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May 2, 2014

White Supremacist Conference Again Aims to Mobilize Whites


American Renaissance Speakers Group Photo

The white supremacist  group New Century Foundation has, for the third time, held its American Renaissance (AmRen) gathering  at a conference center at a national park in Burns, Tennessee.  On April 25-27, the approximately 175 attendees at the event heard speakers voice their ideas about how to mobilize whites by highlighting their culture and heritage. This year’s conference also expanded on last year’s theme of creating a white ethno-state on the North American continent.

The conference featured some new speakers, and some conference veterans such as Sam Dickson, a longtime white supremacist and speaker at the previous eleven AmRen conferences.  In his speech, Dickson claimed America was founded on the “lie” that all men were created equal. He asserted that a new narrative needs to be created for whites, which rejects the concepts of freedom and individualism promoted by the Tea Party and the belief in equality promoted by President Obama. Jack Donovan, a contributor to the white supremacist online publication Counter-Currents, echoed Dickson’s comments when responding to a question about forming a new identity for whites in North America, saying that any new identity must be different from that of the founding fathers who he claimed started off with “failure.”

John Morgan, the editor-in-chief of the Hungary-based far-right publishing house Arktos, called for whites within the movement to start reflecting a positive outlook in order to influence others. To do that, Morgan urged whites to highlight and praise their culture, in the form of books, art and films. Morgan also lamented the “culture of consumerism” active in the West today. Donovan’s speech similarly criticized the culture of consumerism which, he said, has left a cultural void. Donovan claimed the only way to stop this is to abandon the “universal” in favor of the “tribal” thus promoting a culture that is “discriminatory” and promotes the idea of identity.

Jared Taylor, the head the New Century Foundation, claimed the problem with whites is that they are too concerned with helping others and not themselves, which, he argued, leads to their downfall. Taylor called the conference attendees “missionaries” and insisted they must appeal to the soul of whites, not the mind. Their work, he maintained, is very difficult because many of the people they are trying to influence think of whites in the movement as “evil,” and therefore rude, arrogant, or mean-spirited.

As was the case at last year’s event, many young white supremacists were present, including Brad Griffin, who runs the racist website Occidental Dissent, and his wife Renee Baum, the daughter of Gordon Baum, leader of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens. Richard Spencer, head of the white supremacist think tank National Policy Institute (NPI) also attended, as did Matthew Heimbach of the white supremacist activist group Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN) and his friend Scott Terry. Patrick Sharp, who founded the White Student Union at Georgia State University and Holocaust denier Mark Weber from the anti-Semitic Institute for Historical Review were also present.

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October 18, 2012

Holocaust Denier Mark Weber Invited to Tehran by Iranian Government

Since Iran’s Holocaust denial conference in 2006, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has continued to open his country’s doors for Holocaust deniers from around the world. In September, the regime hosted Mark Weber, director of the California-based Institute for Historical Review (IHR), a pseudo-academic organization that considers the Holocaust to be a hoax perpetrated by Jews for political and financial gains.

During Weber’s visit to Iran, he was given multiple platforms to espouse his hateful conspiratorial views and was also honored with a meeting with President Ahmadinejad himself.

Weber discussed his 10-day trip to Iran during a September IHR meeting near Los Angeles. According to Weber, his visit included a television interview, a lecture to 800 college students in Tehran, and participation in a film festival organized by Iran’s Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Culture. Press TV, the Iranian government’s English-language propaganda network, described the film festival as promoting films that examine subjects such as “the role of Zionist lobbies in the European and US crises” and “a world without Zionism.”

Weber also gave a lecture to college students in Tehran titled “The Zionist Lobby in America.” In the talk, Weber claimed that the Israel lobby uses its power to promote interests “different than those and contrary to those of the vast majority of people in that country and the vast majority of people around the world.” He stated that the “Jewish Zionist grip of the United States” manifests its power “in promoting policies that break down traditional values, traditional ethics, and justice” and that societal problems ranging from abortion to murder can be traced to the supposedly Jewish media pushing such policies.

Weber specifically mentions the Anti-Defamation League’s work fighting bigotry and discrimination as part of a larger plot by the “Zionist lobby to break the religious and ethnic sense of cohesion” in America.

Weber’s visit to Iran in an official capacity underscores both Weber’s and the regime’s commitment to propagating anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial.

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