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April 3, 2015

Iran’s Press TV Continues To Broadcast Anti-Semitism As “News”

Press TV, Iran’s government-run English-language news network, continues to provide a platform for American anti-Semites to spread hateful conspiracy theories, starting 2015 with news reports that Jews are behind all that is wrong with the world.

American Anti-Semite Mark Dankof on Press TV in 2015.

American Anti-Semite Mark Dankof on Press TV in 2015.

Press TV is the Iranian government’s primary English-language propaganda tool, promoting a wide range of pernicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories as “news” to a worldwide audience.

Operated by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Press TV serves as a mouthpiece for American anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, and Holocaust deniers, who help amplify the Iranian regime’s hateful messages.

Press TV started 2015 with news reports that Jews and/or Israel were behind the attack at the Char­lie Hebdo office in Paris, the creation of ISIS, the 2011 attacks in Norway that left 77 people dead, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Creation of ISIS:  Kevin Bar­rett, an anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­rist and fre­quent Press TV con­trib­u­tor, stated on January 20, 2015 in a piece titled “Zionist NWO murders Iranian general, American filmmaker” that “The Zionists created ISIL and sent it to fight Muslims and Christians in Syria and Iraq…New World Order Zionism is also targeting the USA for destruction.”
  • 2011 attacks in Norway:  Barrett stated in a February 17, 2015 article titled “9/11 attack was Zionist coup d-etat to seize power in US: Scholar” that “…Zionist pre-emptive murderers excel at ‘killing the future’…A team of Zionist-liked professional killers executed a total of 77 people, while Zionist-freemasonic assets in the Norwegian police and military stood by.”
  • 9/11 terrorist attacks: In the same February 2015 article Barrett stated that “The September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States were a Zionist ‘coup d’etat’ to seize power in the country and launch a permanent war on Islam on behalf of Israel…”

Press TV articles and broadcasts in 2015 also continue to allege that Zionists control the media, politics, finance, and other sectors and supposedly use this control for nefarious purposes.

For example, vir­u­lent anti-Semite and for­mer Klan leader, David Duke stated in a March 19, 2015 article titled “Zionists know war with Iran can upset their apple cart: Ex-US state lawmaker” that “These more cunning Zionist extremists think that war might upset their apple cart, but they are still moving toward the same objective, that is the expansion of Israel, the destruction of the Palestinians, the destruction of the rights of all the nations of the world and a subservience to a Zio-globalist economy, the Zio-globalist government.”

For more information, please see ADL’s full updated report on Press TV.

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October 2, 2014

Details Emerge On Anti-Semitic Gathering In Tehran

As Iran’s 2nd New Horizon Conference wraps up in Tehran, new information is emerging about conference attendees, who included U.S. and international anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers and anti-war activists.

In his opening speech, Nader Talebzadeh, the director of the New Horizon Conference, explained the goal of the conference as, “distributing the articles and thoughts of top intellectuals and philosophers worldwide among Iranian universities and artists,” and that, “The emergence of ideology of criticizing the dominance of the Zionist lobby over the USA and EU, which is going to make some changes in the West, has made it an essential and attractive subject to learn.” Talebzadeh added in an interview on the sidelines of the conference to a Press TV correspondent that, “These are the people [the attendees] that are censored in the West” for their views, which include promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial.

Press TV also conducted an interview with Wayne Madsen, a U.S. anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, who claimed that the U.S. government and Congress are under Zionist control, “The Israeli agenda, which the Christian and Jewish Zionists adopt one hundred percent, is what is sold to members of Congress, and that develops into legislation, resolutions; no one votes against anything [the Zionists] put up as far as a resolution.”

Among the speakers on the first day of the conference was anti-Israel journalist Garth Porter. In his speech to the attendees, Porter leveled accusations against Israel, the Mossad and CIA for manufacturing the Iranian nuclear crisis. Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar echoed Porter’s message and predicted that Iran will become more active in world affairs as its stature and influence in the region increases.

