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January 2, 2014

Quenelle Embraced By U.S. Holocaust Denier

The “quenelle,” the anti-Semitic gesture created by French anti-Semitic performer Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, has been gaining a following among anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, and has even been flashed by some professional athletes.gordon-duff-press-tv-anti-semitism

The latest show of support for the quenelle has come from Gordon Duff, a senior editor of the anti-Semitic and conspiratorial Veterans Today. In a January 2, 2014 article published by Press TV, the Iranian government’s English-language propaganda station which frequently provides a platform for American anti-Semites, Duff describes the modified Nazi salute as an “international, inclusive, non-sectarian” symbol that serves as an “antithesis” to Zionism.

In this article, titled “Quenelle: Courage or reverse Nazi salute?” Duff also states that Jews are not a Semitic people, therefore, the quenelle being labeled “anti-Semitic” is false. He also denies the existence of gas chambers at the notorious Nazi death camp Auschwitz in Poland. Duff claims that this history that Jews were gassed is taught in Europe “virtually at gunpoint.”  

Duff goes on to claim that the intelligence organizations of “dozens of nations” including “Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Britain, India and, especially, the United States” are “managed” by Israel. He also describes Zionists as “monsters” that act “for money and power.”

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November 22, 2013

Anti-Semitic Iran Film Festival Appeals To U.S. Extremists

The Office of Cultural Studies for the Islamic Revolution, an Iranian non-governmental organization that enjoys support from high-ranking officials in the Iranian government, will hold the 4th annual Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF) in Tehran from January 3-11, 2014.ammar-film-festival-iran

The film festival, which is named after one of the companions of the Prophet Mohammad, is soliciting films on anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic topics. These include: “False-flag attacks: The September 11th attacks, the role of the Zionist Lobby and neocons, the Israeli attack to USS Liberty,” “the power of the Zionist Lobby in the US and Europe, including Christian Zionism,” “ The role of Israeli Lobbies in promoting war,” and “Resistance against Zionist, not only in Palestine but also in USA and Europe.” The best submissions will be entered into a competition.

The aforementioned categories only appear on the festival’s English language website, which may suggest that organizers are specifically seeking submissions from extremists that have previously been given a platform in Iran.

Considering the conspiratorial topics for this year’s submissions, it is no surprise that the APFF has attracted interest from anti-Semites from outside Iran, including American anti-Semites such as Holocaust denier Michael Hoffman, the editor of the conspiratorial Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, and frequent Press TV contributor Mark Glenn.

American anti-Semites have been frequent participants in anti-Semitic and Holocaust denying conferences in Iran, often under the guise of promoting cultural and academic understanding.  They also frequently appear on Press TV, Iran’s government-run English-language satel­lite news net­work.

Last year’s APFF included a meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who encouraged the audience to incorporate political messages into films. He stated, “…certain organizations which promote western art such as Hollywood are completely political. If it is not like this, why do they not allow Iranian films which are anti-Zionist to be nominated at film festivals?”

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December 18, 2012

Conspiracy Theorists Blame Jews For Sandy Hook Massacre

In the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, internet posts blaming Jews for the killings began to spring up on various online message boards and conspiracy theory websites.  One theory, for example, promotes the notion that a supposedly Jewish-controlled Hollywood encourages killing sprees with subliminal messages glorifying gun violence. Another attributes the violence to the State of Israel, claiming Israel perpetrated a “false flag” terrorist attack on American soil as alleged punishment for American foreign policy on Israel and the Palestinians.

Among the most well-known promoters of racist and anti-Semitic beliefs to claim that Jews were behind the shooting spree is former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. On his website, where he disseminates his white supremacist ideology and specifically anti-Jewish views, Duke alleges that what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary is a result of Jewish control over several American institutions and foreign policy. Duke concludes that it is the supposed Zionist control over the media that resulted in the Sandy Hook shootings:

“Lead bullets are not murderers. The real murderers are not the bullets, but the Bullies of the Zio Media…Guns did not create the horror in that little school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. The Zio masters of the media did. They have devoured the real America. The masters of the media continue to take us down the path of human depravity…”

Press TV, the Iran­ian government’s plat­form to dis­sem­i­nate its ide­ol­ogy to the English-speaking world, also exploited this tragedy to espouse anti-Semitic “expla­na­tions” of what hap­pened at the Connecticut elementary school. In an interview broadcast on Press TV today, Mike Harris, a contributor to the anti-Semitic website Veterans Today who has ties to members of the neo-Nazi National Social­ist Move­ment (NSM), held Zionists accountable for a number of mass shootings in America:

“We have had a Zionist-controlled Hollywood, a Zionist-controlled news media that is the conduit to all of these violence, these imagery, into every home in America and so you wonder why there is a culture of violence? It is because it comes from the Jews in Hollywood. That is where the conduit of violence comes from. That is the source of it… You have to realize Israel has been operating death squads in the United States since Gabrielle Giffords and Judge Roll were shot in Tuscan. There have been other incidents as the Colorado shooting, that was again Israeli death squads operating in the US.”

In an article published on the Press TV website by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, Duff asked Harris if he stands by his claims that Israel is responsible for the massacre. His response: “You [Israel] murder children as part of ‘business as usual,’ you shouldn’t be surprised that when children are murdered, people look to you.”

This is not the first time David Duke and Press TV have exploited a tragedy in America to spew their hateful anti-Jewish ideology. On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, David Duke appeared on Press TV claiming that Zionists masterminded the attacks on 9/11.

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