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March 30, 2012 Off

Members of Florida White Supremacist Biker Club Arrested

Kaval­lerie Brigade logo

Six bik­ers, some of whom were mem­bers of a white suprema­cist biker gang, were arrested in Florida and Chicago on drugs and explo­sives charges fol­low­ing a three-year under­cover police inves­ti­ga­tion by a vari­ety of fed­eral, state, and local law enforce­ment agencies.

Arrested were Leah Klose and Brian Klose of St. Cloud, Florida; Ronald Cusack of St. Cloud; Deb­o­rah Plow­man (arrested in Chicago); Car­los Eugene Dubos of Orlando, and Harold John­son Kin­law of Orange County, Florida. Brian Klose, Cusack, Dubose, and Kin­law were charged with threat­en­ing to throw a destruc­tive device, while sev­eral sus­pects were charged with traf­fick­ing in pre­scrip­tion drugs and other offenses.

Kusack and sev­eral other sus­pects were mem­bers of the 1st Kaval­lerie Brigade of Aryan Nations, a white suprema­cist biker club started in early 2008 by white suprema­cist August Kreis, who also headed a fac­tion of the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations at the time. A small group, its mem­bers mostly came from South Car­olina, Florida, and Ten­nessee. Ron Cusack was the “brigade com­man­der” for the Kaval­lerie Brigade.

The remain­ing sus­pects arrested were mem­bers of the far larger Out­laws Motor­cy­cle Club. This club, one of the major out­law biker gangs in the United States, has had strong ties with white suprema­cists in Florida.

The arrests are likely to lead to the demise of the Kaval­lerie Brigade, espe­cially since its founder Kreis pleaded guilty in 2011 to fed­eral fraud charges and is in ill health.

The Anti-Defamation League recently pro­filed the Kaval­lerie Brigade in its major report, Big­ots on Bikes: The Grow­ing Links between White Suprema­cists and Biker Gangs, which also describes other sim­i­lar white suprema­cist biker crews.

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