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December 17, 2013 5

Iranian Media Reflects Khamenei’s Recent Anti-Semitism


Khamenei’s Face­book post on Holo­caust denier Roger Garaudy

Iran­ian media and the country’s high­est polit­i­cal and reli­gious author­ity, Supreme Leader Aya­tol­lah Khamenei, haven’t let the recent interim agree­ment on Iran’s nuclear issue dimin­ish the Islamic Republic’s zeal for pro­mot­ing its deep-seated anti-Semitism and sup­port for Holo­caust denial.

Despite Pres­i­dent Has­san Rouhani and For­eign Min­is­ter Muham­mad Javad Zarif’s recent over­tures to the West, extreme ele­ments in Iran­ian media and its lead­er­ship con­tinue to express their vit­ri­olic ani­mus toward Israel and Jews in print, on the web and on social media.

A look at recent offi­cially sanc­tioned car­toons and car­i­ca­tures found in Iran­ian press reveal an uptick in the por­trayal of Jews and Israeli lead­ers as insects, mon­keys, rats and dogs (see exam­ples below). In Iran­ian and Islamic cul­tures, dogs are often con­sid­ered najis, or reli­giously impure beings.

In many illus­tra­tions, King Abdul­lah of Saudi Ara­bia is also shown as an Israeli lackey respon­si­ble for the atroc­i­ties occur­ring in neigh­bor­ing Syria on Israel’s behest.

Iran’s broad­cast­ing and pub­lish­ing media is under the con­trol of Aya­tol­lah Khamenei and is charged with pre­sent­ing the regime’s anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-West ide­ol­ogy. In a post pub­lished on Khamenei’s Face­book and Twit­ter pages on Decem­ber 16, 2013, mark­ing the anniver­sary of French Holocaust-denier Roger Garaudy’s trial for his 1996 book that referred to the Holo­caust the “myth of the six mil­lion,” Khamenei lav­ished praise on Garaudy as a “French #Mus­lim resis­tance fighter.”

Recall­ing an offi­cial meet­ing held in 1998 dur­ing Garaudy’s visit to Tehran, Khamenei said “Zion­ists are just like the #Nazis and dis­play the same #racist behav­iors.” Khamenei’s post was accom­pa­nied by an image of Garaudy stand­ing along­side images of Holo­caust vic­tims, injured Pales­tini­ans, and Nazis.


Israeli ter­mite to the Saudi ter­mite: “Don’t fret… I’m telling you we will eat and destroy it…!”

Depicted as a frog, Saudi King Abdullah tells Israeli scorpion: "What a coalition we’ve formed!"

Depicted as a frog, Saudi King Abdul­lah tells Israeli scor­pion: “What a coali­tion we’ve formed!”








Sign reads: “Nuclear negotiations”



King Abdul­lah to the Israeli ant: “Crush him!!! Crush him!!!”
The shoe rep­re­sents Iran.








Regard­ing Iran’s lat­est launch­ing of a live mon­key into space.









“Dogs pro­hib­ited from enter­ing.” Dog is “Netanyahu”








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December 5, 2013 0

Head Of Pro-Palestinian Student Group Posts Inflammatory Comments On Israel

The head of the Gen­eral Union of Pales­tine Stu­dents (GUPS), which orga­nized an event at San Fran­cisco State Uni­ver­sity in early Novem­ber that invited stu­dents to cre­ate plac­ards using a sten­cil that read “My heroes have always killed col­o­niz­ers,” has a record of post­ing inflam­ma­tory com­ments about Israel and its sup­port­ers via social media.mohammad-hammad-gups-israel

Shortly after the event at San Fran­cisco State Uni­ver­sity, sev­eral pro-Israel blogs uncov­ered a blog appar­ently main­tained by GUPS head Moham­mad Ham­mad on Tum­blr that con­tained a post fea­tur­ing an image of him hold­ing a knife.

The text accom­pa­ny­ing the photo indi­cated that Ham­mad would rel­ish the oppor­tu­nity to use the blade on an Israeli sol­dier. “I seri­ously can not get over how much I love this blade,” Ham­mad wrote. “It is the sharpest thing I own and cuts through every­thing like but­ter and just hold­ing it makes me want to stab an Israeli soldier…”

 That Tum­blr blog, and two oth­ers appar­ently owned by Ham­mad, have since been made private.

Hammad’s posts on his pub­lic Face­book and Twit­ter pages reveal a stu­dent with a record of express­ing desire for vio­lence against Israel and its sup­port­ers. In Decem­ber 2012, for exam­ple, Ham­mad responded to a tweet by a pro-Israel user about an Israeli sol­dier that had killed a Pales­tin­ian ter­ror­ist in the West Bank with the fol­low­ing remark: “You are a sick­en­ing sup­porter of ter­ror­ism, I only wish it were you on the other end of this monster’s barrel.”

In a recent tweet, he also described a hash­tag that was being used to poke fun at Hamas as being “enough to turn any­one into a mil­i­tant with your peo­ple as the targets.”

In the past year, Ham­mad, an Inter­na­tional Rela­tions major at the uni­ver­sity, has also retweeted sev­eral tweets by OpIs­rael, an inter­na­tional hack­ing group that tar­gets Israeli and pro-Israel Web sites. In Novem­ber 2012, he wrote a tweet about the hack­ing group Anonymous’s appar­ently suc­cess­ful hack­ing of an Israeli Web site with the hash­tag “#win.”

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November 20, 2013 2

Iran’s Leader Calls Israel An “Unclean Rabid Dog”


Khamanei’s Face­book post

Iran’s Supreme Leader Aya­tol­lah Ali Khamenei met with mem­bers of the para­mil­i­tary basij today and called Israel an “unclean rabid dog” that’s a “threat to the world.”

Khamenei’s com­ments on the Jew­ish state were made Tues­day morn­ing as nego­tia­tors from the P5+1 meet with their Iran­ian coun­ter­parts in Geneva for the third round of nego­ti­a­tions con­cern­ing the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Khamenei’s offi­cial Face­book page and Twit­ter account also quoted the leader, say­ing that Euro­pean coun­tries, and France in par­tic­u­lar, humil­i­ate their nations by work­ing with “Zion­ists offi­cials & pay them lip ser­vice.” Khamenei is refer­ring to recent French objec­tions to a pro­posed agree­ment drafted dur­ing last week’s nuclear negotiations.

Khamenei, who has the final word on all of Iran’s domes­tic and for­eign pol­icy, also took aim at the U.S., accus­ing it of bear­ing respon­si­bil­ity for many of the world’s ills and blam­ing the U.S. for “pro­vok­ing Sad­dam [Hus­sein] to attack Iran” fol­low­ing the 1979 Islamic Rev­o­lu­tion. Iran­ian lead­ers often refer to the U.S. gov­ern­ment as the leader of the “global arrogance.”

Aya­tol­lah Khamenei’s com­ments on Israel con­tinue to demon­strate Tehran’s aggres­sive stance and ampli­fies con­cerns Israeli lead­ers have expressed regard­ing any nuclear deal that does not end Iran’s progress toward nuclear weaponization.

When refer­ring to Israel, Khamenei’s said: “[The] Israeli regime, this sin­is­ter, unclean rabid dog of the region, says Iran is a threat to the world; No! Israel itself is a threat to the world.”

Khamenei’s com­par­i­son of Israel to dogs, which are viewed as rit­u­ally impure ani­mals in Islam and in most Mid­dle East­ern cul­tures, was met with chants of “death to Israel” from the thou­sands of par­tic­i­pants at the gathering.

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