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December 3, 2013

Denver Conference To Feature Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorists

The Muslim Student Association – Persian Speaking Group (MSA-PSG) will hold its 43rd annual conference in Denver, Colorado, which will draw the participation of several anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers.msa-psg-iran-denver

The conference, titled “Awaiting the Savior,” is scheduled for December 26-29 and will include lectures and workshop sessions with the purported aim to discuss “how Islam can help guide us in our awaiting time to be the true supporters of our Imam,” also known as the Mahdi, a messianic figure for Shi’a Muslims. 

The MSA-PGA was founded in 1970 by Mostafa Chamron, an Iranian anti-Shah activist when he was a student at the University of California – Berkeley. Chamron subsequently returned to Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and served as defense minister and a member of parliament for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The organization has a history of inviting anti-Semitic speakers and extremists to its annual conference. Among the list of speakers invited this year, and in previous years, are Muhammad al Asi and Abdul Alim Musa. Al Asi and Musa are frequently invited to speak at anti-Israel events on campus where they engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric during their speeches and lectures. Additionally, both individuals have publicly sworn allegiance to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Musa is also the leader of Sabiqun, an anti-Semitic Muslim group that advocates for the creation of a global Islamic state.

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists Mark Glenn and Mark Dankof are also invited to speak at this year’s event. At the 2012 annual MSA-PSG conference, Dankof made a series of conspiratorial and anti-Semitic claims that Muslims and Christians are under threat by Zionists. Moreover, Dankof made a series of allegations that Jews are in control of American politics, economics and media, and that Jewish conspiracies are behind important U.S. events, such as the assassination of President Kennedy and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The organization, which is primarily based in Los Angeles, adheres to the strict principles of Twelver Shi’a Islam and the virulently anti-Semitic and anti-West ideology of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Contrary to its name, members of the MSA-PSG are not necessarily students. Many members are of Pakistani or South Asian origins who have previously spent time at Iranian seminaries and religious institutions. Previous years’ conferences have primarily been held in Houston and Chicago.

Another scheduled speaker is Hamza Sodagar, an Iranian-born cleric. At the 2010 Muslim Congress (MC) convention, Sodagar made several conspiratorial charges, including one where he alleged Zionist control over U.S. Muslims.

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September 11, 2012

Press TV: Zionists “Masterminded” the 9/11 Attacks

David Duke in a telephone interview on Press TV

As we commemorate the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, conspiracy theories surrounding the perpetrators and alleged cover-up still abound. These theories range from the idea that the destruction of the World Trade Center was a “false flag” operation in which the U.S. government attacked its citizens to provide an excuse for war, to the notion that Jews and/or Israelis perpetrated the attacks and then pointed the finger at Islamic extremists.

Press TV, the Iranian government’s platform to disseminate its ideology to the English-speaking world, exploited the anniversary to espouse anti-Semitic ”explanations” of what happened on 9/11 in three articles published on their website today.

The first, an interview with former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, served as an opportunity for Duke to flesh out his anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Israel was responsible for 9/11. When Duke was asked if he believes 9/11 was an “inside job,” he responded: “There are Israeli fingerprints all over the whole 9/11 aspect…Israel has a long record of terrorism against America…there are a lot of reasons that Israel wanted 9/11 to happen.” In addition to blaming Israel for perpetrating the attacks, Duke also claimed Jews and/or Israel are responsible for a number of American policies and world events. He stated, for example, that the Iraq war was merely the result of Zionist control. “The Zionists orchestrated and created this war in the media, the government, and international finance,” he said.

Press TV also interviewed Mark Dankof, a contributor to the virulently anti-Semitic newspaper American Free Press. In the interview, titled “Zionists masterminded, co-plotted 9/11 attacks,” Dankof explicitly accuses “Zionists” of perpetrating the attacks. When asked by the interviewer whether it’s likely the U.S. will reinvestigate the attacks, Dankof replies:

“It is not going to happen because the people who perpetrated [9/11] are the same people who control the news media and have a disproportionate influence in American foreign policy through various think tanks and so forth, that are aligned with the nation of Israel.”

Dankof also states that he agrees with the outspoken 9/11 conspiracy theorist Alan Sabrosky that “9/11 was an Israeli Mossad inside operation from start to finish — one hundred percent. Period.” Dankof adds that if others look into 9/11, they will find that:

“Israel had the motive, they had the means, they had the opportunity, they had the money, they had the resources, they had the inside contacts and they had the people in the American media and the American government to cover it up for them after the fact.”

A third article posted today, a reprinting of comments made by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about 9/11, was similarly conspiratorial. Ahmadinejad, according to the transcript provided by Press TV, stated that the sanctity of the media has been “destroyed” by Zionists and that the events surrounding 9/11 and the subsequent American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were the result of a “media operation.” His comments, though somewhat vague and incoherent, seem to imply that the “Zionists” corrupted the media which in turn has led to U.S. policies in the Middle East that are perceived to benefit Israel.

Press TV has a history of promoting offensive and unsubstantiated theories on 9/11 behind the veneer of providing legitimate news coverage. In doing so, they also provide a platform for those who espouse such theories and lend legitimacy to them.

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