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October 2, 2014

American Racist Group Will Hold Meeting in Hungary Despite Ban


Richard Spencer at National Policy Institute

Update — 10/06/14: On October 3, Hungarian police arrested National Policy Institute (NPI) head Richard Spencer for not having identification papers with him at an informal gathering of people who had planned to attend NPI’s conference in Budapest. Jared Taylor, working with others, held an NPI meeting at a restaurant in Budapest where he and Tom Sunic spoke to about 75 people. Spencer is expected to be deported from Hungary today.

Richard Spencer
, the head of the National Policy Institute (NPI), a white supremacist think tank based in Whitefish, Montana, asserts that his group will still hold a meeting in Budapest on October 3-5, despite the Hungarian government’s ban on the conference. In addition, the venue in Hungary where the conference was to be held has reportedly cancelled its contract with NPI organizers.

Perversely invoking the civil rights anthem, “We shall overcome,” Spencer declared to supporters in an email that NPI would persevere and that people planning to attend would still be able to meet and exchange ideas. Spencer usually holds NPI conferences in Washington, DC where he regularly invites European and American racists to share their ideas about white nationalism in Europe and the U.S.

Spencer, 36, is the new face of white supremacy who oversees a number of projects in addition to NPI. He created an online journal Radix, which features the work of intellectual racists and runs Washington Summit Publishers, which publishes racist tracts. Prior to openly embracing white nationalism in 2009, he worked at the American Spectator, a mainstream conservative magazine. In 2010, he founded Alternative Right, a white supremacist online journal, which curtailed operations in December 2013.

In a 2011 interview, Spencer said, “By 2009, I was much more willing to express heretical views on race and egalitarianism, as well as write more forthrightly on culture.” Spencer has advocated for a white ethno-state in the U.S. In 2011, he became the head of NPI and his annual conferences have attracted dozens of attending, including a number of young people.

The conference in Hungary was scheduled to feature a number of other Americans including Jared Taylor, head of the white supremacist journal American Renaissance and John Morgan, an American who heads Arktos Media, based in Budapest. Arktos, a co-sponsor of the NPI conference, publishes books that promote the Identitarian movement in Europe. Identitarian groups are pro-white, anti-immigrant and stress racial/ethnic identity. Tom Sunic, who is Croatian and a leader in American Freedom Party (formerly known as American Third Position), was also scheduled to address the NPI gathering. The American Freedom Party is a white supremacist political party that runs extremist candidates in the U.S. Other speakers included Marton Gyongyosi, a leader in the ultranationalist Hungarian party Jobbik, who has since reportedly bowed out of the NPI event and Alexander Dugin, a Russian ultranationalist ideologue.

The conference would build further ties between American and European racists and nationalists and exploit rising ultranationalist sentiment in Hungary as evidenced by Jobbik’s electoral gains in the April 2014 elections.

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May 22, 2013

State Department’s Religious Freedom Report Recognizes Severity Of Global Anti-Semitism


Desecration of Jewish cemetery

On May 20, 2013, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry released the State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom Report for 2012, describing the U.S. assessment of the status of religious freedom in every country. The report covers government policies violating religious belief and practices of groups, religious denominations and individuals, and U.S. policies to promote religious freedom around the world.

This annual report demonstrates the American commitment to the fundamental democratic right to practice one’s religion without interference from government and signifies and underscores the role governments must play in protecting that right.  It shines a light on a number of important issues specifically related to the persecution of religious minorities, including government sponsored discrimination, religious bigotry and hatred propagated by the media, and violence directed at specific religious denominations.

While addressing all forms of religious discrimination, the U.S. government’s role in monitoring and combatting anti-Jewish expressions around the world is an important feature of the report. It highlights incidents of anti-Semitism on the governmental level, in politics and within the media, and documents acts of vandalism and violence directed at Jews. These include:

Iran – The government’s continued Holocaust denial and propagation of anti-Semitic stereotypes, including pronouncements by President Ahmadinejad regarding “Zionists…ruling the major world affairs” for some 400 years.

Egypt – Senior Muslim Brotherhood officials, including Supreme Guide Mohamed Badei, frequently issue anti-Semitic statements, while the media airs anti-Semitic programming, including the TV series “Horseman without a Horse” based on the notorious anti-Semitic forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The widespread hatred and violence directed at Egypt’s Coptic Christian community is also mentioned.

Venezuela – Anti-Semitism is quite prevalent in the government controlled media, particularly in opinion pieces and editorial cartoons. The recent presidential candidacy of Henrique Capriles, a Catholic of Jewish descent, was a main focus of the media’s anti-Semitism. 

Chile – There has been an increase in the number anti-Semitic public statements, particularly across social media platforms. Incidents of anti-Jewish vandalism are on the rise, and a number of physical attacks against Jews were documented, including an assault on a 14 year-old by a group of Neo-Nazis.

The State Department’s report also makes a number of references to ADL’s work in highlighting and combating global anti-Semitism, particularly in Europe. These include:

Austria – ADL’s training projects with the Ministry of Education on Holocaust education.

Greece – ADL’s statements calling on government authorities to do more to counter the anti-Semitic rhetoric and violent actions of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn political party.

Hungary – ADL’s statements calling on the government to enforce a new law that would hold members of parliament legally accountable for espousing hateful remarks. This law was in reaction to an anti-Semitic statement by a member of country’s neo-Nazi Jobbik party, who called on parliament to “assess how many MPs and government members are of Jewish origin and who present a national security risk to Hungary.” The report also cited ADL’s survey on anti-Semitic attitudes in Hungary which showed a significant rise in the percent of the population harboring anti-Semitic attitudes.

Turkey – ADL’s statement criticizing a cosmetics company for featuring Adolph Hitler in a shampoo commercial that ran on state television.

The State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report for 2012 can be found here.

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