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July 1, 2015

Mainstream Figures Demonize Hispanic Immigrants with Bigoted Rhetoric


Donald Trump

Donald Trump

There has been a backlash against Donald Trump’s bigoted comments about Mexicans in his kickoff campaign for the presidency.* However, Trump is just one figure who has been demonizing Mexican immigrants in the last few weeks. Political pundit Ann Coulter has a new book on The New York Times bestseller list that attacks the Latino community, particularly Mexicans. Pat Buchanan, another political pundit has also weighed in on the issue.

When Trump announced his run for president on June 16, he referred to Mexicans as rapists and criminals and accused them of bringing drugs into the U.S. Almost two weeks later, when trying to clarify his comments on CNN, he actually extended his vitriol toward other immigrants. He said that people coming over the border were “really bad. “ He added, “You have people coming in, and I’m not just saying Mexicans, I’m talking about people that are from all over that are killers and rapists and they’re coming into this country.”

Network television stations NBC and Univision severed their ties with Trump due to his comments. However, he is just one mainstream figure who has attacked immigrants in recent weeks. Coulter, a syndicated columnist, gave her book the provocative title, Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole. In the book, Coulter makes similar comments to Trump.

Coulter attacks Hispanic culture and then says, “How can any immigrant assimilate if Americans refuse to mention their little cultural annoyances such as littering, drunk driving, and child rape.” In an interview on the Fusion show, “America with Jorge Ramos,” the host questioned Coulter’s assertion that Americans should fear Mexicans more than the terrorist group ISIS.

In response, Coulter said, “I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.”

Another political pundit and syndicated columnist, Pat Buchanan, has also added his own view on the issue of immigration. Buchanan wrote a recent column titled “Is Third World America Inevitable?” In it, he praises Coulter’s book and says that “if the next president embraces amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, that will mean the end to America as the Western nation we have been, and the beginning of America’s life as what Ann calls, unapologetically, a ‘Third World hellhole.’”

Taken together, these comments demonstrate that anti-immigrant rhetoric is not just an issue for white supremacists and other extremists but is very much a part of the mainstream. While you have a Constitutional right to be a bigot in this country, there are usually social and economic consequences.  Trump has paid a price for his bigotry.

* As a 501(c )(3) non-profit orga­ni­za­tion, the Anti-Defamation League does not sup­port or oppose can­di­dates for polit­i­cal office.

 Personalidades de la corriente principal demonizan a los inmigrantes hispanos con retórica intolerante

Ha habido una reacción negativa contra los intolerantes comentarios de Donald Trump sobre los mexicanos al inicio de su campaña para la presidencia.* Sin embargo, Trump es solo uno de los personajes que ha estado demonizando a los inmigrantes mexicanos en las últimas semanas. La comentarista política Ann Coulter tiene un nuevo libro en la lista de los más vendidos del  The New York Times en el cual ataca a la comunidad latina, particularmente a los mexicanos. Pat Buchanan, otro comentarista político también ha tomado parte en el tema.


Cuando Trump anunció su candidatura para la presidencia el 16 de junio, se refirió a los mexicanos como violadores y criminales, y los acusó de ingresar drogas a Estados Unidos. Casi dos semanas después, al intentar clarificar sus comentarios en CNN, en realidad lo que hizo fue extender su veneno contra los inmigrantes. Afirmó que la gente que cruza la frontera es “realmente mala”. Y agregó: “Tenemos gente llegando, y no me refiero solo a los mexicanos, estoy hablando de gente de todas partes que son asesinos y violadores, y están entrando a este país”.

Las cadenas de televisión NBC y Univisión rompieron sus relaciones con Trump a causa de sus comentarios. Sin embargo, él es tan solo una de las personalidades de la corriente principal que han atacado a los inmigrantes en las últimas semanas. Coulter, columnista sindicada, dio a su libro un título provocativo: ¡Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole. En el libro, Coulter hace comentarios similares a los de Trump.


Coulter ataca la cultura hispana y después dice: “Cómo pueden un inmigrante asimilarse si los estadounidenses evitan mencionar sus pequeñas molestias culturales tales como tirar basura, conducir borrachos y violar niños”. En una entrevista en el show de Fusión “América with Jorge Ramos”, el anfitrión cuestionó la afirmación de Coulter de que los estadounidenses deberían temer más a los mexicanos que al grupo terrorista ISIS.

En respuesta, Coulter dijo: “Tengo un pequeño consejo. Si usted no desea que ISIS lo asesine, no vaya a Siria. Si usted no desea que un mexicano lo asesine, no hay nada que yo pueda aconsejarle”.

