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May 11, 2012 0

Iranian Organizations Publishing Anti-Semitic Islamic School Textbooks

The Alavi Foun­da­tion, a New York-based Iran­ian orga­ni­za­tion that also oper­ates as the Mostazafan Foun­da­tion, and Al Bal­agh, an Iran-based pub­lish­ing house, have been pub­lish­ing English-language reli­gious books for chil­dren that pro­mote anti-Semitism and con­spir­acy the­o­ries, accord­ing to a recent Cana­dian news report.

The books con­tain pas­sages con­trast­ing Islam with “the Jews and the Nazis,” as well as descrip­tions of Jews as a “racist,” “treach­er­ous” and “crafty” people.

The books, A Glance at the life of the Holy Prophet of Islam and Prophet Muham­mad: A Brief Biog­ra­phy, jus­tify engage­ment in vio­lent acts of jihad “when­ever the time comes for it,” and claim that the Jews of Med­ina “con­spired to kill Prophet Muham­mad” after sign­ing covenants with Muham­mad and his early followers.

One of the books even high­lights to the reader that the very name “Jew” has become “syn­ony­mous for treach­ery” and “the slay­ing of prophets.”

The Alavi Foun­da­tion describes itself as a non-governmental orga­ni­za­tion that pro­motes Iran­ian and Islamic cul­ture in the U.S. Prior to the 1979 Islamic Rev­o­lu­tion, the Alavi Foun­da­tion was named the Pahlavi Foun­da­tion, after the Shah of Iran, and pro­vided scholas­tic schol­ar­ships to young Ira­ni­ans wish­ing to study in the U.S. Upon seiz­ing power, Aya­tol­lah Khome­ini renamed the foun­da­tion to the Mostazafan Foun­da­tion (Farsi for “the down­trod­den”), and is now called the Alavi Foun­da­tion. The names of the foun­da­tion are often used inter­change­ably. The orga­ni­za­tion claims that it is not an organ of the Iran­ian regime, but U.S. pros­e­cu­tors seized the foundation’s assets and arrested its pres­i­dent in 2008.

Recently the two books were found to be in use at a Toronto-based Islamic school, the East End Madrassa. Fol­low­ing com­plaints the school removed the pub­li­ca­tions from its web­sites and course curricula.

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May 11, 2012 0

Radical English Defence League Emerges in U.S.

The Eng­lish Defence League (EDL), a UK-based right-wing, anti-Islamic and self-described “Counter Jihad move­ment,” has launched a chap­ter in the United States.

The newly cre­ated United States of Amer­ica Defence League (USADL) claims to be “a human rights orga­ni­za­tion that was founded in the defense of our nation and to stand in uni­son with the EDL and other such orga­ni­za­tions, to halt the spread of Sharia law.”

The orga­ni­za­tion, which offi­cially launched its web­site on May 7, 2012, states that a cen­tral tenet of its mis­sion is pub­lic edu­ca­tion and the need to ensure that the pub­lic is pro­vided with a “more real­is­tic and less san­i­tized view of Islam…” While its mis­sion state­ment warns against assum­ing that all Mus­lims are guilty of com­mit­ting acts of ter­ror­ism, it goes on to say that “the Islamic book of wor­ship calls for all Mus­lims to par­tic­i­pate in Jihad, in one form or another.”

USADL’s National Direc­tor is Bill Turner, who is known for his anti-government and con­spir­a­to­r­ial writ­ings, which have been pub­lished on a num­ber of right-wing web­sites and dis­sem­i­nated through his Twit­ter han­dle, “JihadiHunter.”

Bill Turner

While anti-Muslim bias has been a pri­mary theme in his writ­ings as well, Turner’s role in launch­ing the USADL sug­gests that he is gear­ing up to advance a more con­spir­a­to­r­ial anti-Muslim agenda.

USADL’s web­site indi­cates that mem­ber­ship is open to all who “rec­og­nize the threat that Sharia Law poses to free peo­ple every­where.” Although it is still too early to con­firm the size and via­bil­ity of the new orga­ni­za­tion, it already claims to have approx­i­mately 60 members.

Ear­lier this year, EDL announced plans to form a new polit­i­cal party in the UK.

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May 4, 2012 0

Qaradawi Beats Drums Of War Against Israel in Friday Sermon

Dur­ing his Fri­day ser­mon in the Qatari cap­i­tal of Doha on April 27, rad­i­cal Mus­lim Broth­er­hood cleric Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi denied Israel’s right to exist and called on Arabs and Mus­lims to fight the Israelis.

“Israel thinks it’s set­tled on the land. And we say, by God, you Israelis shall never set­tle on our land. You will remain strangers, you will remain immi­grants,” Qaradawi said. “They must…they must return to their coun­tries, we believe in that, they can­not set­tle here….The Israelis will def­i­nitely dis­ap­pear and get out of this coun­try, and we are wait­ing for this day, we must pre­pare our­selves, and pre­pare our youth. We shall not surrender.”

After say­ing that the Pales­tini­ans “can­not fight alone” because “the Israelis have weapons enough to fight the entire Arabs,” he asked, “Why the Arabs are not fighting?…We call upon all to unite, to tell the Pales­tini­ans we are with you, the least to do is to say to the Pales­tini­ans we are behind you”

Qaradawi also expressed regret that while Mus­lims fail to sup­port their Pales­tin­ian broth­ers, Jews from around the world strongly sup­port Israel with money and weapons, and in pol­i­tics and the media. “The Jews in the entire world, all of them, with the excep­tion of a small group, sup­port Israel.”

Qaradawi ended his ser­mon, which was broad­cast live on Qatar’s offi­cial tele­vi­sion sta­tion, by pray­ing that God destroys the Israelis and enables the Pales­tini­ans to achieve vic­tory “over the ene­mies of God and [the Palestinian’s] enemies.”

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