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May 7, 2015

Point of Contention: A Fractured White Supremacist Take on Immigration


Richard Spencer has advocated for a white ethno-state

For over a hundred years, since the Ku Klux Klan of the early 20th century loudly proclaimed its commitment to “100% Americanism,” fighting immigration has been one of the most consistent hallmarks of white supremacists in the United States. For many, immigration was nothing less than a sinister Jewish plan to flood America with non-whites and thereby weaken and ultimately destroy the white race.

Because of strongly held convictions such as these, it is no surprise that white supremacists have so often been at the forefront of anti-immigration activism. From Ku Klux Klan members holding anti-immigration protests to neo-Nazis engaged in vigilante patrols along the U.S.-Mexican border to closeted white supremacists setting up “mainstream” anti-immigration organizations, these groups have consistently been a major segment of America’s extreme anti-immigrant fringes.

Yet the evolution of the white supremacist movement in the United States reveals an interesting phenomenon. Though white supremacists remain united in their intense dislike of immigration and their belief in its alleged danger to the white race, clear divergences of opinion have emerged among them about how they ought to respond—or, indeed, whether they ought to respond at all.

It may be too generous to call them “schools of thought,” but several clear approaches to the issue of immigration now clearly exist among white supremacists, each essentially stemming from a different set of opinions on how to “preserve” the white race.

The differing approaches include:

  • Continuing actively to fight against immigration by attempting to mobilize fearful or angry whites using rhetorical strategies that include a focus on changing demographics in the United States;
  • Abandoning the active fight against immigration to focus instead on creating white enclaves within a multicultural United States, where whites could live with and support each other in a sort of voluntary self-segregation; and
  • Also giving up on fighting immigration into the United States but going a step further by creating a separate ethno-state for whites only—an independent white “homeland.”

Each of these viewpoints is reflected in the ideas or writings of an advocate. Though white supremacists have different approaches to the subject of immigration, all are ultimately reacting to the projection that whites will become a minority in the United States in the coming decades.

Read the full article: Point of Contention: A Fractured White Supremacist Take on Immigration

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May 23, 2012

Violent Clashes at “Other” Chicago Summit

Event announcement on Stormfront

The extreme right and the far left clashed violently in the Chicago area over the weekend of May 19, with police making arrests on both sides. The scene, however, was not the high-profile NATO Summit hosted by the city of Chicago that weekend. Rather, the clash occurred at a small restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois, where a group of white supremacists were holding their own confab, a “White Nationalist Economic Summit.”

Around 15 white supremacists from around the country attended this “economic summit,” only to have it crashed by a roughly equal number of left-wing and anarchist activists associated with the Chicago-based Southside Anti-Racist Action (ARA), a group that has disrupted past white supremacist events in Chicago, and the Indiana-based Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (HARM). The left-wing activists allegedly attacked the white supremacists with baseball bats, hammers, and metal chains, causing injuries that led three people to be taken to the hospital with head injuries. Police subsequently arrested five of the activists (all from HARM), charging them with mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property.

The Tinley Park event was the fifth white supremacist “economic summit” organized since 2010, four of which have occurred in the Midwest. It was organized by white supremacists from Illinois and South Dakota under the auspices of the “Illinois European Heritage Association.” Most attendees were members of the racist Stormfront website, and some had associations with other extremist groups, such as the National Socialist Movement and the Knights Party. The events are something of an outgrowth of a white supremacist concept known as the Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) movement, which seeks to establish mutually supportive white supremacist enclaves throughout the United States.

Police also arrested two of the attendees at the “summit.” Steven Eugene Speers, 33, of Grand Forks, North Dakota, was arrested on a child pornography warrant from Texas, while Francis John Gilroy, Jr., 65, of West Palm Beach, Florida, was charged with unlawful possession of weapons by a felon.

Left-wing activists and white supremacists alike have been angered and energized by this violent confrontation, opening the possibility of future violent clashes or acts of retaliation. The organizers of the summit, meanwhile, are planning a future event in Omaha, Nebraska.

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