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November 10, 2014

Social Media Campaign Glorifies & Encourages Car Terror Against Israelis

Update – 11/19/14: ADL has contacted Facebook about this issue, and they have been responsive.

In the past two weeks, “run over” car attacks by Palestinian terrorists have resulted in the death and injury of several Israeli civilians. These terrorist attacks have inspired a social media campaign praising them as a form of resistance, encouraging others to perpetrate similar attacks and featuring violent expressions of anti-Semitism.

The campaign uses the Arabic term “Daes” [Run-over], which is a play on the Arabic word “Daesh” [ISIS]. Currently, there are approximately 90 Facebook pages dedicated to this abhorrent campaign, some with thousands of followers.

Some of the posts on these pages describe the “run-overs” as part of a new revolution; a form of “car Intifada.”A poem posted on November 5 on one of the Facebook pages reads, “When the car becomes a weapon…and kills a murderer Zionist… this means the revolution is coming.” Some pages include pictures of terrorist after they ran over Israelis and were killed by authorities, along with prayers asking for the “martyr” to “ascend to the heavenly paradise.”

Many of the comments found on these pages describe “run-over” operations as a response to Israel’s alleged attack on Jerusalem. For example, one image depicts a car running over Israeli soldiers with a caption reading, “running over for the sake of Jerusalem.”

Other Facebook pages include anti-Semitic posts depicting religious Jews with hooked noses running away from vehicles attempting to run-over them.

The campaign even has its own theme song and video, called “Run-over this settler,” which has been shared on many of the Facebook pages. The song, first uploaded to YouTube on November 6, is sung by a duo calling upon Palestinians to run over their enemy: “Run over, sabotage, destroy, explode and don’t let the Zionist reconstruct…oh Aqsa we are your guards.”

The song also includes the names of some of the terrorists who carried out “run-over” attacks, calling on their mothers to express happiness because their sons are now martyrs in heaven. It also calls upon others to “terrify [Israelis] with red blood… Strengthen your heart and be careful not to have mercy over them.”

The campaign is starting to spread on Twitter as well; the Arabic hashtag “Daes” has attracted numerous posts celebrating terrorism. For example, one Tweet reads, “Nothing is more beautiful than a run-over, lest stabbing.” Another Tweet features Ibrahim Akkawi, a driver killed by Israeli forces after carrying out a “run-over” attack in Jerusalem last week. A comment on Akkawi’s picture reads, “Starting with tonight, you will run-over them with nightmares.”

The campaign is the latest example of how social media is used to incite and glorify terrorism.



Profile picture on several Facebook pages reading, “Cars intifada ‘Daes'”


An anti-Semitic cartoon shared on several “Daes” Facebook pages



Facebook profile picture depicting iconic Dome of the Rock as a car for attacks



An image circulated on Facebook promoting vehicular violence



Anti-Semitic cartoon promoting recent car attacks in Jerusalem with hashtag “Daes”



Anti-Semitic cartoon featured on a Facebook page with Arabic term for “To run over”

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October 8, 2014

Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail Now Hacking For ISIS

The Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail hacker group, which targeted Jew­ish web­sites in the United States in support of Hamas during Operation Protective Edge, has claimed credit for hacking into the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s website on Monday.moroccan-union -islamic-electronic-mail-google

Visitors to the academy website were redirected to a site that featured an image of an apparent cemetery for American soldiers with a message that reads: “Iraq is the graveyard of America. Welcome to the death that awaits you at the hand of the Mujahedeen in Iraq.” The site also includes an audio clip of an Islamic Jihadist song that glorified Islamic conquests.

In August, the Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail’s Facebook page included statements threatening the U.S .with cyber-attacks in response to the American military operations against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The statement read:

After focusing on Israeli targets during the aggression on Gaza, the Moroccan Islamic Union-mail declares targeting important websites in America in support of the Iraqi people and in response to the American airstrikes.

