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July 17, 2013

Ventura County Deputies Kill White Supremacist Who Pointed Handgun


Daniel Houfek, at center

Deputies with the Ventura County, California, Sheriff’s Department shot and killed a prominent local white supremacist, Daniel Curtis Houfek, 42, on the evening of July 12, following a short vehicle pursuit and confrontation.

Houfek was one of the leaders of the Deadline Family Skins (also known as Deadline Skins or Skinheads), a hardcore racist skinhead gang with around two dozen active members in the Santa Clarita area.  Members also operate in the Antelope Valley and Ventura region.  Houfek, also known as “Danny Boy,” owned and operated a tattoo parlor, dubbed Deadline Tattoo, in Ventura (often used as a meeting place for the group).  A number of Deadline Skins have tattoos courtesy of Houfek, including tattoos of the group’s logo and combat boots.

On July 12, the Ventura Sheriff’s Department received a call about a suspicious man sitting in a parked car near a Girl Scout lodge in Oak View.  Deputies found the vehicle, with Houfek in it, but Houfek sped off, leading officers on a brief vehicle chase.  According to police, Houfek soon stopped his vehicle and exited it with a handgun.  The pursuing deputies fired at Houfek after he allegedly pointed it at them, fatally wounding him.  He died at the scene.

This incident is the 36th known shooting/shootout confrontation between extremists and law enforcement officers in the United States since 2009, according to Anti-Defamation League records.

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May 22, 2013

In Vancouver, Washington, a Cluster of Luysters


Brent Luyster

Members of the Clark County, Washington, SWAT team arrested three men this past week, at least two of them known white supremacists, in connection with a possible hate crime at a Vancouver bar in March 2013.  Arrested at their separate residences were Brent Ward Luyster, Robert Arlen Luyster, and Donald H. McElfish. 

The three men allegedly attacked a 45-year-old black man at a bar in Rose Village, punching, kicking and beating the victim while using racial slurs and threatening to kill him.  Police have charged the three suspects with second-degree felony assault and racially motivated malicious harassment.

The two Luyster brothers have a long history of white supremacy and criminal activity, dating back to at least 2000.  That summer, as racist skinheads, the two men (and two others) attacked an African-American man in a racially-motivated assault.  They pleaded guilty to assault charges in 2001.  Three years later, police arrested Brent W. Luyster again, this time for violating parole by associating with another white supremacist.  In July 2005, Vancouver police arrested Brent W. Luyster and another white supremacist on allegations of malicious harassment.

Brent W. and Robert A. Luyster have not, however, been the only Luysters to have gotten in trouble in this fashion.  In late 2004, another Brent Luyster, Brent D. Luyster (identifiable by the “white pride” tattoos on his upper arms), briefly escaped from the Larch Corrections Center in eastern Clark County.  He may be the father of Brent W. and Robert.

In early 2005, Portland, Oregon, police arrested a fourth white supremacist Luyster, Michael Lee Luyster, for not having a driver’s license while transporting a carload of white supremacists to protest at a local community center.  Portland is just south of Vancouver.

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November 5, 2012

Idaho White Supremacist Wounds Two Deputies in Shootout

Kyle Alan Batt, a 27-year-old white supremacist from Caldwell, Idaho, remains hospitalized following a shootout on October 23 in which Batt allegedly shot two Canyon County deputies searching for him in connection with an aggravated assault investigation. The shootings are the latest in a string of nearly 30 shootouts between police and domestic extremists in the United States since 2009.

The incident began earlier in the day when Batt allegedly appeared at the home of a woman with whom he had been having a relationship. Batt reportedly carried a firearm and made threats at the woman. The woman called Caldwell police, but Batt had already left the scene when officers arrived.

Later, five Canyon County sheriff’s deputies went to a residence in Caldwell looking for Batt.  Batt allegedly opened fire at the officers as they approached the house, hitting two of them before fleeing. One officer was able to return fire and hit Batt before he fled. A few hours later, deputies found Batt hiding in a nearby garage, at which point he reportedly tried to take his own life by shooting himself.

One of the two wounded deputies remains in serious condition; the other was treated and released with only minor injuries. Batt was listed in critical condition.

Batt has a long criminal history, including several drug convictions. He is also a white supremacist with a large “white power” tattoo stretched across his breastbone. He has connections with other white supremacists in the Nampa-Boise area, including members of the Hammerskins racist skinhead group. The Hammerskins’ presence in this area has significantly increased in recent years and the Hammerskins held their 2012 “Hammerfest,” the group’s annual large white power music concert, in the Nampa-Boise area on October 6, less than a couple of weeks before the shootout.

Among the 100+ attendees at the Boise Hammerfest was Brent Rackley, the bandmate of Hammerskin Wade Page, who killed six people and injured more during a shooting rampage at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in August 2012. It is not known if Batt attended Hammerfest.

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