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October 29, 2014

Leaders Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party, Golden Dawn, Hold Meeting In New York


Members of Golden Dawn New York with leaders of Greece’s Golden Dawn in Astoria, NY

Leaders of Golden Dawn, the neo-Nazi party of Greece, visited New York during the weekend of October 26 to meet with supporters. The Golden Dawn New York conference featured Georgios Epitideios, a former general and Golden Dawn member of the European Parliament, and Michalis Giannagkonas, head of the party’s West Attica Division. The gathering was held in Astoria, a historically Greek-American neighborhood of New York, where the New York offshoot of Golden Dawn was established in September 2012.

Golden Dawn New York posted several pictures of the event on their website, which depict Epitideios and Giannagkonas speaking at a meeting and then visiting various sites in Astoria, where they reportedly spoke to Greek-Americans about the political situation in Greece. Greek-American leaders and Greek-American civic organizations have strongly condemned Golden Dawn. The attendance at their New York events suggests little support in the Greek-American community for the extremist party, which is known for attacking immigrants in Greece and for its anti-Semitism.

More than a dozen of Golden Dawn’s leaders were arrested in Greece last year for participating in a criminal organization and are awaiting trial. Recent polls in Greece show Golden Dawn with about 6% support, in third place behind the far-left Syriza party (27%) and the governing conservative party, New Democracy (24%).

Golden Dawn New York’s website is filled with anti-Semitic propaganda. In a September 2014 article, the group claimed that the terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ) is a creation of the Israeli Mossad. Other articles talk about alleged Zionist control of the government in Greece.

White supremacists in the U.S. are ardent supporters of Golden Dawn in Greece, and one who attended the event was Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Youth Network. American white supremacist websites, including the American Freedom Party and the Internet forum Stormfront, posted pictures of this past weekend’s event in New York.

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August 13, 2014

Matthew Heimbach Marks Return With Vicious Anti-Semitic Essay


Matt Heimbach

Matthew Heimbach, who took a three-month sabbatical from writing on the blog of the white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN) that he co-founded, has returned with a virulently anti-Semitic essay accusing Jews of murder, world domination, and “cold-blooded cruelty.”

In May, after Heimbach’s priest rebuked him for his “racist and separationist ideologies.” Heimbach ceased most of his public activism. He did not write a single piece for the TYN blog until this week. His essay, published August 11, shows that Heimbach continues to harbor hateful views towards Jews.

Using the war in Gaza as a backdrop, Heimbach promotes anti-Semitic canards. He not only accuses Israel of committing genocide against Arabs, he claims that the Jews have murdered a number of Christians to seize power and undermine “the Church.” Heimbach uses the anti-Semitic writing of both ancient and modern Christian thinkers to justify his views.   He writes,

“Whether Arab, European, or any other type of Christian, we must stand united in resistance to the Zionist plague that is working to undermine and destroy the Church on both an institutional and an individual level.”

Claiming that he is viewing Jews “through the lens of Christianity and Christian prophecy,” Heimbach asserts that there is “a unity between those who struggle against the Zionist State and International Jewry here in the West and those on the streets of Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon.” He adds, “We face the exact same enemy, one who doesn’t care if they kill our women, children, and elderly. We are facing a truly Satanic enemy…”

Heimbach also alleges that “International Jewry and the Jewish State are dedicated to subversion, manipulation, and total control over the worlds [sic] finances, media, governments, and our personal lives.” He goes on to claim that Jews bribe people to “their folk and Faith and serve Jewish interests” and that these “traitors must be held accountable for their betrayal of our fold and swearing allegiance to the anti-Christ.”

Heimbach lauds the terrorist group Hezbollah as “friends and allies of both Christians and European nationalists who seek the same outcome, the destruction of the Jewish State and the end to the influence of International Jewry on the various peoples of the world.” He argues that Christians should take the lead to “defeat” Jews.

In addition to accusing Jews of nefarious acts, Heimbach asserts that their rejection of Jesus is the cause of their “wicked path.” This latest post indicates that Heimbach has disregarded his priest’s admonition about promoting extreme views, and has decided to post even more vehemently anti-Semitic rhetoric than in the past.

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July 3, 2014

Matthew Heimbach Publically Returns to Racist Street Activism


Matthew Heimbach

After announcing he was taking a sabbatical from activism, Matthew Heimbach, the co-founder white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), returned to racist activities during the month of June. Heimbach attended three events in June organized by the white Southern nationalist group League of the South (LOS).

Despite the fact that Heimbach was previously banned from the organization for attending neo-Nazi events, Heimbach not only attended the recent LOS annual conference but also took part in LOS demonstrations in Kentucky and Alabama.

On Saturday, June 1, Heimbach attended demonstrations organized by the Kentucky chapter of the League which took place in the towns of Carrollton, and Warsaw, Kentucky. At the demonstrations, Heimbach held a sign that read, “Feds out of Kentucky.” Another LOS protest is scheduled to take place in the town of Pikeville, Kentucky, on July 19. According to LOS, the demonstration will be in support of coal miners in the state “whose industry is being destroyed by the feds.”

Over the past two years, LOS changed tactics, focusing more on street activism in an attempt to attract new members and raise awareness about the organization and Southern nationalism. Brad Griffin, aka Hunter Wallace, the founder of the racist blog Occidental Dissent is the main promoter of this tactic. The theme of this year’s LOS national conference was “Hitting the Streets: Taking the Southern Nationalist Message to the Public.”

Griffin joined LOS two years ago and is responsible for bringing the organization closer to the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), another racist organization with chapters around the South. Griffin is married to Renee Baum, the daughter of Gordon Baum, the head of CofCC. LOS and CofCC held demonstrations together for the first time during the past year. Griffin spoke about the issue of street activism and the media attention it garners at the LOS national conference last Saturday, June 28.

After their national conference ended on June 28, LOS held a demonstration in Wetumpka, Alabama, where the group is headquartered. Heimbach and many other conference attendees joined the event, which focused on supporting Southern workers who LOS claims are losing their jobs to immigrants. Many of the LOS protests are anti-immigrant but others focus on issues such as marriage equality. A similar demonstration is scheduled to take place in Gainesville, Georgia, on August 23.

Heimbach’s return to racist activism appears only to be with LOS for the time being. One possible reason for this is the LOS’s promotion of a racist version of Christian values, which Heimbach also embraces. It remains to be seen whether Heimbach will organize again with other racist organizations, but it’s clear that his sabbatical from racist activity is over.

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