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October 29, 2015

Moroccan Group Stands Against Anti-Semitism At Pro-Palestinian Rally


Screenshot from Moroccan newspaper article about the petition

A group calling themselves “Moroccan citizens united against incitement to kill Jews in Morocco” organized a petition to protest the anti-Semitic message of the “Al-Aqsa Intifada march,” a pro-Palestinian rally held on October 25, in the Moroccan city of Casablanca.

The pro-Palestinian rally drew international media attention for featuring men dressed as Orthodox Jews being led at gunpoint by masked men wearing keffiyehs.

Reportedly, the petition against anti-Semitism stated, “Even though it is of course every citizen’s right to publicly manifest their support for a cause that they consider just, it is obviously illegal to call for someone’s death because of their religious beliefs. ” The petition also noted that scenes from the protest are spreading fear among the Jewish community in Morocco and across the world. It reads in part, “Such anti-Semitic acts are a threat to the security and the safety of Moroccan Jews and a threat to [the principles of] co-existence in the country. It is also against values of pluralism and tolerance which are enforced by the supreme law of the Kingdom, which recognizes the Hebrew component as an essential part of the Moroccan identity.”

According to local Moroccan news sources, more than three thousand Moroccans already signed the petition, which called upon the Ministers of Interior and Justice to bring their attention to the rally, and hold accountable those responsible for its anti-Semitic scenes.

Mouna Izddine, a spokesperson for the group, which organized the petition, told a Moroccan newspaper, “The images reported by media outlets challenge the type of social example we are trying to provide for our children. As Moroccans, regardless of our faith, we want to live in peace and harmony.”

The violent anti-Semitic message of the pro-Palestinian march in Casablanca raised concern as well for the safety of the Jewish community in Morocco. Jews in Morocco have a rich history dating back thousands of years. They have enjoyed great support from the royal family, and Moroccan society has traditionally been relatively accepting of the Moroccan Jewish community.

The petition organizers provide a valuable learning opportunity about tolerance and the fight against anti-Semitism. By standing up against expressions of hate that target fellow Jews, under the guise of supporting Palestinians, those Moroccans who signed the petition send a clear message not only to their fellow Moroccan Jews but also to the world at large. Their message is loud and clear; voices of reason cannot be silent in the face of hate.

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October 8, 2014

Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail Now Hacking For ISIS

The Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail hacker group, which targeted Jew­ish web­sites in the United States in support of Hamas during Operation Protective Edge, has claimed credit for hacking into the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s website on Monday.moroccan-union -islamic-electronic-mail-google

Visitors to the academy website were redirected to a site that featured an image of an apparent cemetery for American soldiers with a message that reads: “Iraq is the graveyard of America. Welcome to the death that awaits you at the hand of the Mujahedeen in Iraq.” The site also includes an audio clip of an Islamic Jihadist song that glorified Islamic conquests.

In August, the Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail’s Facebook page included statements threatening the U.S .with cyber-attacks in response to the American military operations against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The statement read:

After focusing on Israeli targets during the aggression on Gaza, the Moroccan Islamic Union-mail declares targeting important websites in America in support of the Iraqi people and in response to the American airstrikes.

The Facebook page, which has since been removed, featured various comments and images expressing solidarity with ISIS and condemning military intervention in Iraq.

The group uses various online platforms to claim responsibility for its hacks and to promote its views, including an Arabic-language blog, a YouTube channel and various Facebook pages that claim to be affiliated.

ADL first exposed the group’s hacking efforts in July after several Jewish institutional websites were hacked by the group.

The group has also claimed responsibility for hacking the website of the Nepalese embassy in the U.S. Its claim of responsibility read: “The Moroccan Islamic Union-mail hacks the embassy of Nepal in America and pulls several data. We will attack the interests of America worldwide, with God’s willing, to respond to the American air strikes against the Iraqi people.”

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August 5, 2014

New ISIS Video Recruits Westerners

Following reports that between 70 and 100 Americans have travelled to fight with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a new video released by ISIS’s Al-Hayat media wing has allegedly featured an American calling for others to join.isis-terrorist-targets-video

The video, “Eid Greetings from the land of Khilafah,” was released on August 2 and features video of children praising the organization’s governance interspersed with video of fighters from around the world. The alleged American is a man called Abu Abdurahman al-Trinidadi who is apparently of Trinidadian origin. Other militants featured  allegedly came from Great Britain, Finland, Tunisia, Indonesia, Belgium, Morocco and South Africa. All praise ISIS and encourage Muslims from around the world to join the organization and to establish themselves in the territory it holds.

For more background on ISIS’s media savvy and recruitment of foreign fighters, see ADL’s report “Hashtag Terror: How ISIS Manipulates Social Media.”

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