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March 18, 2015

White Supremacists Target Two Anti-Racist Intellectuals

Two white supremacist groups, National Youth Front (NYF) and Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), have launched a campaign against two intellectuals whose work focuses on race- related issues. The two groups have organized protests on campuses and used the Internet to garner support for their cause.

NYF member John Hess at protest in Arizona

NYF member John Hess at protest in Arizona

NYF, a branch of the white supremacist American Freedom Party (AFP), has targeted Lee Bebout, an associate professor of English at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe. Professor Bebout is teaching a controversial course called “U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness.” NYF members and supporters placed fliers declaring Bebout “anti-white” on campus and in his neighborhood. White supremacist web sites such as Stormfront and Daily Stormer then published Professor Bebout’s contact information. He has since received dozens of threatening and harassing emails and phone messages.

In early March, a small group of NYF supporters, including neo-Nazi Harry Hughes of the National Socialist Movement, continued their campaign against Professor Bebout by holding a protest near ASU. Though NYF has tried to establish chapters on various campuses, the only area of real-world activity appears to be at ASU. The group’s so-called director of national chapters, Daxter Reed (aka Daecca Reed) is based in North Carolina. The leader of the group, Angelo John Gage, is a white supremacist based in New Jersey. He ran for U.S. Congress as an AFP candidate in 2014 and has done podcasts on The White Voice, a racist Internet media site.

TYN, founded by white supremacists Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott in May 2013, has promoted a campaign against Tim Wise. Wise, an independent scholar, gives speeches about combating racism at campuses around the country. TYN members and supporters recently protested Wise’s speech at Indiana University at Bloomington on March 11. Thomas Buhls, the head of the TYN chapter at IU—Bloomington, led a group of about 20 supporters who held signs against Wise and about ending “white guilt.” TYN has declared that Wise is anti-white.

According to Buhls, a former Klan member, TYN was joined at the protest by other white supremacists, including neo-Nazi Robert Ransdell and members of hardcore racist skinhead group Supreme White Alliance. Buhls also reported that NYF members joined the protest, which was met by a larger crowd of anti-racist protestors.

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May 29, 2014

American Racists Embrace Gains in Europe by Far-Right Parties


Pat Buchanan

Figures ranging from far-right pundit Patrick Buchanan to white supremacist leader Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute are embracing the gains made by far-right and extremist parties in Europe during elections to the European Parliament in May.

The Americans who are saluting the results of the elections believe that the gains by the nationalist and far-right parties indicate that Europeans have rejected increased immigration and multiculturalism in favor of a return to traditionalist values. Some also argue that Europeans are more interested in the ardent nationalism and patriotism exhibited by Russian leader Vladimir Putin than in integration and liberal Western values.

Buchanan, who predicted the results of the elections in Europe in a May 23 column, argued that the rise of far-right parties means that Europeans want to preserve their “separate and unique ethnic and cultural identity.” Buchanan further asserted that the gains made by far-right parties signal a return to “traditionalism and cultural conservatism, reverence for the religious and cultural history and heritage of the nation and its indigenous people.” Buchanan has hoped for the same in the U.S. In numerous books and columns, he has argued that America is being destroyed by “Third World” immigrants and that the country needs to maintain its white European heritage.

In his comments on the European elections, Matt Parrott, a founder of the Traditionalist Youth Network, agreed with Buchanan and asserted that Europeans are more interested in Putin’s nationalism than in America’s liberalism. He laments that white supremacists in America will be “be forced to patiently wait on the sidelines” while traditionalist ideals and openly nationalist politicians come to the forefront in the rest of the world. He suggests that America’s extreme right learn from the advances made by their counterparts in Europe.

In a podcast, Richard Spencer, the head of the white supremacist National Policy Institute, spoke with Roman Bernard of France about how anti-EU sentiment had become a “bogeyman” for far-right parties in Europe. They believe that anti-EU sentiment is “negative politics” and that Europeans should be focusing on creating “white consciousness.” White supremacists on both sides of the Atlantic hope that whites in Europe and America will become “racially aware” and promote their own ethnic interests.

Anti-Semite David Duke put a different spin on the European elections, which reflects his virulent anti-Jewish views. Duke asserted that European voters had rejected two ideologies that Jews allegedly force on them—immigration and globalization.

American white supremacist activists would like to see extreme-right parties and ideologies become more appealing to the mainstream in America. They see Europe as a model for making that happen but acknowledge most Americans are not inclined to accept “white nationalism.”

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May 7, 2014

White Supremacist Activists Opt for Sabbatical after Priest’s Rebuke


Matt Heimbach

Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott, the founders of the white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), have decided to take a sabbatical from their activities. The two took this step after the priest of the Orthodox Christian church they belong to publicly released a statement on April 29 saying that Heimbach must “cease and desist all activities, both online, in print, and in person, promoting racist and separationist ideologies….”

The same priest earlier that month had overseen Heimbach’s communion in the Orthodox Church.  Although it is unclear where Parrott stands in terms of his own communion, he and Heimbach have both apparently chosen to take time off from their activities at the request of the priest. On the TYN site, Parrott writes that he and Heimbach do not know if their leave of absence will be temporary or permanent.

Parrott and especially Heimbach have openly talked about their religious beliefs on the TYN blog.  Their priest noted that he made the communion a public issue because Heimbach “makes inflammatory public statements in the name of the Orthodox Faith.”  Both Heimbach and Parrott ostensibly see their white supremacist beliefs as compatible with their vision of Christianity. Though the two are racist and anti-Semitic, Parrott has tried to justify their views by claiming they have no ill will towards other religious and ethnic groups.

It is unclear how Parrott and Heimbach plan to spend their sabbatical. Even after Heimbach’s priest asked him to cease activities and do penance to be received back into the Orthodox communion, Heimbach participated in a demonstration led by the racist League of the South (LOS) in Washington, DC, on May 1. LOS had only recently allowed Heimbach back into the group after kicking him out in October 2013 for taking part in a neo-Nazi event. A week before the LOS DC event, Heimbach attended the white supremacist American Renaissance conference in Tennessee. In addition, TYN continues to function as a group, despite Heimbach and Parrot’s leave.

The reaction from the white supremacist community has been somewhat mixed, with most people supporting Heimbach and Parrott’s sabbatical while the two figure out their next moves. One well-known white supremacist, Greg Johnson, who runs the online white supremacist publication Counter-Currents, has attacked Heimbach and Parrott for abandoning the white supremacist cause for the sake of Christianity. Others, like Brad Griffin, aka Hunter Wallace, who runs the racist Occidental Dissent blog, believe that Heimbach and Parrott will be able to reconcile their racist views with Christianity and make a full return to the white supremacist movement.

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