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May 7, 2015 8

Point of Contention: A Fractured White Supremacist Take on Immigration


Richard Spencer has advo­cated for a white ethno-state

For over a hun­dred years, since the Ku Klux Klan of the early 20th cen­tury loudly pro­claimed its com­mit­ment to “100% Amer­i­can­ism,” fight­ing immi­gra­tion has been one of the most con­sis­tent hall­marks of white suprema­cists in the United States. For many, immi­gra­tion was noth­ing less than a sin­is­ter Jew­ish plan to flood Amer­ica with non-whites and thereby weaken and ulti­mately destroy the white race.

Because of strongly held con­vic­tions such as these, it is no sur­prise that white suprema­cists have so often been at the fore­front of anti-immigration activism. From Ku Klux Klan mem­bers hold­ing anti-immigration protests to neo-Nazis engaged in vig­i­lante patrols along the U.S.-Mexican bor­der to clos­eted white suprema­cists set­ting up “main­stream” anti-immigration orga­ni­za­tions, these groups have con­sis­tently been a major seg­ment of America’s extreme anti-immigrant fringes.

Yet the evo­lu­tion of the white suprema­cist move­ment in the United States reveals an inter­est­ing phe­nom­e­non. Though white suprema­cists remain united in their intense dis­like of immi­gra­tion and their belief in its alleged dan­ger to the white race, clear diver­gences of opin­ion have emerged among them about how they ought to respond—or, indeed, whether they ought to respond at all.

It may be too gen­er­ous to call them “schools of thought,” but sev­eral clear approaches to the issue of immi­gra­tion now clearly exist among white suprema­cists, each essen­tially stem­ming from a dif­fer­ent set of opin­ions on how to “pre­serve” the white race.

The dif­fer­ing approaches include:

  • Con­tin­u­ing actively to fight against immi­gra­tion by attempt­ing to mobi­lize fear­ful or angry whites using rhetor­i­cal strate­gies that include a focus on chang­ing demo­graph­ics in the United States;
  • Aban­don­ing the active fight against immi­gra­tion to focus instead on cre­at­ing white enclaves within a mul­ti­cul­tural United States, where whites could live with and sup­port each other in a sort of vol­un­tary self-segregation; and
  • Also giv­ing up on fight­ing immi­gra­tion into the United States but going a step fur­ther by cre­at­ing a sep­a­rate ethno-state for whites only—an inde­pen­dent white “homeland.”

Each of these view­points is reflected in the ideas or writ­ings of an advo­cate. Though white suprema­cists have dif­fer­ent approaches to the sub­ject of immi­gra­tion, all are ulti­mately react­ing to the pro­jec­tion that whites will become a minor­ity in the United States in the com­ing decades.

Read the full arti­cle: Point of Con­tention: A Frac­tured White Suprema­cist Take on Immigration

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May 23, 2012 2

Violent Clashes at “Other” Chicago Summit

Event announce­ment on Stormfront

The extreme right and the far left clashed vio­lently in the Chicago area over the week­end of May 19, with police mak­ing arrests on both sides. The scene, how­ever, was not the high-profile NATO Sum­mit hosted by the city of Chicago that week­end. Rather, the clash occurred at a small restau­rant in Tin­ley Park, Illi­nois, where a group of white suprema­cists were hold­ing their own con­fab, a “White Nation­al­ist Eco­nomic Summit.”

Around 15 white suprema­cists from around the coun­try attended this “eco­nomic sum­mit,” only to have it crashed by a roughly equal num­ber of left-wing and anar­chist activists asso­ci­ated with the Chicago-based South­side Anti-Racist Action (ARA), a group that has dis­rupted past white suprema­cist events in Chicago, and the Indiana-based Hoosier Anti-Racist Move­ment (HARM). The left-wing activists allegedly attacked the white suprema­cists with base­ball bats, ham­mers, and metal chains, caus­ing injuries that led three peo­ple to be taken to the hos­pi­tal with head injuries. Police sub­se­quently arrested five of the activists (all from HARM), charg­ing them with mob action, aggra­vated bat­tery and crim­i­nal dam­age to property.

The Tin­ley Park event was the fifth white suprema­cist “eco­nomic sum­mit” orga­nized since 2010, four of which have occurred in the Mid­west. It was orga­nized by white suprema­cists from Illi­nois and South Dakota under the aus­pices of the “Illi­nois Euro­pean Her­itage Asso­ci­a­tion.” Most atten­dees were mem­bers of the racist Storm­front web­site, and some had asso­ci­a­tions with other extrem­ist groups, such as the National Social­ist Move­ment and the Knights Party. The events are some­thing of an out­growth of a white suprema­cist con­cept known as the Pio­neer Lit­tle Europe (PLE) move­ment, which seeks to estab­lish mutu­ally sup­port­ive white suprema­cist enclaves through­out the United States.

Police also arrested two of the atten­dees at the “sum­mit.” Steven Eugene Speers, 33, of Grand Forks, North Dakota, was arrested on a child pornog­ra­phy war­rant from Texas, while Fran­cis John Gilroy, Jr., 65, of West Palm Beach, Florida, was charged with unlaw­ful pos­ses­sion of weapons by a felon.

Left-wing activists and white suprema­cists alike have been angered and ener­gized by this vio­lent con­fronta­tion, open­ing the pos­si­bil­ity of future vio­lent clashes or acts of retal­i­a­tion. The orga­niz­ers of the sum­mit, mean­while, are plan­ning a future event in Omaha, Nebraska.

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