On the second day of the conference, Art Olivier, a U.S. 9/11 conspiracy theorist and filmmaker, promoted his upcoming film about the life of pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie. The film, Olivier said, will allow young Americans “to see the reality of Rachel’s life which happened 11 years ago and are going to realize the atrocity of Zionist actions against Palestinians and the people of Gaza.” Olivier also promoted the anti-Semitic canard that the U.S. film industry and Hollywood in particular are under the domination of Zionists.


CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin interviewed on Iranian state media

Other U.S. participants also gave brief interviews to Farsi-language media during panel breaks, including CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin, who told IRIB Channel 1 that some of the topics at the conference addressed U.S. funding for war at expense of providing adequate healthcare for American citizens, and that, “These conferences should lift the pressure off of the Palestinian people.” Also present at the conference was Reverend Stephen Sizer, a vicar in the Church of England who, according to the UK-based Community Security Trust (CST), has been accused of promoting anti-Semitic links on his website.

Some of the notable panel discussions held during the three-day conference included “Zionist fingerprints on the 9/11 cover-up;” “The Gaza war & BDS Movement against the Zionist regime,” which Medea Benjamin was part of; “US-Israeli dual citizens working in the interest of Israel: the case for treachery;” and “The ‘Islamic’ State meme, its precursors, & the US-Israel-Saudi triangle.”

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July 1, 2014

Iran Broadcasting Enters Ramadan With Anti-Semitism


Screen shot from IRINN documentary aired June 30, 2014

In the lead up to the start of the month-long Muslim holiday Ramadan, which is often characterized with high television viewership following the break of the day’s fast, Iran’s broadcasting authority, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), has aired interviews and documentaries promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of Jewish control over Hollywood and a nefarious Jewish-Zionist plan to use sorcery against Iran.

IRIB is the state-run broadcaster in Iran that uses its media platform to promote the regime’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic ideology to the public. In the past, IRIB has used the Ramadan holiday and the high nightly television viewership to broadcast anti-Semitic films and television series.

In an interview with a Tehran University professor and Islamic scholar Valiollah Naghipourfar on June 27, 2014, a series of outlandish anti-Semitic conspiracies were made accusing Jews of using sorcery and witchcraft. When asked by the interviewer on IRIB’s Channel 1 if Iran’s enemies can use jinns, supernatural beings in Islamic theology (known as ‘genies’ in the Western lexicon), to gather intelligence and spy on Iran, Naghipourfar responded that, “Jews have a very strong connection with jinns and sehr [magic].” Naghipourfar added that the majority of Jews are “sorcerers” who can send jinns to gather intelligence and spy on Iran on behalf of the Israeli government.

Three days later, IRIB’s 24-hour news network, Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN), aired a short documentary, called “Zionist Aspirations to Control the West.” The documentary promoted anti-Semitic canards of alleged Zionist and Jewish control of U.S. politics and policies, Hollywood, and academia.

The documentary employed the terms “Zionist” and “Jewish” interchangeably, claiming that one of President Obama’s biggest supporters is Goldman Sachs, “America’s largest banking network that has no non-Jewish owners and who are all Zionists and supporters of Israel.” The documentary also shows a graphic of the globe with a Star of David superimposed on it followed by the logo of AIPAC, claiming that the most powerful lobby in the U.S. “works for the interests of another country and everyone knows which one.” Pictures of several high-ranking officials in global finance, such as former chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke and former IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, were depicted as the Jewish hands in control of the global economy.

Interspersed with scenes from Schindler’s List, the documentary also claimed that Jewish and Zionist control of Hollywood have built their stature by exploiting the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, comparing it to when “the Children of Israel built the golden calf during Moses’ absence and began worshipping it.” The narrator added that, “Zionist elites even say that non-Jews are not recognized as human beings and only Jews have importance.”

The month of Ramadan is a time when many Muslims around the world take time to reflect on their faith through prayer and fasting. Ramadan is also prime time television season for many countries in the Arab and Muslim world when multimillion dollar television series are aired nightly after the end of the fast.

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