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January 25, 2012 Off

Tampa Terrorism Suspect Broadcast Anti-Semitism Online

Our take on the arrest ear­lier this month of Sami Osmakac, a Florida res­i­dent accused of plot­ting to attack var­i­ous sites in Tampa in vio­lent retal­i­a­tion for America’s “war against Islam,” was pub­lished in the Tampa Tri­bune

Although Osmakac is not alleged to have tar­geted Jews or Jew­ish insti­tu­tions, a series of videos posted on YouTube reveal his intense hatred of Jews. Osmakac com­pared Jews to ani­mals and accused them of wor­ship­ping the devil and cor­rupt­ing all reli­gions. He asserted that “Jews… killed all the prophets” and pre­dicted that the antichrist will be Jew­ish politi­cian who will unite the Chris­tians and Jews against the Mus­lims.

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