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October 15, 2015

Instructional Content On How To Stab Jews Spreads On Social Media

Update – 10/20/15: After alerting Google, Facebook and Twitter to the problematic material cited in this blog post, all the items have been removed by those services in a prompt manner. 

As violence escalates in Israel, content has emerged across social media platforms—including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter—not only urging people to stab Jews, but providing instructional information on how to stab people and which knives to use.

The following is a sampling of Arabic-language posts ADL has identified in the past several days specifically providing information about how to stab victims. While such content is available is many languages, the Arabic language content seems geared toward Arabic speakers in Israel.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is alerting various social media companies about this content. ADL continues to work with the industry to improve policies and protocols for the removal of content that triggers violence or promotes bigotry, content that is contrary to the companies’ terms of service.

ADL continues to encourage the public to report such content. ADL Cyber-Safety Action Guide provides quick and easy access to company policies and complaint forms.

  • A video featuring two masked men demonstrating several stabbing techniques is available on several YouTube channels. The video, posted on October 5, is listed under several titles, including “Learn how to stab a Jew.” The video is also circulating on Facebook and Twitter.YouTube stab image
  • A number of Twitter users started posting a graphic last week describing what type of knife should be used for stabbing attacks in Israel. The image includes the following instructions: “Circulate: Regarding the Youth in the occupied lands, they must use serrated knives in stabbing so the air can enter the body of the target, which leads to immediate death, and the destruction of organs when the knife is pulled.”

“[Right side, in red] Use this”    “[Left side, in green] don’t use this”

Twitter stab image

  •  Other Twitter users using an Arabic hashtag “Slaughtering the Jews” posted a message that reads: “Don’t hesitate in using this quality (vegetable knife) as it’s the strongest in causing pain #SlaughteringtheJews.” Below is an example from October 8.Twitter 2 stab image
  • Several Twitter users recommend attaching a camera to the knife to record the stabbing in HD. For example, the tweet below from October 5 includes an image of a GoPro camera attached to a knife and hashtags that translate to  “West Bank is uprising” “Stab a soldier with a knife to liberate Palestine” and  “Intifada started.”Twitter 3 stab image
  • The following image posted on Facebook on October 14 shows a diagram of the circulatory system with suggestions of areas to stab. The image was included with an Arabic Facebook hashtag “Stab.”Facebook stab image.
  • The following image posted on Instagram on October 12 reads, “When you stab, put poison on the knife or soak the knife in vinegar. Stab with a screw driver and insert it in the neck….stabber stabber stab correctly.”Instagram stab image


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November 10, 2014

Social Media Campaign Glorifies & Encourages Car Terror Against Israelis

Update – 11/19/14: ADL has contacted Facebook about this issue, and they have been responsive.

In the past two weeks, “run over” car attacks by Palestinian terrorists have resulted in the death and injury of several Israeli civilians. These terrorist attacks have inspired a social media campaign praising them as a form of resistance, encouraging others to perpetrate similar attacks and featuring violent expressions of anti-Semitism.

The campaign uses the Arabic term “Daes” [Run-over], which is a play on the Arabic word “Daesh” [ISIS]. Currently, there are approximately 90 Facebook pages dedicated to this abhorrent campaign, some with thousands of followers.

Some of the posts on these pages describe the “run-overs” as part of a new revolution; a form of “car Intifada.”A poem posted on November 5 on one of the Facebook pages reads, “When the car becomes a weapon…and kills a murderer Zionist… this means the revolution is coming.” Some pages include pictures of terrorist after they ran over Israelis and were killed by authorities, along with prayers asking for the “martyr” to “ascend to the heavenly paradise.”

Many of the comments found on these pages describe “run-over” operations as a response to Israel’s alleged attack on Jerusalem. For example, one image depicts a car running over Israeli soldiers with a caption reading, “running over for the sake of Jerusalem.”

Other Facebook pages include anti-Semitic posts depicting religious Jews with hooked noses running away from vehicles attempting to run-over them.

The campaign even has its own theme song and video, called “Run-over this settler,” which has been shared on many of the Facebook pages. The song, first uploaded to YouTube on November 6, is sung by a duo calling upon Palestinians to run over their enemy: “Run over, sabotage, destroy, explode and don’t let the Zionist reconstruct…oh Aqsa we are your guards.”

The song also includes the names of some of the terrorists who carried out “run-over” attacks, calling on their mothers to express happiness because their sons are now martyrs in heaven. It also calls upon others to “terrify [Israelis] with red blood… Strengthen your heart and be careful not to have mercy over them.”

