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May 7, 2015

Baltimore Protest Organizer Spouts Inflammatory Rhetoric On NBPP Radio

Malik Zulu Shabazz, the racist and anti-Semitic former leader of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), who has taken credit for organizing protests in Baltimore in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death, went on the NBPP’s Black Power Radio earlier this week to express his inflammatory views.

Malik Zulu Shabazz and protesters in front of Baltimore City Hall

Malik Zulu Shabazz with protesters in front of Baltimore City Hall

While Shabazz has attempted to portray himself as a civil rights leader in Baltimore, he openly expressed his bigotry and praised the actions of rioters in Monday’s broadcast of Black Power Radio.

During this broadcast, Shabazz praised protestors “especially the youth, who rose up like the Palestinians did, rose up against the police state, rose up against occupation, rose up and caused a rebellion in the streets.”

In response to claims that rioters are damaging their own community, Shabazz asked, “What do you mean our community? How much of it did we own? Forty-four of the stores that were burned down in Baltimore were owned by outsiders or Koreans. We didn’t own those stores.”

Shabazz also justified the burning down of a CVS claiming that such stores are “taking all our money…what really has CVS done for our community? They gave out a few jobs and took a whole bunch of money from us.”

While discussing those who do not agree with his tactics, Shabazz stated, “There are a lot of haters out there against Attorney Shabazz [and] the New Black Panther Party. And we’re gonna stop all this goddamn talking and raise up an army and deal with you motherf—ers.”

By appearing on Black Power Radio, Shabazz, who stepped down from his leadership role with the Panthers in 2013, reaffirmed his continued involvement with the NBPP, the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist Black militant group in America.

In the same broadcast, Hashim Nzinga, the current leader of the NBPP, injected anti-Semitism into the discussion, employing a common trope of his: that a supposedly Jewish-controlled media nefariously portrays Black people in a negative light. “And with your Jewish and your mostly menorah, I mean majority, uh, minority-owned TV stations, going to paint a picture like something’s wrong with us,” Nzinga stated.

Nzinga also offered inflammatory language describing a “genocide” taking place in America. “That’s all in you, white man, is to fight and kill. And when you can’t fight or kill, you go hunt…You’ve got to be killing something. And right now, it’s killing the Black man off.” He added, “We ain’t gonna let you do it no more.”

The NBPP com­monly takes on racially-charged issues under the guise of cham­pi­oning civil rights as they also did in the after­math of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Trayvon Mar­tin. However, the group’s demon­stra­tions, con­fer­ences, and other events often blend inflam­ma­tory big­otry with calls for vio­lence, tar­nish­ing its efforts to pro­mote Black pride and consciousness.

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November 26, 2014

Arrested Black Panther Also Involved in Sovereign Citizen Movement

Update — 9/3/15: Olajuwon Davis and Brandon Orlando Baldwin were each sentenced in a federal court to seven years in prison.

Update — 6/2/15: Olajuwon Davis and Brandon Orlando Baldwin each pleaded guilty to four explosives and gun charges that will carry seven-year prison terms when they are sentenced Aug. 31.

Update — 4/2/15: Olajuwon Davis and Brandon Orlando Baldwin were indicted on additional charges involving the conspiracy to use bombs to commit “violent acts”  and the illegal purchase of firearms.

Federal agents arrested two New Black Panther Party members (NBPP) in St. Louis on November 21, accusing Olajuwon Ali and Brandon Baldwin of illegal straw purchases of handguns.  Some media have cited anonymous sources alleging that the pair also attempted to purchase pipe bombs.olajuwon-ali-document

One of the accused, Olajuwon Ali, 22, is the head of the NBPP’s St. Louis Chapter, but he also has been active in a very different extremist movement:  the anti-government “sovereign citizen” movement.

The sovereign citizen movement has experienced rapid recent growth, particularly in its Afro-centric “Moorish” offshoot.  “Moorish” sovereigns emerged in the mid-1990s when members of the Moorish Science Temple (MST), a religious sect, attempted to meld their beliefs with that of the sovereign citizen movement.  Sovereign beliefs have since spread widely among MST adherents, and later to other African-Americans, bringing new adherents to what historically has been considered a right-wing extremist movement.

Ali is typical of many new recruits to the “Moorish” movement.  Although there is evidence that Ali may have encountered sovereign citizen ideology as early as 2010, when still a teenager, it was in April 2013 that he formally joined the movement, filing an “Abjuration of Citizenship” document declaring himself  an “aboriginal/indigenous, free Sovereign Moor – Natural Person of the Land.”

