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August 15, 2014

New Black Panthers Inflame Michael Brown Incident In Missouri

The leaders of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist Black militant group in America, traveled to Ferguson, Missouri, inflaming the already tense situation following the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by police.black-panther-nzinga-shabazz-ferguson-missouri

The NBPP’s leadership, including Chairman Hashim Nzinga, Chief of Staff Chawn Kweli, and former Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz arrived in Ferguson earlier this week and held press conferences, set up a “field legal office,” and interacted with the victim’s family, protesters and law enforcement.

Statements from NBPP leaders prior to and during their presence in Ferguson  have featured calls for violence against police. Shabazz wrote on Facebook yesterday that if the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown is not released, he will release the officer’s name and address to “give the demonstrators a clearer target.”


Nzinga addressed the NBPP on the August 11 online broadcast of Black Power Radio titled “Murder In Missouri- Michael Brown And Blood Thirsty Pigs- The Battle Is On!” Nzinga claimed that white Americans are committing “genocide” against Black males: “The Black male is being exterminated…The ones who are not being exterminated, they’re pushing them to be gay and fags so they won’t be productive on reproducing babies. This is about genocide.”

Nzinga injected anti-Semitism into the discussion, blaming the recent incident on the supposedly Jewish-controlled media. “Jews’ media and the Jews’ TV, they have made it look like we’re the villains of America…” said Nzinga. He also blamed violence in Chicago on Mayor Rahm Emanuel who he described as “a Jew, and that Jew is a master at propaganda.”

Additionally, Nzinga described support the NBPP has received from St. Louis based media and real estate mogul Michael V. Roberts. “Our billionaire friend Mike Roberts, I’ve been on the phone with him all week. He will be bringing us in again,” said Nzinga.

Kweli, the host of the often racist and anti-Semitic Black Power Radio, expressed similar sentiments to Nzinga’son the August 11 broadcast, describing police actions in the aftermath of the shooting in Fergusonas “state-sponsored terrorism against our people” and as “a war.”

In the same broadcast, Shabazz suggested the next tactic for police in Ferguson is to set up concentration camps. “The SWAT team is out and all the plans and the plots of the concentration camps are out,” he said.

The NBPP commonly takes on racially-charged issues under the guise of championing civil rights as they also did in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin incident. The group’s demonstrations, conferences, and other events often blend inflammatory bigotry with calls for violence, tarnishing its efforts to promote Black pride and consciousness.

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August 4, 2014

New Black Panthers Exploit Gaza Conflict To Promote Anti-Semitism


Hashim Nzinga

As incidents of anti-Semitism in the U.S. increase in response to Israel’s military operations to stop Hamas rocket fire from Gaza, the New Black Panther Party, the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist Black militant group in America, has begun to use the conflict to promote its bigotry.

On the July 28 episode of the NBPP’s online radio program, Black Power Radio, NBPP National Chairman Hashim Nzinga portrayed Israel as satanic, stating, “These crackers over in Israel do a ceasefire with the brother and sister Palestinians, and then they start bombing their children in the next 30 minutes.” He continued, “If you’re of a higher education and a higher learning, understand the order of the devil. The devil is gonna deceive you.”

On the July 21 episode, NBPP Chief of Staff Chawn Kweli similarly demonized Israelis, calling them “so-called Jews in Israel in what’s really Palestine…some player haters, some Zionists, some so-called Jews who the Book of Revelations…calls the Synagogue of Satan.”


Chawn Kweli

Kweli praised the tactics of Hamas, stating that the Black community in the U.S. “can learn to fight for [its] land” from the Palestinians. “They don’t have all them tanks…they don’t have that, but they got heart. They got will. They got guerilla tactics.”

In Nzinga’s July 14 criticism of Israel, he invoked the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews carried out the 9/11 attacks. According to Nzinga, “Since George Bush and the Jews exploded American people with 9/11 and put fear in America…it’s not out of sync that them Jews would attack the Palestinians during Ramadan and start a war during the holy days.”

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March 27, 2014

New Black Panther Summit Attracts Support from Diplomats, Academics

2014 NBPP SummitDespite the New Black Panther Party’s (NBPP) overt platform of anti-Semitism and racism, the group’s upcoming “Dignity Summit” has attracted support from diplomats, academics and business leaders, who reportedly will be speaking at the events.

The NBPP claims that among the foreign representatives speaking at the March 28-30, 2014 Summit in Atlanta are Gandy Thomas, the Consul General of Haiti in Atlanta, Randy E. Rolle, the Consul General of the Bahamas in Atlanta, and Daniel Agyekum, the former Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana (though the NBPP’s promotional materials do not indicate he is no longer Ambassador).

According to the program of events, there will also be presentations by Professor Leonard Jeffries of the City College of New York, Professor Akinyele Umoja of Georgia State University, Professor Jacob Savage of Alabama A&M University, real estate and media mogul Michael V. Roberts, and editor-in-chief of Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine Dennis Byron.

By tak­ing on racially-charged issues under the guise of cham­pi­oning civil rights, the NBPP, which is led by Hashim Nzinga, has received national atten­tion for its efforts, gar­nered some sup­port from promi­nent mem­bers of the African-American com­mu­nity, and attracted fol­low­ers. The group’s events often feature inflam­ma­tory big­otry coupled with calls for vio­lence, tar­nish­ing its efforts to pro­mote black pride and consciousness.

In recent installments of the NBPP’s online radio broadcast promoting the Summit, NBPP National Chief of Staff Chawn Kweli referred to Jews as the “Synagogue of Satan,” employing a phrase commonly used by the Nation of Islam (NOI) and the title of a viciously anti-Semitic book published by the NOI. Kweli praised NOI leader Louis Farrakhan for his “war on the Synagogue of Satan” and encouraged “anybody righteous” to engage in this war.

In last week’s radio broadcast, Kweli also alluded to the NOI’s Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, stating “the so-called Jews…don’t want their hands to be exposed in terms of their role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade,” and continued, “They don’t want you to talk about your enslavement…and how the blood-sucking capitalist jewelers and others have benefited from our mishaps.”

Kweli then interviewed Ashahed Muhammad, Assistant Editor of the NOI’s Final Call newspaper and author of The Syn­a­gogue of Satan, which claims that the world is being manip­u­lated and cor­rupted by Satanic pow­ers led by Jew­ish elites. The book, which has been heav­ily pro­moted by the NOI since 2005, features a foreword by Malik Zulu Shabazz, then National Chairman of the NBPP.

After profusely praising Muhammad and his book, Kweli asked Muhammad what motivated him to write the book to which Muhammad responded with the following reasons: “the battle with the so-called Jews on campus,” Jewish organizations’ “awesome control of public knowledge,” and the “controlled media” that allegedly portrays the African-American community in a negative light.

Continuing to invoke anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about supposed Jewish control, Muhammad described African Americans as being “hoodwinked and bamboozled by the Zionists” who “have to be exposed and uncovered because as long as they are allowed to continue to lie and influence so many people with their lies, they stop us from unifying.”

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