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May 11, 2012

California Arabic Newspaper Says Israel Abuses Memory of Holocaust

The April 27 issue of Watan, an Anaheim, California-based Arabic-language newspaper, featured an article accusing Israel of intentionally using the memory and history of the Holocaust to mask Israeli crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

The article, “The ‘Holocaust’ Industry,” asks, “How could crimes against a group become a justification for that same group to commit crimes against another group?” Similarly, the article accuses “the Zionist entity” of committing the heinous crimes against the Palestinians all “in the shadows of celebrating the memory of the Holocaust through the last century.”

The Watan article also promotes the conspiratorial view that Israel’s purpose in preserving the memory of the Holocaust is to be able to use it as a tool “against politicians, intellectuals and others who dare to whisper opposition to Israeli policies,” a charge that has frequently been used by anti-Israel scholars, activists and organizations to stave off accusations of anti-Semitism.

Watan, which claims to have a circulation in California of 30,000, consistently prints anti-Semitic editorials and cartoons. The cartoons, originally published in the Arab press, have been internationally syndicated.

Another California-based community newspaper, Al Akhbar, published an article in March featuring anti-Semitic narratives and comparisons of Israeli policies to Nazi ideology.

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March 14, 2012

Los Angeles Community Newspaper Publishes Classic Anti-Semitism

Al Akhbar, a Los Angeles-based dual language community newspaper, published an article this month that employs anti-Semitic narratives in its opposition to Israel and Zionism, which it claims is inspired by Nazi principles.
Yousif Hadad’s article in Al Akhbar

The article, titled “The Democracy of the State or its Jewishness,” is written by Yousif Hadad, a regular contributor to the paper. The State of Israel “is an identical concept to the Nazi Aryan concept,” Hadad writes. “It’s our right to question why nations hate Jews and no one else but them. Isn’t it because of their racism, stoniness and disloyalty to the countries which they live in?”  

“It’s the entrenched hatred in their souls that drives their delusions that others hate them,” Hadad adds.

Hadad, who claims in the article that “Zionists invented ‘Anti-Semitism’” as a tool to use against anyone who criticizes “Israel’s racist and oppressive policies,” also denies that “Western, Ashkenazi, Caucasian Jews who founded the Zionist Movement are Semites…in reality they have no connection to the Semitic race. Arabs are the Semites.
Al Akhbar has previously published other articles by Hadad, who received an award in 2009 from the Jordanian American Association for defending the Palestinian cause in his writing, according to the Association website.

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