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October 11, 2013

Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Expands Presence in U.S.

American members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party of Greece have created two new chapters in the United States since establishing a New York chapter about a year ago. One new chapter is in Los Angeles and the other calls itself the Regional League of the Western States USA.

Members of the Golden Dawn-New York chapter

Members of the Golden Dawn-New York chapter

The chapters are part of Golden Dawn North America, which “supports the ideas and goals of the Golden Dawn Party in Greece.”  In September, the Greek government arrested a number of leaders of the anti-Semitic, racist and anti-immigrant Golden Dawn party in Greece.  The arrests came after an individual believed to be a member of the group allegedly killed an anti-racist rapper.

Golden Dawn’s New York Division appears to be the most active chapter and the only one in the U.S. that posts material on its blog in English.  A section of the blog asks sympathizers to donate food and gift cards to help “Greek babies.”

The chapter has also posted articles attacking Jews, including one on October 10 about the relationship between Greece and Israel. The article claims that “Jews were so comfortable in recent decades with the corrupt political system and it served their interests perfectly.  Now they have begun to tremble in fear because of the rapid rise of Golden Dawn.”   The article references earlier pieces that accuse “American Zionists” of exploiting Greece and its energy sources.

Some American neo-Nazis and other white supremacists have expressed support for Golden Dawn. Rocky Suhayda of the tiny American Nazi Party claims to be in touch with Golden Dawn representatives. The website of the National Socialist Movement, another neo-Nazi group, directs people to the blog of the New York Division of Golden Dawn.

Craig Cobb, a white supremacist who is trying to set up a white enclave in Leith, North Dakota by buying up plots of land, has reportedly said that he would offer one of those plots to Golden Dawn.

Many Greek-Americans are appalled by Golden Dawn.  The overwhelming majority of the Greek-American community does not support the party or its American offshoots. The DC-based American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), a leading grassroots Greek-American membership organization, recently praised the Greek government for its crackdown on Golden Dawn in Greece.

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September 27, 2012

Greece’s Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Opens Office in New York City

Golden Dawn (also known as Chrysi Avgi in Greek), an ultra-nationalist political party in Greece, has opened an office in New York City. The party, known for its racist, anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant views, won 7 percent of the votein May 2012 elections and has 18 representatives in the Greek parliament. 

Golden Dawn Supporters in New York

The party has adopted Nazi slogans and symbols. For example, Golden Dawn’s logo closely resembles a swastika. In addition, the media reports that the party openly displays copies of Hitler’s Mein Kamf as well as other racist and anti-Semitic tracts at its headquarters. At rallies, Golden Dawn’s leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, has shouted slogans that are associated with the Nazis and has reportedly given the Nazi salute at a town meeting. He is also a Holocaust denier.

Artemios Mathaiopoulos, another Golden Dawn party member who was sworn in to the Greek parliament in July 2012, is a former member of a rock band known for its virulently anti-Semitic and racist lyrics.  

Members of the party have also carried out violent attacks on immigrants and foreign workers in different parts of Greece, and have attacked opposition leaders. In addition, the party has called for placing landmines along the Greece-Turkey border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.

Golden Dawn has also proposed that “only men and women of Greek descent and consciousness should have full political rights.”

According to Golden Dawn’s Web site for its New York City office, the party’s goal is “to promote and support the Golden Dawn’s nationalist ideals and vision for Greece among the Greek diaspora.” The party talks about resisting “the genocidal multi-culturalist, and anti-Hellenic agenda of the New World Order.”

In New York, Golden Dawn claims to have carried out a clothing and food drive, as well as a medical drive. The collected items were allegedly shipped to the party’s headquarters in Greece, where Golden Dawn insists they will only be distributed to Greeks.

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