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March 21, 2012 Off

Senior Iranian Officials Endorse “Global March to Jerusalem”

The Asian wing of the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) arrived Sat­ur­day in Tehran, where a del­e­ga­tion from the con­voy met with the pres­i­dent of the Iran­ian par­lia­ment, Ali Lar­i­jani, and the Iran­ian Pres­i­dent Mah­moud Ahmadine­jad. The Asia GMJ con­voy began its jour­ney to Iran in Indone­sia on March 10.

Accord­ing to Iran­ian news sources, Lar­i­jani wel­comed the del­e­ga­tion of 120 con­voy mem­bers and affirmed Iran’s sup­port­ive stance towards the Pales­tin­ian cause. “We as Ira­ni­ans, can­not ignore the Pales­tin­ian issue,” he said, adding, “The Pales­tin­ian peo­ple have their legit­i­mate rights; the West and Amer­ica instead of rec­og­niz­ing these rights are try­ing to oblit­er­ate and ignore them.”

Iran’s con­tro­ver­sial nuclear pro­gram was among the top­ics Lar­i­jani dis­cussed with the del­e­ga­tion. Accus­ing “the ene­mies” of Iran of delib­er­ately gen­er­at­ing an inter­na­tional out­cry over the pro­gram, he asserted, “The U.S. is wrong if it believes that it can still impose its dom­i­na­tion over Mus­lim coun­tries, because Mus­lims have been awak­ened and the recent rev­o­lu­tions are an exam­ple of this Islamic Awak­en­ing.” Lar­i­jani also rejected homo­sex­u­al­ity as immoral and deviant, charg­ing that “the world is head­ing towards the end because of them.” Chal­leng­ing West­ern crit­i­cism of Iran’s human rights record, he added, “[The ene­mies] accuse us of not tak­ing human rights into account, while they ignore human rights vio­la­tions com­mit­ted by their cronies in the [Gulf] region.”

On Sun­day, GMJ mem­bers held a brief meet­ing with Ahmadine­jad, where he described the GMJ as a “his­toric movement.”

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February 16, 2012 Off

“Global March to Jerusalem” Meets With Militant Islamic Group in Lebanon

GMJ Meet­ing at Ain Al-Hilwa
The Lebanon Com­mit­tee of the Global March to Jerusalem held a meet­ing last week at Ain Al-Hilwa Pales­tin­ian refugee camp in Lebanon with rep­re­sen­ta­tives of var­i­ous Pales­tin­ian fac­tions, includ­ing mem­bers of mil­i­tant group Anssarul­lah, accord­ing to the Pales­tin­ian Refugees in Lebanon website.
Anssarul­lah, report­edly a “reli­gious rad­i­cal group” with a few hun­dred fight­ers in its mem­ber­ship, has been described by some observers as a Pales­tin­ian fac­tion loyal to Hezbol­lah inside Ain Al-Hilwa. Its first reported attack took place in 2003 when two of its mem­bers, Has­san Suleiman and Ayman Zaidan, were report­edly killed in a sui­cide raid on an Amer­i­can con­voy in Iraq.
The Global March to Jerusalem cam­paign seeks to coor­di­nate efforts by inter­na­tional activists to cross Israel’s bor­ders on March 30, 2012, and enter Jerusalem to “demand [its] free­dom.” The campaign’s North Amer­i­can chap­ter, which is accept­ing tax-exempt dona­tions through the California-based Free Pales­tine Move­ment, stated on its web­site that their “legal advis­ers in US have deter­mined that it is bet­ter for them to oper­ate sep­a­rately from the main coalition.”
The Ain Al-Hilwa meet­ing was also attended by lead­ers rep­re­sent­ing the Pales­tin­ian Lib­er­a­tion Orga­ni­za­tion (PLO), Islamic Brigades and the Pales­tin­ian Alliance. Dur­ing the meet­ing, Isam Hal­abi, Sec­re­tary Gen­eral of the Gath­er­ing of Pales­tin­ian Mar­tyrs, said “it is impor­tant to hold activ­i­ties in sup­port of our peo­ple inside the home­land who are fac­ing an exter­mi­na­tion war.”

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February 14, 2012 3

Anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon to Speak at “Global March to Jerusalem” Benefit in Oakland

Update: The Mal­onga Cen­ter decided not to host the event because of a per­mit issue and the event was ulti­mately held at a nearby Islamic Cul­tural Center.”
Gilad Atz­mon, an anti-Semitic author, writer and musi­cian based in Lon­don, is sched­uled to speak in Oak­land, Cal­i­for­nia, on Feb­ru­ary 25, at a “ben­e­fit for the Global March to Jerusalem – North America.”

Accord­ing to a flyer pub­li­ciz­ing the event, Atz­mon will appear with Den­nis Bern­stein, pro­ducer and co-host of KPFA news pro­gram, Flash­points Radio, at the Mal­onga Casquelourd Cen­ter for the Arts, which is admin­is­tered by the City of Oak­land and its Depart­ment of Parks and Recre­ation.

The “Global March to Jerusalem” cam­paign seeks to coor­di­nate efforts by activists from around the world to cross Israel’s bor­ders and enter Jerusalem to “demand [its] free­dom” on March 30, 2012. The “Global March to Jerusalem” Face­book page is rife with anti-Semitic and other extreme content. 

While Atz­mon rejects being char­ac­ter­ized as an anti-Semite, the fol­low­ing remarks from his writ­ings reveal an almost obses­sive hatred of Jews and Jew­ish identity.
·    “Tol­er­ance, democ­racy and lib­er­al­ism, are for­eign to Jew­ish polit­i­cal pre­cepts which are all racially ori­en­tated and suprema­cist to the bone.”
·     “I like to fight alone; I take respon­si­bil­ity. Along the years, there have been a lot attempts to destroy the few of us who have stood up against Jew­ish power.”
·     “We are all sub­ject to Zion­ist global pol­i­tics. Accord­ing to my model, the credit crunch is in fact a Zion­ist ‘punch’.”
·     “Jews were respon­si­ble for the killing of Jesus.”
·     “If the Left wants to stop Israel for real, then it must openly ques­tion the notion of Jew­ish Power and its role within West­ern pol­i­tics and media. But can the Left do it? I am not so sure.”
·     “I’m not going to say whether it is right or not to burn down a syn­a­gogue, I can see that it is a ratio­nal act.”

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