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September 17, 2015

Extremists Declare: Refugees Hastening Europe’s Demise

White supremacists in the United States are up in arms over the refugee crisis in Europe. They believe that the settlement of refugees from the Middle East and Africa in European nations will destroy white European culture and transform the continent. They are also hoping that the refugee crisis will push Europeans to embrace white nationalism.

In addition, anti-Semites within the white supremacist camp are promoting conspiracy theories that blame Jews for the crisis and accuse Jews of spearheading Europe’s demise.

The American Freedom Party (AFP), a white supremacist political group, posted an article by Joshua Bates, a self-identified white nationalist. Bates called the refugee crisis an “invasion” and asserted that “Europe clearly needs a swift boot to the face, and perhaps even to suffer tragedy, if that is what it takes to disturb its complacency and force it to fight back.” He added, “The rapacious and ungrateful invaders will do much of the dirty work for us through inevitable attacks on our culture and people.”

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald

Like Bates, Jared Taylor, head of American Renaissance (AR), a white supremacist online publication, said in video on the AR website, that Europe was hastening its demise if it continued to accept refugees. He argued that white Europeans who welcome refugees don’t understand what they’re doing. He claimed, “They are giving away their culture, their heritage, their identity, their country. Kindness to strangers is cruelty to their own children and grandchildren. Europe will learn or Europe will die.”

Anti-Semites directly blame the Jews for encouraging non-white immigration to Europe. Patrick Slattery, who often provides commentary on anti-Semite David Duke’s website and Internet radio show, argued that Jews want Muslim immigration to Europe even if they’re fearful of anti-Semitism. Slattery asserted, “What really matters to Europe’s Jewish leaders is that millions of Muslim immigrants will make Europe unlivable for Europeans. Because what’s bad for the Europeans must be good for the Jews.”

Kevin MacDonald, an anti-Semite who runs The Occidental Observer, an anti-Semitic online publication, also claimed that Jews have self-interest in bringing refugees to Europe. He argued, “As always, the policies advocated for European countries are couched in terms of Jewish attitudes and interests, not the legitimate interests of Europeans to retain their cultures and demographic status.”

MacDonald added, “From the perspective of Jewish organizations and most Jews, Israel, but not Europe, is absolved from pathologically altruistic behavior toward refugees — pathological in the very real sense that this behavior compromises their legitimate long-term interests. “

AFP posted an anti-Semitic article to its website that alleges that Jews are forcing the refugees on the West. The unnamed author adds, “Genocide happens quickly when jews [sic] are steering the ship. And up until today they continue to advocate for open borders and amnesty, seemingly unwilling to stop until there are no more Whites left.”

White supremacists and anti-Semites are obsessed with the idea that the white Western countries are experiencing a white genocide. They are using the refugee crisis to promote that idea.

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August 11, 2015

White Supremacists Relish “Cuckservative” Controversy

The political punditry over the use of the controversial term “cuckservative” may have died down this week but the white supremacists who originally popularized the word’s use are still quite pleased about getting credit for bringing the term into mainstream consciousness.

cuckservative immigration

Andrew Anglin, the white supremacist who runs the popular neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, claimed recently that “We have been given a gift with the resonating #cuckservative meme, and we must make certain to milk it for all it’s worth.”

The neologism “cuckservative,” a combination of “conservative” and “cuckold,” is used by white supremacists to describe a white Christian conservative who promotes the interests of Jews and non-whites over those of whites.

For white supremacists, the term is explicitly about race and identity and essentially describes what other white supremacists might term “race traitors.”   Who first coined the term is not clear, but what is clear is that white supremacists became its first early adopters.

Many white supremacists using the term “cuckservative” are from the “alternative right” a term used by white supremacists to refer to renegade conservatives who have adopted white supremacist viewpoints and have essentially removed themselves from mainstream conservatism.

The term “cuckservative” likely got its start on social media. In June, someone began using the Twitter handle “The Cuckservative” and posting racist and bigoted tweets but the term may have been in use earlier. On July 15, a blogger named Alfred W. Clark wrote about the term “#cuckservative” in a blog called Occam’s Razor and commented that it was spreading throughout the alternative right.

Richard Spencer, who founded the white supremacist journal Radix and runs the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist “think tank,” re-posted the article in Radix on July 16. One week later, conservative Red State blogger Erick Erickson tweeted that the term was “a slur against Christian voters coined by white supremacists.”

