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January 29, 2015

ISIS Establishes A Cyber-Alliance With Anti-Israel Hackers


“Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad” claim of responsibility.

Several pro-ISIS Twitter accounts that promote the terrorist group’s propaganda are collaborating with established anti-Israel hackers in an effort to increase cyber-attacks on behalf of ISIS.

On January 13, the Alazm Center Twitter account, which has over 5,000 followers, called on hackers to contact them. Since then, a group of anti-Israel hackers calling themselves “Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad” has claimed responsibility for several attacks against Israeli websites on behalf of ISIS.

The group claims to have hacked the website of a security contractor in Israel, a tour organizer and few other Israeli businesses by redirecting visitors to websites featuring the name and flag of ISIS along with the signature of “Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad.”

“Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad” claimed responsibility for these attacks in a statement on JustPaste.it, a file sharing site ISIS has been using to publish its statements anonymously. The statement said, “Thanks to God, below is today’s summary of hacking websites which is part of a campaign against Zionist websites” and included a list of individual hackers affiliated with “Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad.”

Videos of the hacks were also made available on Aljyyosh (“the armies” in Ara­bic), an online forum for Arab hackers that have claimed responsibility for stealing per­sonal infor­ma­tion belong­ing to Amer­i­can Jews and Israelis. The videos show the hacked websites defaced with ISIS flags and the logo of the “Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad” along with a song that begins with, “Report our greetings to Abu Bakir [ISIS’ leader].”

Several of the names listed in that statement have previously taken part in other cyber-attacks against Israeli websites on behalf of groups in North Africa such as Al Falaga, a Tunisian hacker group that participated in a large-scale cyber-attack on Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2013.

Another ISIS Twitter account, Mo7_AbuAzzamNM, which has over 1,000 followers and identifies itself as the “Hacker of the Caliphate State,” posted other statements praising the hacking of “Zionist websites” and sharing links to the statement by “Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad.” On January 16, Mo7_AbuAzzamNM Tweeted “America has drones, but we have cyber experience. Oh mule of the Jews [Obama], the coming days will show you.”

Prior to their apparent collaboration with ISIS, “Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad” posted a video on YouTube on November 29, 2014, declaring its allegiance to the Islamic State. The video showed a masked man reading a message in Arabic saying, “We the Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad declare our support for the Islamic State in Iraq and Levantine with all our force and capabilities.” It is possible that the video attracted the attention of ISIS, and led to the more recent collective efforts.

Alazm Center's Twitter Logo

Alazm Center’s Twitter Logo

“Terrorists Team for Electronic Jihad” also operates a Facebook page and a Twitter account that have included messages in support of ISIS. “May allah bless the #ISIS,” read one post on October 8.

Another prominent hacker group that has targeted Jewish, Israeli and American websites called AnonGhost is also showing increasing interest in ISIS. A Twitter account of Mauritania Attacker, the presumed leader of AnonGhost posted several comments in the past few days related to cyber-attacks in the name of ISIS and shared a video claiming to show ISIS how to avoid being monitored by the CIA.

Cyber-attacks on behalf of ISIS have increased over the past several months. In addition to the hacking of Twitter and YouTube accounts affiliated with U.S. Central Command, Jewish institutions, universities and other websites and been targeted as well.

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December 2, 2014

Hackers Post Anti-Semitism On U.S. Universities’ Websites

Update — 12/04/14: ADL alerted Face­book about the “AnonG­host Team” page. The page has been removed. 

The hacker group AnonGhost Team claimed responsibility for the hacking of several American universities’ websites, including those of Portland State University, Utah State University, Olin College of Engineering, Stanford University, Washington University in St. Louis and other educational institutions in the U.S.anon-ghost-hack

The hackings redirected website visitors either to pages playing a recording of the Quran and featuring a message in English that starts with an anti-Semitic pro-terror statement, “Death to All Jews…Viva Hamas, Qassam” or to a page featuring anti-Israel images and playing a pro-Qassam anti-Semitic song with the lyrics, “Teach the son of the Jewish woman how many times we will conquer him.”

These hackings represent part of a growing phenomenon of hacker groups directing website visitors to anti-Semitic and anti-Israel messages.

The AnonGhost Team announced these hackings on their social media platforms and also posted several statements claiming responsibility for the hacking of a number of other websites in the United States, the UK and other parts of the world.

AnonGhost includes a number of hackers, mostly from North Africa, who are active in targeting Israeli and Jewish websites and express support for terror groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS) and Hamas. In the past, group members were among the active participants in an organized campaign to launch cyber-attacks against Israel known as OpIsrael.

The group also claimed that earlier this year it hacked several Jewish institutions’ websites, including those of the Columbia Jewish Congregation, the Jewish Community Action, Jewish People Around the World and several others.

A hacker calling himself Muritania Attacker appears to lead the AnonGhost Team. Muritania Attacker is a self-described anti-Semite, writing on Twitter on November 26 that “I am proud to be Anti-semitic , Death To All Jews ! [sic].” In June 2014, Muritania Attacker was quoted in an online interview describing the hackers in the AnonGhost Team as “14 years to 35 years old” and added “they are well educated , and they all go to school … they are not brainwashed they know the truth.”

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July 18, 2014

Hackers Strike Pennsylvania Synagogue Website Over Gaza

Update – October 8: The Moroc­can Islamic Union-Mail claimed credit for hack­ing into the Mass­a­chu­setts Mar­itime Academy’s web­site in defense of  the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Update – July 21: A similar hack by the Moroccan Islamic Union-mail targeted a congregation in Houston over the weekend.

Politically motivated hack­ers from the Arab world have once again targeted Jewish websites in the United States. The Moroccan Islamic Union-mail hacker group claimed responsibility today for vandalizing the website of Congregation Beth Am Israel in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania.moroccan-islamic-union-mail-facebook

The group posted a message on the defaced synagogue website stating, “end Israeli violence in #Gaza” with an image of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a Palestinian who was killed earlier this month in Jerusalem by what appears to be a group of Jewish extremists.

As statement posted on the Moroccan Islamic Union-mail Facebook page claimed responsibility for the hack, describing the synagogue as “A Zionist Assembly.”

Last week, posts threatening Israel “with major operations” and “strong electronic attacks” appeared on the group’s Facebook page after Israel began its military operation to stop Hamas’s rocket attacks from Gaza.


Moroccan Islamic Union-mail take credit for hack on Facebook

The Moroccan Islamic Union-mail also claimed on its Facebook page that it is affiliated with the Moroccan Ghosts, another hacker group responsible for a series of attacks on Jewish websites in the United States over the past two years.

The Moroccan Ghosts re-emerged in recent days with a wave of new attacks on a number of Israeli websites, including the website of the Helping Hand Coalition, an Israeli organization that provides testimonies from Holocaust Survivors (its website is hosted in Illinois). The Moroccan Ghosts posted a propaganda video for the Qasssam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, in Hebrew threatening Israelis with retaliation.

ADL offers guidance to Jewish institutions regarding online and digital security.

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