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October 16, 2012 1

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Expresses Anti-Semitism In Weekly Message

The Mus­lim Brotherhood’s supreme leader has come under inter­na­tional con­dem­na­tion for his lat­est vit­ri­olic mes­sages of anti-Semitism and intense hatred of Israel in the group’s weekly newslet­ter to its mem­bers and the broader Egypt­ian public.Badie's column

In his weekly col­umn, Mohammed Badie, the supreme author­ity of the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, accused Israel and Jews of “shed­ding the blood of the peo­ple, tram­pling sanc­tu­ar­ies and holy places” and des­e­crat­ing Mus­lim, Chris­t­ian and Jew­ish holy places in the hotly con­tested city.

Badie called for the Islamic com­mu­nity to rise up against the “Zion­ists” and to com­mit to jihad to recover Jerusalem and lib­er­ate all of Pales­tine. “The time has come,” Badie said, “for the Islamic ummah to band together for Jerusalem and Pales­tine since it has been dom­i­nated by the Jews…” He added that Israel can only be defeated through “holy jihad and high sac­ri­fices and all forms of resis­tance,” terms that have his­tor­i­cally been used to advo­cate ter­ror­ism, includ­ing sui­cide bombings.

In a let­ter to Pres­i­dent Morsi, the Anti-Defamation League urged the Pres­i­dent, a long-time senior offi­cial of the Broth­er­hood, to reject Badie’s anti-Semitism, incite­ment and calls for vio­lence against Jews and Israel. ADL has doc­u­mented the Mus­lim Brotherhood’s con­tin­u­ing hatred of Jews and Israel since the down­fall of the Mubarak regime.

While the Mus­lim Brotherhood’s offi­cial media spokesper­son denied Badie made the com­ments, the col­umn is still avail­able on the Brotherhood’s offi­cial website.

Badie has a long record of state­ments call­ing for bel­liger­ent actions against Israel. In his hol­i­day greet­ings mark­ing the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in July 2012, for exam­ple, Badie wrote that the cen­tral goal of “Mus­lim lead­ers was the recov­ery of the Al Aqsa mosque and its lib­er­a­tion from Zion­ist filth…” Badie also urged the world’s Mus­lims, Chris­tians and Jews to “stand up against the crimes of the Zion­ist gangs in the raped lands,” and the only solu­tion is for Islamic rule to be imposed “through­out all of beloved Palestine.”

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