From there, political commentators from both the left and right began writing about the term cuckservative and arguing that it had made its way into mainstream conservatism when it appears that few people other than white supremacists were using the term. Some commentators made reference to Rush Limbaugh using it on his talk show radio program on July 22 but Limbaugh actually did not mention the word cuckservative but used similar language saying that Donald Trump was different from “your average, ordinary, cuckolded Republican.” cuckservative MLK

White supremacists routinely seek to insert their slogans—and ideas—into the mainstream, trying to find a wider audience for their views. From their so-called “14 words” slogan (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”) to white supremacist Bob Whitaker’s numerous racist propaganda mantras (e.g., “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”), white supremacists have tried many times—generally without success—to have their ideas become part of the public conversation. For them, acceptance of cuckservative into mainstream discourse seems a rare “victory.”

White supremacists hope that the publicity surrounding cuckservative may attract disaffected whites, angry at or dissatisfied with popular mainstream conservatives, to their own radically racist movement instead.

In recent weeks, a range of white supremacists have written about the importance of the cuckservative meme to the racist right. Kevin MacDonald, a retired anti-Semitic professor and a leader in the white supremacist American Freedom Party, wrote in his online journal Occidental Observer that the cuckservative meme is “brash, witty” and “a new art form.” He added that the meme is “a great example of the new intellectual and moral confidence among white advocates,” and that its popularity shows that “internet-savvy and socially adept Whites” are attracted to the white supremacist cause.

Greg Johnson, who founded the white supremacist online journal Counter-Currents, said in a recent article on that site that the “cuckservative controversy is an important opportunity for White Nationalists.” He adds that it was an opportunity for white Americans to realize that “whites are being demographically displaced because of political policies.”

In an article in the white supremacist journal Radix, Gregory Hood, a writer for a number of white supremacist online publications, asserted that the cuckservative meme shows that the “alt.Right is ironic, subversive and cynical. It’s about turning the tactics of the Left back on itself, deconstructing the tropes and narratives forced upon us.”

Spencer claimed that “#Cuckservative is, put simply, important: it has gotten under the skin of our enemies and has become a harbinger for something beyond conservatism. Thus, it is important that we get it right—and not allow the meme to be turned into just another synonym for ‘liberal.’”

The term “cuckservative” like most neologisms, probably will have a limited shelf-life, but white supremacists hope its usage will continue far into the future.

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July 15, 2015

White Supremacists View Donald Trump as Champion of Disaffected Whites

Donald Trump’s bigoted remarks about Mexican immigrants, his subsequent jump in the polls and his ability to attract thousands of people to a campaign event in Arizona caught the attention of white supremacists. Eager to exploit the situation, some white supremacists are hailing Trump as a champion of disaffected whites who are angry about non-white immigration and cultural changes.

Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin

On July 13, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin wrote an article on The Daily Stormer, the virulently racist and anti-Semitic site he runs, which praised Trump for his comments on Mexicans. Anglin asserted, “The Trump Train has left the station and is running non-stop to total victory over the barbarian hordes of Mexico. Because there is one issue which matters beyond all other issues and that is the invasion of White countries by non-whites.”Anglin adds that “the amount of good” that Trump has done “is immeasurable.”

Writing also on July 13, Peter Brimelow, who runs the racist, anti-immigrant site VDare, attacked “cultural Marxists,” often a code word for Jews, for rebuking Trump’s remarks and “shutting down” the immigration debate. Brimelow compares the reaction to Trump to the negative reaction to the Confederate flag. Brimelow then implies that the mainstream media “elite” that has rejected Trump’s views is mostly made up of Jews in New York.

Richard Spencer, the head of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank, posted pictures of Trump’s campaign stop in Arizona on July 12, in the online racist journal Radix under the title, “Trump Against the World.” Spencer claimed that Radix people were at the event. In the article, he also made an apparently sarcastic comment about the “diversity” of the largely white crowd.

On July 10, on The Alternative Right, a white supremacist website, an unidentified writer compared Trump to a “honey badger” that has rampaged through the Republican primary field. The person writes, “Even if they could find some way of stopping Trump, the man has already left his mark on the 2016 Presidential Race by tapping into the rising ethnocentric tide of American politics, something that is hardly likely to dissipate when the liberal left is engaged in a massive culture war against White identity.”

Kevin MacDonald, a white supremacist and anti-Semite, wrote an article about Trump’s candidacy in his online publication Occidental Observer on July 10. MacDonald claims that “Trump’s statements on the criminal tendencies and generally low functioning of Mexican and Central American immigrants have struck a chord with White America.”

*As a 501(c )(3) non-profit orga­ni­za­tion, the Anti-Defamation League does not sup­port or oppose can­di­dates for polit­i­cal office.

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