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October 15, 2015

Instructional Content On How To Stab Jews Spreads On Social Media

Update – 10/20/15: After alerting Google, Facebook and Twitter to the problematic material cited in this blog post, all the items have been removed by those services in a prompt manner. 

As violence escalates in Israel, content has emerged across social media platforms—including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter—not only urging people to stab Jews, but providing instructional information on how to stab people and which knives to use.

The following is a sampling of Arabic-language posts ADL has identified in the past several days specifically providing information about how to stab victims. While such content is available is many languages, the Arabic language content seems geared toward Arabic speakers in Israel.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is alerting various social media companies about this content. ADL continues to work with the industry to improve policies and protocols for the removal of content that triggers violence or promotes bigotry, content that is contrary to the companies’ terms of service.

ADL continues to encourage the public to report such content. ADL Cyber-Safety Action Guide provides quick and easy access to company policies and complaint forms.

  • A video featuring two masked men demonstrating several stabbing techniques is available on several YouTube channels. The video, posted on October 5, is listed under several titles, including “Learn how to stab a Jew.” The video is also circulating on Facebook and Twitter.YouTube stab image
  • A number of Twitter users started posting a graphic last week describing what type of knife should be used for stabbing attacks in Israel. The image includes the following instructions: “Circulate: Regarding the Youth in the occupied lands, they must use serrated knives in stabbing so the air can enter the body of the target, which leads to immediate death, and the destruction of organs when the knife is pulled.”

“[Right side, in red] Use this”    “[Left side, in green] don’t use this”

Twitter stab image

  •  Other Twitter users using an Arabic hashtag “Slaughtering the Jews” posted a message that reads: “Don’t hesitate in using this quality (vegetable knife) as it’s the strongest in causing pain #SlaughteringtheJews.” Below is an example from October 8.Twitter 2 stab image
  • Several Twitter users recommend attaching a camera to the knife to record the stabbing in HD. For example, the tweet below from October 5 includes an image of a GoPro camera attached to a knife and hashtags that translate to  “West Bank is uprising” “Stab a soldier with a knife to liberate Palestine” and  “Intifada started.”Twitter 3 stab image
  • The following image posted on Facebook on October 14 shows a diagram of the circulatory system with suggestions of areas to stab. The image was included with an Arabic Facebook hashtag “Stab.”Facebook stab image.
  • The following image posted on Instagram on October 12 reads, “When you stab, put poison on the knife or soak the knife in vinegar. Stab with a screw driver and insert it in the neck….stabber stabber stab correctly.”Instagram stab image


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November 24, 2014

Presbyterians Against Divestment

New York Times Ad

New York Times Ad

A full page ad in the New York Times on Thursday, November 21 stated “Presbyterians: We can do better than divestment.”  The ad, endorsed by over one hundred leaders of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and sponsored by Presbyterians for a Just and Peaceful Future in the Middle East, is a response to the narrow decision (310-303) by the PC(USA) General Assembly this past summer to divest from three American companies who conduct business with Israel in the West Bank, a decision the ADL deplored.

The ad calls for Presbyterians to “reclaim the church’s role as ‘repairers of the breach’” between themselves and other religious communities, “to reaffirm boldly the church’s commitment to two-state solution,” and “to seek opportunities in Palestine, Israel, and between Israelis and Palestinians for proactive investment.”

Polling data consistently show that “mainline” Protestants overwhelmingly support a safe and secure Israel, even while also being concerned about the situation of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.  The efforts at the PC(USA) and other churches to pass divestment resolutions reflect the views of a minority of activists within those churches who take advantage of the structures of those churches to press their agenda.

ADL hopes this ad will promote exactly the kind of respectful discussion and collaboration for which it calls, as well as serve to encourage others within the PC(USA) and other mainline Protestant churches who have considered divestment resolutions to look for constructive initiatives that promote Israeli-Palestinian cooperation and  reconciliation.

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November 19, 2014

Axe Imagery Proliferates Following Synagogue Attack In Jerusalem

Within minutes of yesterday’s brutal terror attack that killed five people in a Jerusalem synagogue, images and cartoons glorifying the attack began circulating online.jerusalem-synagogue-axe-hatchet-al-aqsa

The speed with which images glorifying the killing of Jews with axes and hatchets – which the two terrorists used in their attack – were released demonstrates the ease in which supporters of such brutal attacks can express their support online.

Just last week, a similar social media campaign glorifying terror attacks by running over Israelis with cars was launched.

The Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Jerusalem and celebrated the operation by promoting the axe as a symbol for “Resistance” via its various social media platforms. (Israeli law enforcement say they are investigating the claim but preliminary evidence indicates that the perpetrators were acting alone.)  

The group’s Facebook page featured an image of the two terrorists who committed the attack, Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal, with an axe and a message reading, “Oh Zionists, in all the places and by all means, we will harvest your souls.” Another image posted on the group’s Facebook page shows a masked man carrying an axe and distributing candies to celebrate the operation.jerusalem-synagogue-axe-hatchet-ghassan-abu-jamal

The group also posted a statement on the Facebook page soon after the operation, greeting the “Heroic operation executed by the two martyrs Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal,” and calling to “escalate confrontations against the occupiers and the settlers.”

On the group’s Twitter page, a post describes the use of axes in the operation as “creativity in the forms of resistance.”

Other groups have circulated images and cartoons celebrating the use of an axe to attack Jews, including Ajnad News, a West Bank based news organization. A cartoon depicting a man with a knife and hatchet in a synagogue as Jews around him lie in pools of blood or flee out the door, was posted at to Ajnad’s Twitter account at 7:19am (Jerusalem time) – only minutes after the attackers had entered the synagogue at about 7:00am.jerusalem-synagogue-axe-hatchet-ajnad

Another cartoon shows an image of a hatchet on a car windshield as the car drives towards Jerusalem. And a graphic presents pictures of Orthodox Jews next to image of a moving car wheel, an axe and a gun, and advises readers to learn about news from the Ajnad subscriber service on their phones.

Other images circulating on social media include an image of a frightened Orthodox Jew with a Star of David on his hat surrounded by knives, axes, cars and guns.

The Arabic language jerusalem-synagogue-axe-hatchet-qassam-brigadesTwitter account for the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing, posted images of the aftermath of the account and pictures of the victims and of the perpetrators, as well as a graphic depicting a bloody cleaver and an Israeli emergency medical responder in front of a fiery background. All of the images on the Hamas Twitter feed have been posted multiple times in other locations as well.

Supporters of other terrorist organizations, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and Jabhat al Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, have posted images supporting the attack as well. The majority of these are not cartoons but rather images of the aftermath of the attack – perhaps a reflection of the graphic content regularly shared by those terrorist groups.

Other images:








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