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May 5, 2014

UAE Book Fair Again Features Anti-Semitic Books

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) in the United Arab Emirates, which is open from April 30- May 5th and hosts exhibitors from over 50 countries, includes notorious anti-Semitic titles among its offering of over 500,000 titles. The book fair is officially organized by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, under the patronage of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair. Books such as Adolf Hitler’s Mien Kampf and Henry Ford’s notoriously anti-Semitic newsletter, The International Jew, have been featured alongside reputable works on a wide range of topics, such as law, sociology and fiction.abu-dhabi-international-book-fair-uae

The ADIBF comes just months after neighboring emirate Sharjah featured several infamous anti-Semitic books at the Sharjah International Book Fair, including The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and conspiracy theory-laden Arabic-language titles, such as The Jews and the Secret Movements in the Crusades.

The anti-Semitic books for sale at the ADIBF are listed under various categories and classifications. Adolf Hitler’s notorious 1925 autobiographical manifesto is listed under the category “Politics,” while the Protocols is featured under the categories “Political Science” and “Strategic and Military Studies.”

The book fair also features several Arabic-language anti-Zionist and anti-Israel books published in the Arab world, such as Zionist Terrorism, The Barbarism of the Zionist Entity and The Temple and the Strategic Plans to Judaize Jerusalem.

The guest of honor at this year’s book fair is the Kingdom of Sweden, which will have a special pavilion at the fair. The Swedish Ambassador to the United Arab Emirate, Max Bjuhr,  attended a special ceremony honoring Sweden earlier this week.

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November 20, 2013

UAE Book Fair Engages Readers With Anti-Semitism

The Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) in the United Arab Emirates, which reportedly attracted 1 million visitors from across the region, featured several infamous anti-Semitic books, including the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.sharjah-book-fair-jews-adl-anti-semitism

The ten-day book fair, which concluded last week, was organized by Department of Culture and Information – Sharjah Government. The mission of the fair, according to organizers, is “to cultivate the love for literature among people by enriching their experience of the written word.”

Does the Emirate of Sharjah believe that promoting hate literature contributes to this mission?

The anti-Semitic books for sale at the fair were listed alongside mainstream books in various categories. For example, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was listed in the “Political Science” category. Among the other anti-Semitic books featured at the fair were:

  • Blood for The Pie of Zion (The Jewish District) by Najib Al Gailany. This novel tells a story of a Christian priest from Damascus who was abducted by the Jews in order to use his blood for Jewish rituals. The story details how Jews danced and celebrated while Rabbis drain the blood of the elderly catholic priest. The book was listed in the “Novels” category and sold for 15 AED, or approximately $4.
  • The Jews and the Secret Movements in the Crusades by Baha Al-Amir. The book, which suggests that the Jews played a role in the Crusades, includes an introduction in which the author claims that “God the almighty declares in his statement to the people that all wars were started by Jews.” The book was listed in the “International Affairs” category and sold for 50 AED (approximately $14).
  • Human Sacrifices and Talmudic Slaughtering by Jews and Pagans by Fathi Muhammad Zughbi. The book was listed in the “Faith” category and sold for 83 AED (approximately $23).
  • Mein Kampf by Adolf Hilter. This book was listed in the “General knowledge” category and sold for 20 AED (approximately $5).

The fair provided several grants and awards in various fields of literature. In the past, it reportedly gave a grant to Gilad Atzmon to translate his anti-Semitic book “The Wandering Who,” into Arabic

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