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June 23, 2015

Egyptian TV Series “Jewish Quarter” Defines A Good Jew

The first episodes of “Haret El Yahood” [The Jewish Quarter], a new Egyptian TV series that started airing last week on many satellite channels in the Arab world, reinforce common anti-Semitic narratives despite some expectations that it would depart from the usual anti-Semitic canards typically found in Arab media.haret-el-yahood

The show, which presents the Jewish community in Egypt in the 40s through a love story between a Jewish girl and a Muslim Egyptian army officer, attempts to present the difference between “good” Jews and “bad” Jews; the good Jews are the ones who are loyal to Egypt and support its war against Israel while Zionist Jews, who are loyal to Israel, are depicted as wicked, liars, evil and trying to betray Egypt. Midhat Al-adl, who wrote the script for the show, told Al Jazeera that the show “condemns Israeli Zionism and racism.”

The first scene of the first episode features an Egyptian family running to seek shelter inside the Jewish synagogue in Cairo during an Israeli air strike. A conversation between the father of the family and a young neighborhood girl sets the tone for the rest of the show. The Jewish man by the name of Aaron says, “More airstrikes and more of turn off the lights, we were relieved Hitler was gone and his days were over.” The girl then responds, “The problem is, uncle Aaron, the same ones whom Hitler killed and expelled are the ones killing and uprooting the Palestinians.”

The show’s main character, a Jewish girl by the name of Layla, falls in love with a Muslim Egyptian army officer who is fighting in the war against Israel. Layla is featured as an example of a good Jew who stands against Israel unlike her brother, Moses, who is depicted as an ardent Zionist conspiring against his country and family.

The show also appears to propagate the conspiracy theory that Zionist Jews were allied with the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in Egypt since 1948. A scene in the first episode shows a Jewish man instructing a Muslim Brotherhood leader at one of their camps. Subsequent episodes suggest that events leading to the massive immigration of Jews from Egypt to Israel were part of a Zionist-Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy. For example, an explosion planned by the Muslim Brotherhood at the Jewish quarter is portrayed as benefiting Zionist Jews because it triggered fear among Egyptian Jews and compelled them to consider immigrating to Israel.

Haret El Yahood, which received huge publicity across the Arab world, is currently aired on several satellite TV stations across the Arab World including CBC, Dubai TV, Dream and MBC. Ramadan with Google, a page dedicated by Google for the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, featured the show on its landing page.

In the past, ADL exposed attempts to exploit the Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan, a prime time TV season in the Arab world, to air anti-Semitic TV shows.

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July 1, 2014

Iran Broadcasting Enters Ramadan With Anti-Semitism


Screen shot from IRINN documentary aired June 30, 2014

In the lead up to the start of the month-long Muslim holiday Ramadan, which is often characterized with high television viewership following the break of the day’s fast, Iran’s broadcasting authority, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), has aired interviews and documentaries promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of Jewish control over Hollywood and a nefarious Jewish-Zionist plan to use sorcery against Iran.

IRIB is the state-run broadcaster in Iran that uses its media platform to promote the regime’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic ideology to the public. In the past, IRIB has used the Ramadan holiday and the high nightly television viewership to broadcast anti-Semitic films and television series.

In an interview with a Tehran University professor and Islamic scholar Valiollah Naghipourfar on June 27, 2014, a series of outlandish anti-Semitic conspiracies were made accusing Jews of using sorcery and witchcraft. When asked by the interviewer on IRIB’s Channel 1 if Iran’s enemies can use jinns, supernatural beings in Islamic theology (known as ‘genies’ in the Western lexicon), to gather intelligence and spy on Iran, Naghipourfar responded that, “Jews have a very strong connection with jinns and sehr [magic].” Naghipourfar added that the majority of Jews are “sorcerers” who can send jinns to gather intelligence and spy on Iran on behalf of the Israeli government.

Three days later, IRIB’s 24-hour news network, Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN), aired a short documentary, called “Zionist Aspirations to Control the West.” The documentary promoted anti-Semitic canards of alleged Zionist and Jewish control of U.S. politics and policies, Hollywood, and academia.