Otro comentarista político y columnista sindicado, Pat Buchanan, también ha dado a conocer su opinión sobre el tema de la inmigración. Buchanan escribió recientemente una columna titulada “Is Third World America Inevitable?” En ella, elogia el libro de Coulter y afirma que “si el siguiente presidente acepta una amnistía y una vía a la ciudadanía para los inmigrantes ilegales, ello significará el fin de Estados Unidos como la nación occidental que ha sido y el principio de una vida en Estados Unidos como la que Ann denomina sin remordimientos un ‘antro del tercer mundo’”.

En conjunto, estos comentarios demuestran que la retórica anti-inmigrantes no es un tema solo para los supremacistas blancos y otros extremistas sino también para una parte importante de la corriente principal. Aunque en este país existe el derecho constitucional a ser intolerante, normalmente hay consecuencias sociales y económicas. Trump ha pagado el precio de su intolerancia.

Como una organización no gubernamental 501 © (3), la Liga Antidifamación no apoya ni se opone a candidatos para cargos políticos

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November 26, 2014

After Executive Action on Immigration, Extremists Lash Out

Extremists in the United States responded to President Obama’s announcement of executive action on immigration by attacking the President, blaming Jews and calling for whites to become “conscious” and distance themselves from the current political system and society.

richard spencer

Richard Spencer

The racist and anti-Semite Pat Buchanan penned an article published in in which he claimed the President, “ensured the remaking of America.” Buchanan wrote, “Now when the wives and children of the illegals arrive, and their extended families apply for and receive visas, and bring their wives and children, we will become the Third World country of Obama’s dream, no more a Western nation.” Adrian Krieg, a director with the white supremacist American Freedom Party (AFP) also attacked the President in a column on the AFP website, asserting, “This was the act of a despotic sociopath acting outside law, and in a veiled attempt to paint the opposition into a corner.”

In a piece on his website, anti-Semite David Duke blamed Jews for the President’s actions, declaring, “This strategy—of ensuring that America’s founding European population be reduced to a minority—and then preferably into total irrelevance—has been a major goal of the Jewish Supremacists since the days of Jacob Javits and his fellow Zio-racists since the 1960s, when the first Jewish-promoted immigration reforms were started.” Fellow anti-Semite Andrew Anglin echoed Duke’s comments on his Daily Stormer website, asserting, “The reason here is that the Republicans aren’t actually against it. The big business Jews who run the GOP are in agreement with the commie Jews who run the Democratic Party: mass third world immigration is a good thing.”

White nationalist Richard Spencer called for a new white identity in an article on the website of his group National Policy Institute (NPI). Spencer claimed the President’s actions could mark a “beginning of a movement of Identity.” This identity can flourish, Spencer wrote “even if half the channels on cable are ‘en espaniol [sic].’” Gregory Hunter, a contributor to the white supremacist online publication Counter-Currents, responded in a similar vein to Spencer. Hunter argued, “It seems self-evident that European-Americans should turn on those who have betrayed them, renounce the failed American experiment, and secure their own destroy [sic] by any means necessary – secession, rebellion, and the eventual goal of the White Republic.” Hunter went on to assert that “no progress will be made unless European-Americans become conscious of themselves as Europeans abroad.”

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March 21, 2014

Anti-Immigrant Think Tank Appoints Bay Buchanan To Board

bay buchananThe Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), an anti-immigrant think tank founded by racist John Tanton, recently appointed Bay Buchanan, an anti-immigrant figure with ties to extremists, to its board of directors.

Buchanan is the president of The American Cause, a group founded by her brother, Pat Buchanan, a racist and anti-Semite. Though the organization is currently dormant, it hosted a number of anti-immigrant gatherings in the past featuring racist speakers.

For example, in January 2009 the organization held an event when it released a report on the impact of candidates’ views on immigration during the 2008 election. Panelists included Bay Buchanan, Peter Brimelow, a white supremacist and founder of the racist anti-immigrant website VDARE, and Marcus Epstein, founder of the now-defunct far-right Robert Taft Club. The Taft Club often invited racist speakers to address its gatherings, including white supremacist Jared Taylor, founder of The New Century Foundation, a self -styled think tank known primarily for American Renaissance , a white supremacist journal and companion website.

After Marcus Epstein was arrested and pleaded guilty to simple assault for attacking an African American woman in Washington, D.C., Buchanan defended him in a column published by VDARE titled “The Internet Lynching of Marcus Epstein.” Buchanan also contributed an article to The Social Contract (TSC) an anti-immigrant journal edited by white supremacist Wayne Lutton. At the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Buchanan spoke on a panel sponsored by the now-defunct racist student group Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) titled “Will Immigration Kill the GOP?”  Kevin DeAnna, the founder of YWC, was also on the panel. In 2005, Buchanan was a guest on the racist radio program The Political Cesspool, hosted by white supremacist James Edwards.

Buchanan also served as chair for her brother’s three presidential campaigns and in 2008, was a senior advisor to former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo, who is known for his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric.  Buchanan also ran the now-defunct Team America Political Action Committee (PAC) founded by Tancredo.

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