and Georgia have ruled in a trio of important criminal cases involving white supremacists, anti-government sovereign citizens, and militia groups who engaged in violence or conspiracies.

Brent Douglas Cole

Brent Douglas Cole

On Monday, August 31, a jury in Olathe, Kansas, convicted long-time white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller (also known as Frazier Glenn Cross) on capital murder, attempted murder, assault and weapons charges for his 2014 shooting attack that killed three at Jewish institutions in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park.

Miller, who defended himself, attempted to argue during his trial that he was justified in killing Jews, because they were committing “genocide” against white people. After the jury read its verdict, Miller shouted “Sieg Heil,” while giving a Nazi salute.

In federal court in Sacramento, California, meanwhile, another extremist learned of his fate. Brent Douglas Cole, an adherent of the sovereign citizen movement, received a 29-year, seven-month sentence for his role in a shootout in 2014. Sovereign citizens believe that the government is illegitimate, because a conspiracy long ago subverted the original government and replaced it with a tyrannical one, and that it has no authority over them.

In June 214, a Bureau of Land Management ranger discovered Cole had set up a campsite on public land and had a motorcycle at the campsite that had been reported stolen. When the ranger and a California Highway Patrol officer attempted to impound that motorcycle, as well as one with expired tags, Cole confronted the officers. When one attempted to place handcuffs on Cole, the sovereign citizen opened fire on the officers, injuring both of them, before subsequently giving himself up. He was convicted in February 2015 of assault on a federal officer which inflicted bodily injury and other charges.

Finally, a federal judge in Atlanta, Georgia, sentenced three members of a militia group to prison after they pleaded guilty to conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. Brian Cannon, Terry Peace and Cory Williamson were members of a north Georgia militia cell that plotted terrorist attacks against the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other government targets, hoping that the government would over-react and, in turn, cause militia groups around the country to rise up in arms.

After an associate of the three men alerted the FBI to the plotters’ intentions, the FBI set up a sting operation. After Peace told the informant that he needed thermite charges and pipe bombs, the informant offered to get the explosives for him. In February 2014, FBI agents arrested the trio of militiamen as the received the (inert) explosive devices from the informant. Their would-be revolution was thwarted.

In many respects, these three incidents collectively highlight the major dangers coming from the extreme right in the 21st Century. Miller engaged in a deadly attack directed against Jews, a perceived “racial enemy.” The shooting spree presaged the even more deadly attack against African-Americans by Dylann Storm Roof in June 2015. Cole engaged in unplanned, spontaneous violence against law enforcement officers—one of the major threats posed by the sovereign citizen movement. And the militiamen in North Georgia engaged in a conspiracy to attack government targets; just the latest in a long series of such plots and conspiracies stemming from the militia movement.

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May 8, 2013

FBI Arrests Minnesota Man Allegedly Plotting Terrorist Act


Photo from Buford Rogers social networking profile

On May 3, FBI agents arrested Buford “Bucky” Rogers, 24, of Montevideo, Minnesota, alleging that he was planning some sort of terrorist attack on nearby targets.  A search of his residence allegedly uncovered a cache of weapons that included an AKM assault rifle, suspected pipe bombs, and Molotov cocktails. 

Rogers, convicted of felony burglary charges in 2011, was charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon.

Rogers was part of the militia movement and purported to run a militia group he called the Black Snake Militia.  Through social media Rogers called for others to arm themselves against the government.  In a series of Facebook posts on June 15, 2011, Rogers wrote, “together we can fight back they wont take me down without a fight i hope that you wont go down easy eather.” 

He alluded to fighting against the NWO (New World Order) who he says has taken away the right to bear arms and the freedom of speech.  He also wrote “ever[y]one better get your guns ready cuz there comeing FEMA,” a reference to a conspiracy theory that our government will soon declare martial law and dissidents will be housed in FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) concentration camps.  He also wrote, “The war is here tsa agents are doing random [checks] and shooting people for no re[a]son.”

Additional social networking profiles seemingly connected to Rogers also allude to violence.

A profile attributed to the screen name “Davd Black” (but displaying a photo used in another Buford Roger  profile) called for violence in April 2013 writing “they fired the first shot already if your with me hit me up and we can take action” and “i know what we have to do time to rise i go[t] my rifle side arm and my rope for strin[g]ing tra[i]tors up lets go get umm boyz… this next c[o]uple months will be something to rem[e]ber.”

In a January 2013 post he asserted that, “The president has declared war on our Republic and so we will take action! ….So just like a rattle snake a warning only lasts so long the rattle has ended and now we STRIKE If you think we can still restore our republic by peaceful means you are sorely mistaken I wish i was wrong but I’m not I know the way the N.W.O./New World Order works and they will not go down with out a fight nor will we THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS!! … THE 2ND AMERICAN REVOLUTION begins tonight!!!

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