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November 12, 2015

Anti-Immigrant Activists Make Common Cause With Extremists

In a column this week for the National Review, Mark Krikorian, head of the anti-immigrant think tank Center for Immigration Studies, attempted to defend Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach from criticism by the Southern Poverty Law Center and others for having attended an anti-immigration event with racist ties by portraying the event as innocuous.The event, The Social Contract Press Writers Workshop, was held in Washington, DC, in late October.


Mark Krikorian

However, the Workshop does have ties to extremists. To demonstrate this, one need look no further than one of the key figures behind The Social Contract Press itself: Wayne Lutton. Lutton, the editor of the Press’s main publication, The Social Contract, for many years has been a prominent figure in the white supremacist movement.

While not editing The Social Contract, Lutton sits on the board of the New Century Foundation, a white supremacist “think tank” run by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, a white supremacist website. Both the Foundation and the website promote ideas of alleged racial differences in intelligence, support the notion of a “white identity,” and oppose multiculturalism and diversity. Lutton has also spoken at American Renaissance conferences, as well as conferences of the blatantly white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens. In addition, Lutton has served on the board of the Charles Martel Society, which publishes the racist and anti-Semitic journal Occidental Quarterly.

Attending the Writers Workshop was not the first time Kobach has turned a blind eye towards the extremist ties of some of his fellow anti-immigration activists. In 2012, for example, Kobach participated in an anti-immigration panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference alongside Robert Vandervoort, the head of the anti-immigrant group Pro-English but also the former head of the white supremacist Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance.

Anti-immigrant agitators all too frequently give a pass to extremists, so long as they share the same anti-immigrant views. Indeed, the fact that Krikorian, in his defense of Kobach, neglected to mention Lutton’s extremist ties is not surprising—because Krikorian turns the same blind eye himself. Krikorian not only spoke at  The Social Contract Press Writers Workshop this year, but in 2013 he also contributed an article to Lutton’s publication.

The reality is that Lutton’s Press serves as a bridge between extremists and more ostensibly mainstream figures in the anti-immigrant movement. The Social Contract frequently features white supremacists alongside anti-immigrant figures in its pages. Its Writers Workshop often invites mainstream but problematic figures to its events. The Kansas Secretary of State is one such figure.

Kobach is known for his anti-immigrant views and has drafted some of the harsh­est anti-immigrant laws in the nation. He also has promoted the concept of self-deportation, the idea that states should put in place policies and practices that make life so difficult for undocumented immigrants that they will leave the United States “voluntarily.”

Through its journal and conferences, The Social Contrast Press tries to mainstream bigotry by featuring well-known anti-immigrant figures to give their venues an air of legitimacy. But when figures such as Kobach and Krikorian lie down with the Press, they only show how immoderate they themselves are.


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September 25, 2015

Ann Coulter Admiration Grows Among White Supremacists

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter

When political pundit Ann Coulter made disparaging comments on Twitter claiming that presidential candidates were pandering to the Jewish community and questioned some candidates’ focus on Israel during the CNN Republican debate on September 16, white supremacists and anti-Semites were gleeful that she took on what they call “the Jewish question.” Extremists believe that Coulter was exposing alleged “Jewish power” in this country.

This is not the first time that extremists have lauded Coulter for her views. Extremists have been talking about Coulter for a number of years on Stormfront, the largest white supremacist Internet forum.

While there are myriad opinions about Coulter, she has become increasingly popular among extremists who see her as a voice for white nationalism or at least someone who might influence conservatives to move toward white nationalist views.

Coulter does not have any ties to the white supremacists who support her but what she says on issues such as immigration or demographics often resonates with them.

There are generally three extremist perspectives about Coulter: 1) that she is actually a white nationalist who is bringing that cause to the wider public; 2) that she has some good points but should not be embraced because she doesn’t deal with the “Jewish question” (at least until the debate took place), and 3) that she is a neoconservative who is not to be trusted.

Read the full report here.

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September 17, 2015

Extremists Declare: Refugees Hastening Europe’s Demise

White supremacists in the United States are up in arms over the refugee crisis in Europe. They believe that the settlement of refugees from the Middle East and Africa in European nations will destroy white European culture and transform the continent. They are also hoping that the refugee crisis will push Europeans to embrace white nationalism.

In addition, anti-Semites within the white supremacist camp are promoting conspiracy theories that blame Jews for the crisis and accuse Jews of spearheading Europe’s demise.

The American Freedom Party (AFP), a white supremacist political group, posted an article by Joshua Bates, a self-identified white nationalist. Bates called the refugee crisis an “invasion” and asserted that “Europe clearly needs a swift boot to the face, and perhaps even to suffer tragedy, if that is what it takes to disturb its complacency and force it to fight back.” He added, “The rapacious and ungrateful invaders will do much of the dirty work for us through inevitable attacks on our culture and people.”

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald

Like Bates, Jared Taylor, head of American Renaissance (AR), a white supremacist online publication, said in video on the AR website, that Europe was hastening its demise if it continued to accept refugees. He argued that white Europeans who welcome refugees don’t understand what they’re doing. He claimed, “They are giving away their culture, their heritage, their identity, their country. Kindness to strangers is cruelty to their own children and grandchildren. Europe will learn or Europe will die.”

Anti-Semites directly blame the Jews for encouraging non-white immigration to Europe. Patrick Slattery, who often provides commentary on anti-Semite David Duke’s website and Internet radio show, argued that Jews want Muslim immigration to Europe even if they’re fearful of anti-Semitism. Slattery asserted, “What really matters to Europe’s Jewish leaders is that millions of Muslim immigrants will make Europe unlivable for Europeans. Because what’s bad for the Europeans must be good for the Jews.”

Kevin MacDonald, an anti-Semite who runs The Occidental Observer, an anti-Semitic online publication, also claimed that Jews have self-interest in bringing refugees to Europe. He argued, “As always, the policies advocated for European countries are couched in terms of Jewish attitudes and interests, not the legitimate interests of Europeans to retain their cultures and demographic status.”

MacDonald added, “From the perspective of Jewish organizations and most Jews, Israel, but not Europe, is absolved from pathologically altruistic behavior toward refugees — pathological in the very real sense that this behavior compromises their legitimate long-term interests. “

AFP posted an anti-Semitic article to its website that alleges that Jews are forcing the refugees on the West. The unnamed author adds, “Genocide happens quickly when jews [sic] are steering the ship. And up until today they continue to advocate for open borders and amnesty, seemingly unwilling to stop until there are no more Whites left.”

White supremacists and anti-Semites are obsessed with the idea that the white Western countries are experiencing a white genocide. They are using the refugee crisis to promote that idea.

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