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November 22, 2013

Neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe Wants Supporters To Join Cultural Clubs


Old National Alliance flyer

Erich Gliebe, the head of the nearly defunct National Alliance, not only did away with the neo-Nazi group’s membership, he now advises supporters to join traditional European cultural clubs, have fun, and not focus on National Socialism. 

In the Alliance’s latest bulletin, Gliebe argues once again that the old methods of attracting people to the white supremacist movement are not working. He asserts that the Cleveland unit of the National Alliance was the group’s only successful chapter because it attracted people not by talking about the white race facing extinction but by hosting cultural events.

Gliebe insists that the only way to preserve the white race in today’s climate is to encourage people to do things they enjoy and to promote “ethnic pride.” Thus, he lists German and Scandinavian dance groups across the U.S. for people to consider joining.

After Gliebe’s unsuccessful leadership of the Alliance, he appears to be turning away from group’s core ideology as espoused by its founder William Pierce in his novel, The Turner Diaries. In the book, Pierce advocated a world takeover by an all-white army that systematically exterminated blacks, Jews and “race traitors.” Many white supremacists still consider the book required reading for people in the movement. Pierce also believed in recruiting people to the Alliance by distributing their propaganda in suburban neighborhoods and at events like gun shows.

Gliebe argues that some people would like to see the National Alliance carry on policies that don’t work, like promoting swastikas and Hitler and talking about Jews. He clearly believes that the Alliance’s former recruitment strategies no longer have the ability to attract followers so he advises supporters to not distribute white supremacist literature at European cultural events but to “be positive and have fun” and bring along the family.

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September 24, 2013

Neo-Nazi National Alliance No Longer Has Members


Erich Gliebe

The National Alliance (NA), once the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States, has ceased to function as a membership organization. 

In a September 6, 2013 letter to members of the white supremacist group, NA chairman Erich Gliebe states that the organization will now be “supporter based.” Gliebe claims this decision comes after consulting with the organization’s board of directors and key members and supporters.

In reality, Gliebe, who took over the leadership of the NA in 2002 after the death of its founder William Pierce, has overseen a steady decline in the group’s membership.  The NA, which had about 1,500 members in 2002, has only a handful of active members today.

Gliebe’s lack of leadership skills and charisma, as well as his seeming poor judgment and apparent financial mismanagement, led to tremendous strife and disaffection within the NA. The group split into various factions in the mid-2000s and continued to lose members throughout Gliebe’s reign.  In addition, the NA stopped publishing magazines and ceased operations of its once-profitable white power music company, Resistance Records. 

The move to a “supporter-based” organization appears to be a face-saving device from Gliebe to detract from his many failures.  In his letter to members, Gliebe characterizes the move to a supporter-based organization as a “step forward for the organization,” which will lead “to a brighter future.”  Gliebe also optimistically requests his now-former membership to convert their membership dues into monthly donations of the same amount.

White supremacist Jim Ring, who resigned from the National Alliance in 2012, posted Gliebe’s letter on a website he created to oppose Gliebe. Ring also gave an interview in the September 2 edition on the American Free Press, an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented newspaper, in which he called Gliebe both incompetent and dishonest. Ring blamed Gliebe for the group’s demise and claimed Gliebe personally profited from the sale of Pierce’s gun collection and timber on the NA property.

Recently, Gliebe put the National Alliance’s property in West Virginia up for sale. Gliebe’s moves may well mark the endgame for the National Alliance.

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August 23, 2013

100 Years Later, Anti-Semitism Around Leo Frank Case Abounds


Leo Frank

Anti-Semites are using misleading websites to exploit the 100th anniversary of the Leo Frank case and to promote anti-Jewish views.

On August 25, 1913, Leo Frank was falsely convicted of murdering Mary Phagan, whose body was found in the factory he managed in Atlanta. A mob later lynched Frank after the governor of Georgia commuted his death sentence to life imprisonment. The Frank case was a seminal moment in American Jewish history when the Jewish community united to fight against the anti-Semitism that was rampant at that time. 

A number of websites, ostensibly providing information about Leo Frank actually use deceptive means to tell their version of the circumstances surrounding the Frank case. These sites provide documents and testimony from that time, but their aim is to create confusion and perversely to accuse Jews of reverse racism. They claim that Jews used the Frank case to undermine whites, especially in the South.

One site is particularly misleading. Calling itself “The 1913 Leo Frank Case and Trial Research Library,” the site contains numerous documents from the Frank case. However, the “About” section of the site reveals the real impetus for its creation. The site, which is registered anonymously, asserts that the Frank case was one of the events of 1913 that started “the Birth of the Jewish Race War Against European-Americans.”  According to the author of the section, the Frank case led to the creation of a “Jewish lobby” and “became a political and social front for subverting the majority population of Gentiles by a tiny dissenting minority of Jews.” The author also accuses Jews of controlling the government.

Another deceptive Leo Frank website is registered to neo-Nazi Kevin Strom. Strom was a leader in the National Alliance and then the National Vanguard, two neo-Nazi organizations, until he was convicted on child pornography charges several years ago. This site cites anti-Semitic works as resources on the Frank case. Strom also promotes the articles of “Mark Cohen” on National Vanguard, a neo-Nazi site he runs. According to a July 2012 article on National Vanguard, “Mark Cohen” is “the nom de guerreof a person who writes extensively about the Leo Frank case.  Articles attributed to Cohen, which assert that Frank is guilty of the Phagan murder, appear on numerous extremist sites.

There are other websites on Frank that are also misleading. “The American Mercury,” an extreme right-wing site with anti-Semitic content, is running a series of articles that promote conspiracy theories about the Frank case. There is also a “Leo Frank” Facebook page that pretends to be a personal profile page of Frank. This page disingenuously lists a number of Jewish causes but promotes derogatory articles on Frank that appear on anti-Semitic websites.

The goal of these fraudulent websites is clear. They are using deceptive means to attack Leo Frank and the Jewish community’s efforts to fight back against anti-Semitism.

In the News – The Forward (8/20/13) “Neo-Nazis Use Leo Frank Case for Anti-Semitic Propaganda Push”

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