The Facebook page, which has since been removed, featured various comments and images expressing solidarity with ISIS and condemning military intervention in Iraq.

The group uses various online platforms to claim responsibility for its hacks and to promote its views, including an Arabic-language blog, a YouTube channel and various Facebook pages that claim to be affiliated.

ADL first exposed the group’s hacking efforts in July after several Jewish institutional websites were hacked by the group.

The group has also claimed responsibility for hacking the website of the Nepalese embassy in the U.S. Its claim of responsibility read: “The Moroccan Islamic Union-mail hacks the embassy of Nepal in America and pulls several data. We will attack the interests of America worldwide, with God’s willing, to respond to the American air strikes against the Iraqi people.”

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August 26, 2014

Claims That ISIS Has Jewish Roots Grow In Muslim World


Cartoon published on Al-Iraq Agency News website

Several prominent public figures in parts of the Muslim World, including religious figures, elected officials and scholars, are promoting a conspiracy suggesting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)was created by the Jews and Zionists to tear Islam apart.

ISIS has engaged in a murderous terrorist campaign and has conquered significant territory stretching between Iraq and Syria over the past several months. In June it declared its advances to be the latest Caliphate and renamed itself the Islamic State.

The following are some examples that demonstrate the growing popularity of the absurd accusation that Jews and Israel are responsible for the creation and rise of ISIS.

  • August 7: The World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates, an umbrella group based in Egypt for scholars connected to Al-Azhar University, Egypt’s top religious authority, published a statement on its website describing how ISIS and other extremist groups are “[a] Jewish product under various names that change every now and then.” The statement cites the head of the association’s chapter in Pakistan, Sheik Sahib Zadeh Aziz, as saying, “The terrorist organization ISIS is a Zionist plot which aims to murder Muslims, shed their blood, and rape [their] women and girls.”
  • August 6: During an interview with Dijlah, an Iraqi-based satellite television station, popular scholar Ahmed al-Kubbaisi said, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [ISIS leader]… no more than a Jewish agent… and even Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism is a hundred percent Jewish product.” He added, “I am responsible for this statement before the lord. [I swear] by God, this is an organized Jewish movement to tear apart the Ummah [Islamic Nation] and it did tear it apart.” In response to his attack on the founder of Wahhabism, the official version of Islam implemented in Saudi Arabia and a number of other Arab-Gulf states, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia and other prominent scholars in the region attacked al-Kubbaisi for affiliating ibn Abd al-Wahhab with the Jews – an ultimate insult in the Arab world. Consequently, a Saudi lawyer submitted charges to the Dubai police, which submitted the complaint to the attorney general in Dubai.
  • August 4: Iran’s Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council, Mohsen Rezae, said during a TV interview with the Tehran-based Alalam TV that the “Zionist Entity” is behind ISIS. He said that because there is a small number of “Zionists” worldwide, they usually try to get rid of others by making them fight each other. “There is information that al-Baghdadi himself [ISIS leader] received training and instructions at the Israeli Entity,” Rezae said.
  • July 29: A prominent Shia’a cleric in Iraq, where ISIS has conquered significant territory over the past few months and killed many Shia’a Muslims, Ayatollah Sayed Mortada Al-Qazwini, reportedly described ISIS during an Eid sermon in Kerbala as “a Jewish Israeli organization, established to tear apart the land of Muslims.”

Several Arab newspapers and TV stations have also circulated a story claiming that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad agent by the name of Simon Elliot. This claim originally appeared in the anti-Semitic and conspiratorial American publication Veterans Today. In addition, an ad campaign against ISIS appearing on Afaq, an Iraqi satellite television station, showed a snake with the mark of ISIS coming out of the Jewish Star of David.

Even the notorious anti-Semitism of a group such as ISIS is not enough to prevent some in the Muslim world from claiming Jews are responsible for the ISIS reign of terror in Iraq and Syria.

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