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April 15, 2013

New Black Panther Party Returns From Africa With New Goals And Same Message

The New Black Panther Party(NBPP), the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist black militant group in America, has announced plans to expand its international activity and outreach after a delegation of its leaders returned from a March trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Malik Zulu Shabazz and New Black Panther Party in Africa

In the group’s online radio broadcasts on Black Power Radio in April, the NBPP leadership discussed the trip and their plans to increase membership through additional outreach in South America, the Caribbean, Canada and the rest of Africa.

In South Africa, the delegation met with members of the Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania, a minor pan-African political party, and in Zimbabwe they met with President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet (Mugabe did not attend the meeting). NBPP National Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz later made his support for the Zimbabwean dictator clear, offering to have a webcast up on the NBPP website “within 60 days” in support of Mugabe in the upcoming elections. He also hopes to have the webcast shown on the Nation of Islam (NOI)’s website.

Shabazz also said that over 200 Black organizations from around the world will convene in South Africa for a conference focusing on pan-Africanism on June 16, 2014, the anniversary of the Soweto Student Uprising that took place on the same day in 1976. Shabazz explained that Africa should be as central to African-Americans as “Israel is to the so-called Jew and all over the so-called Jewish Diaspora.”

Membership reports on the recent trip to Africa on Black Power Radio have frequently devolved into hateful rhetoric against whites, Jews, and other groups. National Spokesman Chawn Kweli referred to the NYPD as the “Jew York Police Department” and to the “Zionist-Jewish controlled media outlets.” National Field Mar­shal King Samir Shabazz, prone to often violent racist rants, called on NBPP members to shine their boots and press their uniforms, adding that the “crease should be able to cut that cracker’s throat in half and watch his head roll down the street.”

Samir Shabazz also called on Black Muslims to make their Hajj to Africa instead of to Mecca. “I hate to say this but Mecca is not my home. I’m a Muslim but…I can’t see myself walking around no black stone with those Goddamn crackers anyway.” Instead of participating in the ritual act of throwing stones during the pilgrimage to Mecca with “smelly Arabs and crackers,” he indicated that he would rather go to Africa and “throw some stones at six white peckerwoods.” Samir Shabazz also went on a homophobic rant, expressing dismay at seeing same-sex couples in Africa.  He said that it “blew his mind” since he didn’t know that “the white man got Africans faggin’ and saggin’ like they do in America.”

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August 24, 2012

King Samir Shabazz: Bomb White Churches and Kill White Babies

In an August 13 New Black Panther Party online radio broadcast, the group’s National Field Marshal from Philadelphia King Samir Shabazz, went off on an vicious tirade about bombing white churches and killing white babies.

Samir Shabazz

If Blacks want to be free, Shabazz explained, “you’re going to have to kill some of these babies, just born three seconds ago. You’re going to have to go into the God damn nursery and just throw a damn bomb in the damn nursery and just kill everything white in sight that ain’t right.”

Later in his rant, Shabazz describes how white churches are also a legitimate target: “We gonna need preachers going into the cracker churches throwing hand grenades on early Sunday morning when the cracker got his hands up, ‘please white Jesus!’ Well we gonna throw a bomb in that God damn church, burn up the cracker, burn up the cracker Jesus, and burn up some cracker white supremacy.”

In typical Shabazz fashion, he also described in detail how he would like to go into New Jersey and Pennsylvania suburbs to “drag some of these god damn rusty dusty ass crackers out of their homes, skin their asses alive, hang their asses up by some damn rope in some trees, drag them up and down the streets by God damn trucks, sick the pit bulls on them, pour acid on their asses, dump them in a God damn river, bring them back up, bust them in the head with a rock.”

Shabazz also discussed the need for AK-47s, M16s, grenade launchers, and other weapons for a NBPP military.

Shabazz’s outburst is the latest is a series of violent messages from NBPP members on Black Power Radio, hosted by NBPP Spokesman Chawn Kweli. On April 2, the NBPP’s Tampa Bay Chief of Staff Michelle Williams expressed support for violence against whites in aftermath of the shooting of Trayvon Martin. And a June 25 episode fea­tur­ed Gen­eral T.A.C.O. (Take All Cap­i­tal­ists Out) of the Black Rid­ers Lib­er­a­tion Party ranting about hunt­ing down white peo­ple. He adds that after they die “we should dig them up, and kill them again! Bury them, dig them up, and kill them again, and again, and again!”

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June 29, 2012

New Black Panther Post-Summit Radio Broadcast Features Renewed Calls For Violent Confrontation

A June 25 New Black Panther Party radio broadcast featured a number of NBPP leaders discussing their June 22-23, 2012, National Leadership Summit in Georgia titled “Call to Action: Against the War on Black People,” among other issues. The NBPP is the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist black militant group in America.

National NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz emphasized that the main objective of the summit was to empower a cadre of young leadership to take the organization into the future. Shabazz explained that he doesn’t want the NBPP to become “a one man show” like other movements. This is especially true, he argued, because the NBPP is supposedly not just an organization but a provisional government for Blacks in America and eventually an actual government.

King Samir Shabazz, introduced on the broadcast as the group’s “National Field Marshal,” praised what he felt was an extremely successful summit but called for less talking and more violent action against whites. It’s time, he said, “to start cracking some crackers’ backs.” He also demanded that blacks stop spending their money at businesses belonging to “Koreans and Jews” and start worrying about black survival. Shabazz is known for vicious racist rants in which he supports violence against whites.

The most militant rant, however, came from General T.A.C.O. (Take All Capitalists Out) of the Black Riders Liberation Party. T.A.C.O. accused whites of pushing crack cocaine, HIV/AIDS, guns, and unemployment on Black communities in a constant attempt to exterminate them. He said, “the white man” knows there are panthers all over the country ready to “hunt your pink ass down” and at one point yelled “Now die!”

“Once [white people] die,” T.A.C.O. added, “we should dig them up, and kill them again! Bury them, dig them up, and kill them again, and again, and again!” In a June 13 broadcast, T.A.C.O. called on blacks to stand up for themselves and not go “passively like the Jews to the gas chambers.”

T.A.C.O. founded the Black Riders in 1996 to unite rival gangs such as the Bloods and Crips to fight against “oppressive” white society, especially the police. The goal, he explained, is to unite “street tribes” (gangs) to destroy capitalism, imperialism, and white civilization as a whole.

Much of the remaining broadcast focused on freeing Hashim Nzinga, the former NBPP Chief of Staff, who was arrested on weapons charges in March, and on the upcoming election. While some participants praised Barack Obama as a strong role model for the Black community, he was also criticized for “shocking” foreign policies such as allegedly “orchestrating the diabolical assassination of our brother Qaddafi” and making a “secret deal” with Israel that if the economy is not doing well come election time, Israel will bomb Iran to help Obama gain votes.

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