The campaign is starting to spread on Twitter as well; the Arabic hashtag “Daes” has attracted numerous posts celebrating terrorism. For example, one Tweet reads, “Nothing is more beautiful than a run-over, lest stabbing.” Another Tweet features Ibrahim Akkawi, a driver killed by Israeli forces after carrying out a “run-over” attack in Jerusalem last week. A comment on Akkawi’s picture reads, “Starting with tonight, you will run-over them with nightmares.”

The campaign is the latest example of how social media is used to incite and glorify terrorism.



Profile picture on several Facebook pages reading, “Cars intifada ‘Daes'”


An anti-Semitic cartoon shared on several “Daes” Facebook pages



Facebook profile picture depicting iconic Dome of the Rock as a car for attacks



An image circulated on Facebook promoting vehicular violence



Anti-Semitic cartoon promoting recent car attacks in Jerusalem with hashtag “Daes”



Anti-Semitic cartoon featured on a Facebook page with Arabic term for “To run over”

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July 14, 2014

Calls for Violence & Nazi Comparisons Mark Weekend Anti-Israel Rallies

Over the weekend, close to 30 anti-Israel demonstrations were held across the United States to protest Israel’s response to the latest round of rocket attacks from Hamas in Gaza. The weekend rallies were rife with comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany, calls for an end of U.S. aid to Israel, and claims that Israel indiscriminately murders Palestinian children.

Here’s a round-up:

July 11, 2014

 New York City

Several hundred protesters attended an anti-Israel rally at Union Square in New York City on Nazi-Swastika - All of Israel is occupied signsFriday with signs that called for the destruction of Israel and compared Israel to Nazi Germany. The rally, which was sponsored by Adalah-NY, brought out protesters who held signs stating that “All of Israel is Occupied Territory!” and “Down with the State of Israel! Freedom for the Palestinian People!” (The text of the sign was followed by a Star of David next to a swastika).

After protesters chanted “Resistance is justified when people are occupied!,” and “Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes,” the organizers led the crowd to a Max Brenner chocolate bar where they called for a boycott of the establishment because of its alleged ties to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The action lasted outside of Max Brenner for approximately ten minutes, as protesters led chants such as “We are left with no other action! Boycott, Divest, and Sanction!”

Washington, D.C.

A demonstration sponsored by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation attracted several hundred protesters to the front of the Israeli Embassy.

One speaker who addressed the crowd, who was introduced as Tareq from Palestine, claimed Zionist Nazi - Israel 4th Reich - Netanyahu Der Fuhrerthat the reason why Hamas, the terrorist organization that runs Gaza, exists is because “you people continuously take land, continuously. We are not the greedy; we are not the ones with the problem. It is you, it is the Zionist movement, it is the Zionist regime running Israel!”

He also legitimized terrorism against Israeli civilians, saying “We must not handcuff our brothers and sisters in Palestine and dictate the way that they resist colonial domination…Now is that time again! Okay, so let’s stand up and start talking about this in our workplace again! Let’s start glorifying the word martyr and shaheed [martyr] for the beautiful words that they are! Let’s start glorifying our shaheeds [martyrs]!”

 July 12, 2014

Tempe, Arizona

Approximately 50 protesters gathered in Tempe, Arizona for a demonstration that featured signs calling for a boycott of Israel and at least one sign comparing the situation in Gaza to a Holocaust, which read, “One Holocaust Does Not Justify Another.” Other signs read “Who would Jesus bomb?” and “AIPAC is holding Congress hostage.”

Portland, OregonStop the Palestinian Holocaust 2

More than a hundred people gathered in downtown Portland for a demonstration that featured signs claiming that Israel is “baby killers” and others that alleged that there is a “Palestinian Holocaust” taking place. While at the rally, protesters led a number of chants that included “Free, free Gaza. Free, free Palestine!” “Long live the Intifada! Intifada Intifada!”

July 13, 2014

Dallas, TX

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Dallas for a protest on Sunday afterZionist criminals end the Palestine Holocaustnoon that featured calls for violence against Israel and allegations that Israel is committing genocide and a “Palestinian Holocaust” in Gaza.

An Arabic-language chant heard at the rally, “Idrab idrab Tel-Aviv!,” which means “Hit, Hit Tel Aviv,” is a direct call for violence and support for Hamas rocket attacks.

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