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May 28, 2013

New Black Panther Head Malik Zulu Shabazz Promotes Anti-Semitism On Campus


Malik Zulu Shabazz at Georgia State

New Black Panther Party (NBPP) chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz has resorted once again to promoting anti-Semitic conspiracies; this time during his recent visits to two Georgia university campuses.

During his “Role and Responsibility of the Black Student college tour,” which consisted of an April 25 lecture at Clark Atlanta University and an April 26 talk at Georgia State University, Shabazz invoked anti-Semitic themes of Jewish financial control and manipulation, claiming that Blacks have “been cheated out of [their] divine destiny by a cheating system, and a cheating people who have cheated us.”

Shabazz claimed that he had “shocking and revealing information” regarding “white Jewish entertainment firms who control our artists… Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson and Beyonce and all of them.” He also discussed “pulling a cover off of the so-called Jews who are exploiting our people,” implying Jewish and white control of Howard University, referring to “puppet masters” that set up traditionally Black colleges “to produce a subservient student.”

In a digression about fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who Shabazz mischaracterizes as a diamond merchant, Shabazz asked the audience for “the big Jewish guy’s name that sells the diamonds” and then admonished rappers, referring to them as “high paid slaves,” to “stop jocking Jacob and come to Africa and get your own diamond mine.”

Shabazz also used his platform to deny Jewish history saying, “The original Jew is not Shimon Peres. The original Jew is not Bibi Netanyahu. He is an imposter. The Jew and so-called Israel is an imposter…I guess they’ll say that’s anti-Semitic, but truth is truth.”

During the campus visits, Shabazz, along with NBPP Atlanta Chairwoman Nadia Assata Shakur, pitched the student audiences to become more involved with the NBPP and encouraged them to stay in touch by texting their information to the party in order to learn about the “benefits to being part of us” such as organized trips to Africa. There appeared to have about a dozen or fewer students in attendance at each visit.

On that note, Shabazz also announced the formation of a “new Black travel agency” which he hopes to use to take “at least one thousand” NBPP members to visit Africa starting in June 2014. This announcement comes after a delegation of NBPP leaders returned from South Africa and Zimbabwe in March with plans to expand NBPP’s international activity and outreach.

According to Shabazz, the tour was partially sponsored by Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine.

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February 21, 2013

Iranian Terror Plots Continue To Spread Around the Globe

Even as Iran seeks to mend ties with Argentina over the 1994 terrorist attack on the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Iran continues to be implicated in terror plots on Western, Israeli and Jewish targets around the world.

Yesterday, Nigerian security services announced the arrest of three men accused of surveilling targets for a possible Iranian-backed attack in the city of Lagos. The three men, all Nigerians, were tasked with gathering “intelligence on public places and prominent hotels frequented by American and Israelis” according to a State Security Service spokeswoman.  She also claimed that the leader of the cell sent pictures of the local Israeli culture center to his Iranian handlers.  The leader has confessed to spying on behalf of Iran.

Also yesterday, a man on trial in Cyprus for scouting targets where Israelis were likely to be present admitted to being a member of the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah.  He was arrested less than two weeks before a bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria, killed five Israelis in July of last year.  Bulgaria officially implicated two members of Hezbollah in the attack earlier this month.

Since the beginning of 2012, Iran and its proxies have been implicated in a series of plots and attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets, including:

  • January 2012: A failed bomb plot targeting Israelis in Thailand was linked to Iran-backed Hezbollah.
  • January 2012: Azerbaijani authorities arrested two men linked to Iranian intelligence over a plot to attack the Israeli Ambassador and a local rabbi.
  • February 2012: Iranian intelligence was linked to the bombing of an Israeli embassy vehicle in India which injured the wife of the Israeli Defense Attaché and three others.
  • February 2012: Israel blamed Iran after a bomb was discovered targeting an embassy car in Georgia; it was defused before it exploded.
  • February 2012: Azerbaijan arrested members of a cell working linked to Iran and Hezbollah in a plot to target the Israeli Embassy and a Jewish cultural center.
  • February 2012: An explosion in Bangkok led to the arrest of three Iranians.
  • March 2012: Azerbaijan arrested members of a cell targeting the Israeli and American embassies on behalf of Iran.
  • April 2012: Intelligence services reportedly searched for Iranian agent in Turkey suspected of plotting attacks on Western, Israeli and Jewish targets.
  • April 2012: India expelled an Iranian national listed by the Iranian consulate as a government employee after he was found casing Israeli and Jewish sites in the city of Pune.
  • June 2012: Two Iranians were arrested in Kenya in possession of chemicals that authorities claimed would be used for bombs. They reportedly were plotting to attack Israeli, American, British or Saudi targets.
  • July 2012: Cypriot authorities arrested a dual Swedish-Lebanese citizen accused of surveilling Israeli targets for a possible attack for Iran-backed Hezbollah. 
  • July 2012: At least two members of Iran-backed Hezbollah killed 5 Israelis and their Bulgarian bus driver in the bombing of a tour bus in Burgas, Bulgaria.

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April 20, 2012

Georgia Passes Tougher Bogus Lien Law

A new measure came into force in Georgia this week, when Governor Nathan Deal signed into law HB 997, making it a felony to file bogus liens against public officials and law enforcement officers. The act amends the Georgia code to create a new crime, that of making false lien statements against public officers or public employees, and provides a punishment of up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $10,000.
The bill had originally been sponsored by a group of Republican state representatives and received strong bipartisan support in both the Georgia House and Senate. The aim of the bill was to help counter the growing problems caused by the sovereign citizen movement, an extreme right-wing anti-government movement whose adherents believe that current governments are illegitimate and have no authority over them. Though the movement has existed since the 1970s, in the past few years it has experienced a surprising resurgence, including a growth of violent and criminal activity.

Portion of document filed by Robert Eugene Stephens
attempting to copyright his own name,
a common sovereign citizen tactic

Though the sovereign citizen movement has a strong association with violence, it has an even stronger association with what has come to be called “paper terrorism”—the use of bogus legal filings or documents or the misuse of actual ones in order to harass, intimidate, or retaliate against perceived enemies.

For 30 years, bogus liens have been one of the most popular paper terrorism tactics, often used to harass police officers, prosecutors, officials, and judges with whom sovereign citizens come into contact. To give one recent Georgia example, in October 2011 Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents arrested sovereign citizen Robert Eugene Stephens of Mineral Bluff on 12 criminal counts related to a series of bogus liens Stephens allegedly filed against a variety of local and state officials, including a county clerk, a local judge and her secretary, the county tax commissioner, and even the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives (which probably didn’t hurt the chance the subsequent law had of passing).

A number of states still don’t have bogus lien laws on their books, while the laws of other states make the crime only a misdemeanor and some states with bogus lien laws have been lax in enforcing them. The result has been a flood of bogus liens across the entire country in the past several years.

The Georgia law could still be strengthened further, as it does not protect private citizens and businesses, who also can be the victim of bogus liens filed by sovereign citizens.

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