The document, as well as a Moorish identification card that Ali has used, appear to come from an influential New Jersey-based Moorish group led by R. V. Bey.  One of the signatures on the document seems to be that of one of R. V. Bey’s prominent disciples.

Another signature on Ali’s document belongs to Kusu ra Kush Bey, aka Chester Wilson, a St. Louis-based Moorish sovereign.  In the same month that Ali filed his “abjuration,” the FBI arrested Wilson for his alleged involvement in a major multi-state car theft ring.

Ali himself had a brush with the law only months after declaring his sovereignty.  In June 2013, St. Louis police arrested Ali for trespassing, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace following an incident in which Ali allegedly attempted to use a Moorish identification card at a convenience store to demand “tax-free” purchases.  Ali, tased during the incident, later described his arrest as “unlawful” and himself as a “victim of police brutality.”

Ali’s legal troubles took up much of his time, but he found a new source for activism following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson in August 2014.  That month, Ali, calling himself a “Minister of Justice and Law,” offered a “Lessons of Law Class (Post-Mike Brown)” to inform African-Americans of their “Constitutional, Universal Human, and Indigenous Rights.”

The shooting also gave Ali an opportunity to join NBPP activism with Moorish activism.  On August 13, Ali composed a lengthy, sovereign-style “Affidavit of Fact” directed to the mayor of Ferguson  in which he asserted that claims the NBPP had encouraged violence were “false propaganda [sic]” released by “European owned” media stations.  He also accused the city of Ferguson with the “GENOCIDE AND MURDER OF Aboriginal Indigenous American Michael Brown Jr.”

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September 16, 2014

New Black Panther Party Advisor Calls For Killing In Ferguson Aftermath


Screenshot of AADL’s Facebook page

Mauricelm-Lei Millere, an advisor to the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), is using social media to call for the death of the police officer who shot Michael Brown and for violence against white people in general, inflaming the already tense situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

On September 15, Millere, who is currently in Ferguson, posted an image of Officer Darren Wilson on Facebook and wrote, “When you find Darren Wilson you know what to do! Whoever finds him knows what must be done! Take everything that he took from Mike Brown.”

The day before, Millere posted on Facebook that Wilson is “wanted Dead or Alive!” echoing calls made by the NBPP, the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist Black militant group in the country, for the “dead or alive” capture of George Zimmerman, the man who, in February 2012, shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Millere also called for violence against Martin Baker, an African-American congressional candidate who publicly supported due process for Darren Wilson. On September 11, Millere wrote that Baker “must be caught, beat, drug, and whipped to the point of seeing the light for supporting white racist murderer Darren Wilson…We must physically beat this jiggaboo…” Later that day, Millere commented on his post, which included a photo of Baker: “Get a good look at this a**h**e. Find him, detain him, beat him, and await further instructions.”

In these Facebook posts, Millere lists his affiliation as being with the African American Defense League (AADL), an organization Millere started on September 10, which unabashedly promotes violence against white people.

On September 11, Millere wrote via the AADL’s Facebook profile, “The whiteman wants your blood! How many of us has he killed and enslaved? Trillions!…We need the action that makes them pay attention. An eye for an eye philosophy! Arm yourself in Ferguson, Missouri and across America! A life for a life!” He continued, “Also, we must go to their comfortable neighborhoods and raid those stores. It is time to LOOT & BURN those stores…” The post’s image depicts a man holding a rifle.

Millere changed the AADL’s Facebook profile picture to a photo of a handgun on September 10 and wrote “Shoot 1st.” Millere subsequently updated the AADL’s cover photo to a gun, and commented on the photo that, “There comes a time when one must do what is necessary beyond cost. Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere.”

Additionally,Malik Zulu Shabazz, the former NBPP leader and current leader of the Black Lawyers for Justice who has a long history of anti-Semitism and racism, appears to be involved with the AADL. On September 13, Millere posted that Shabazz is a board member of AADL and Shabazz responded positively, saying that the he came up with the name and concept behind AADL but that he gave it to Millere. On September 14, Shabazz posted the following on AADL’s Facebook page: “Much success to the African American Defense League—The AADL. We need a broad based organization that will organize to defend our hunan [sic] rights.”

While media reports sometimes call Millere an NBPP “leader” and Millere describes himself as a “Lead Advisor at Black Riders Liberation Party, Lead Advisor and Liason [sic] at Black Panther Party and Lead Advisor and Liason [sic] at New Black Panther Party,” it is not clear exactly what role he plays with the NBPP. In September 2011, Millere and Shabazz appeared together at an event in Columbus, Ohio, and in October 2010, Millere appears to have organized an event for the “Arkansas New Black Panther Party” in Little Rock.

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