The documentary employed the terms “Zionist” and “Jewish” interchangeably, claiming that one of President Obama’s biggest supporters is Goldman Sachs, “America’s largest banking network that has no non-Jewish owners and who are all Zionists and supporters of Israel.” The documentary also shows a graphic of the globe with a Star of David superimposed on it followed by the logo of AIPAC, claiming that the most powerful lobby in the U.S. “works for the interests of another country and everyone knows which one.” Pictures of several high-ranking officials in global finance, such as former chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke and former IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, were depicted as the Jewish hands in control of the global economy.

Interspersed with scenes from Schindler’s List, the documentary also claimed that Jewish and Zionist control of Hollywood have built their stature by exploiting the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, comparing it to when “the Children of Israel built the golden calf during Moses’ absence and began worshipping it.” The narrator added that, “Zionist elites even say that non-Jews are not recognized as human beings and only Jews have importance.”

The month of Ramadan is a time when many Muslims around the world take time to reflect on their faith through prayer and fasting. Ramadan is also prime time television season for many countries in the Arab and Muslim world when multimillion dollar television series are aired nightly after the end of the fast.

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July 16, 2013

Latest Khaiber Episodes Establish Anti-Jewish Narrative

The first five episodes of Khaiber, the mul­ti­mil­lion dol­lar television series that dra­ma­tizes the geno­cide of Jews in Ara­bia in the 7th cen­tury, have aired across the Arab world.khaiber-episodes-3-4-5

The first two episodes revealed the degree to which clas­si­cal anti-Semitic nar­ra­tives are being pro­moted in the program. The latest three episodes, described below, are a continuation of those themes.

ADL first raised concern about Khaiber and its anti-Jewish content in February 2013. In addition, ADL has exposed the program’s Egyptian writer, Yusri Al-Jindy, who has had pre­vi­ously depicted Israelis and Jews as blood­thirsty sav­ages, and the expressions of anti-Semitism by var­i­ous peo­ple asso­ci­ated with the production.

Episode 3

In this episode, several Rabbis are shown responding with anger to the news that a new prophet appeared in Mecca. One of the Rabbis, Al-Harith says, “We will reject him as we rejected Christ.”

The Rabbis then discuss testing Mohammed with a series of questions in order to verify his status as a prophet. However, most agree that even if Mohammed answers the questions correctly, they will not recognize him. “If we declare him a prophet, it would be against the interest of the Jews… can you guarantee that he will be of benefit to us, where is our interest in this?” Ben Akhtab, the Grand Rabbi asks. He then explains that it is in the interest of the Jews to create an alliance with the Meccans because the Jews require their power and money.

In addition, a blind Rabbi named Shas, who wears a large Star of David necklace, is depicted as a vicious person who is more concerned about money than religion. He reveals his hatred to Mohammed by saying that he is an “imposter and a liar.”

Episode 4

In this episode, Ben Akhtab conspires to kill the one “good” Rabbi in the show, who believes that Muhammad is a real Prophet (the Rabbi survives the assassination attempt). Ben Akhtab, also decides to make a deal with one of his Arab prisoners – in return for killing Mohammed, the prisoner will be granted his freedom (the prisoner escapes and avoids having to take part in the plot).

Episode 5

In this episode, the Jews create an alliance with Ibn Aubay, a prominent Arab leader whose ambition is to be the king of Yathrib and control the two rival Arab tribes who live there; the Al-Aws and Al-Khazra tribes.

When fighting erupts between the Arab tribes, Rabbi Shas tells Rabbi Ben Akhtab, “Let them kill each other until termination.” Ben Akhtab responds, “This is against our interests…. No for letting them terminate each other; Yes to creating an alliance with Ibn Aubay in order to become their masters.”

Ben Akhtab also claims, “The solution is in the papers of Jewish scholars; with any king or tyrant we must appease him, contain him, and connect our interests with his interests.”

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