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April 26, 2016

White Supremacists Feud Over the Racist Gender Gap

There is fighting and acrimony between supporters of the two most visible websites in the white supremacist movement—Stormfront and The Daily Stormer—over the role of white women. Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi who runs The Daily Stormer, has infuriated many white supremacist women by posting articles on his site that attack white women. When a fan of Anglin’s recently asked on Stormfront why that website seemed to be deleting posts referencing Daily Stormer articles, his question elicited a flood of responses and highlighted the love/hate relationship that some male white supremacists have with their female counterparts.Anglin column on feminsim and third worldization

While most of the women who post on Stormfront advocate for traditional roles for women, which is the dominant white supremacist position, they are nevertheless angry that Anglin actively attacks and belittles white women—whereas many other male white supremacists put white women on a pedestal as future saviors of the white race.

Anglin angers such women because he  not only attacks what he sees as “deviant” white women, but also posts articles depicting them in provocative sexual poses and having relations with non-white men.  In an April 2015 article, Anglin posted a video that showed white women on spring break making out with non-white men and wrote that the video proved “that your worst enemy is not Jews, White Man, but your own females.”  He added that women “should be thankful they don’t literally get locked in cages.” In addition, Anglin often refers to women as bitches and sluts and blames them for a variety of issues affecting white society.  From his many posts on the subject, it is clear that Anglin is every bit as misogynistic as he is racist and anti-Semitic, expressing a deep contempt for women, even the movement’s precious white women, at every turn.

The response to Anglin from women on Stormfront has been very vocal. In one thread, a woman using the screen name “Mirror Eyes” wrote that “all those anti-women types are the same. They share the white nationalist views in the fact that they claim to be traditionalists (yet have nothing but derogatory things to say about females…).” Stormfronter “Pinkysmom” added, “If people want to post Anglin’s emotional/butthurt/impotent rage against white women, fine. But I will continue to post my views of his posts and I will make SF policy visible to all who care to read it.” In fact, Stormfront has rules that bar people from posting derogatory comments about women.

Some male Stormfront members have come out in support of Anglin’s misogyny, even wholeheartedly praising him.  Male Stormfronter “Piltene” wrote, “I love Andrew Anglin. His opinions are pretty much right on the women… Feminism is a a cancer on the White race.”

Others, such as “Laidbackguy,” expressed support of women. He commented, “I don’t judge a person on gender. You are either pro white or anti- white to me.” Another male Stormfronter, “TSFH14,” wrote that “as long as [Anglin] continues to write venomous attacks against our sisters, he is my enemy.” Many people were also furious that Anglin himself has self-admittedly had sex with non-white women in the past and accused him of being a traitor and a hypocrite.

Anglin has gone beyond merely speaking out against women.  Saying that the purpose of The Daily Stormer is to educate men about the white nationalist movement, Anglin has actually banned women from producing content for his site. He also posted a manifesto of sorts presenting his views about limiting women’s involvement and input into the movement. According to Anglin, his reason for doing so is that women are naturally amoral and emotional and are incapable of feeling empathy because they can switch it on and off, depending on their needs. Anglin argues that women should not be allowed to vote and should be barred from male occupations and that women’s role should only be to support men. He also alleges that allowing equality between the sexes leads to the feminization of men.

It is apparent that Anglin’s views are influenced by the “manopshere,” a loose association of misogynistic men’s rights groups that rail against women and feminism. Not surprisingly, Anglin adds an anti-Semitic twist, blaming Jews for promoting feminism, declaring that it is “a mechanism of Judaism.”

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April 20, 2016

White Supremacists Up in Arms over Tubman on $20 Bill

Harriet Tubman. Photo Credit: Ohio History Connection (OHC) via U.S. Treasury Department, dated circa 1887 by H.G. Smith, Studio Building, Boston.

Harriet Tubman. Photo Credit: Ohio History Connection (OHC) via U.S. Treasury Department, dated circa 1887 by H.G. Smith, Studio Building, Boston.

On April 20, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that famous abolitionist and rescuer of slaves Harriet Tubman will be the new face of the $20 bill, replacing Andrew Jackson (who moves to the bill’s back). The move is intended to answer a long-standing call for more diversity on America’s paper currency. Tubman, a former slave herself, helped hundreds of other slaves escape into freedom.

Initial reactions were largely positive—but not among racists and white supremacists, who wasted no time reacting to the news with ferocious–and unsurprising–venom. “Talking monkey Harriet Tubman to replace Indian killer Jackson on $20 bill,” Andrew Anglin, editor and founder of the white supremacist Daily Stormer website, announced on his blog.  A forum member on the white supremacist message board Stormfront warned, “Just make very sure you don’t ‘integrate’ this new $20 bill into your wallet. You’ll likely find the rest of your money missing in no time.”

Other Stormfront contributors posited the idea of “having fun” with the new bill by defacing it. One suggested he would make a stamp with a “white nationalist cross” and the words “White Pride World Wide” to emblazon on every $20 bill he encounters. Yet another pledged never to use the new $20 bill, to demand to be given other bills instead.

On Facebook, racist comments also surfaced quickly. Someone posting as “Pete Lambro” wrote, “Who the hell is harriet tubman [sic]…if Obama want to put an african americans [sic] Picture [sic] on something how about food stamps or ebt cards.”  In another Facebook posting,  a “Nick Francis” complained that “now we have to stare at a monkey every time we get paid.”

Others were quick to introduce anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, alleging that the Treasury Department announcement was the brainchild of the Jews.  One anti-Semite posted to his Facebook page the comment “More Zionist Jack Jew,” referring to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.  A Stormfront poster using the screenname Proud_White_Chap asked, “Who cares who Jews put on their fake paper? Andrew Jackson fought against them and they besmirched his memory by placing him on the 20 dollar bill.” This seems to be a reference to the anti-Semitic belief that Jews control the banking system and to the fact that Jackson dismantled the U.S.’s national bank.

A Treasury spokesperson said the design for the new bills will be made public in 2020, the centennial of women winning the right to vote. The actual currency, however, won’t be in circulation until 2030, giving white supremacists plenty of time to gnash their teeth and accumulate other denominations.

White supremacists will probably be no happier with the new $5 and $10 bills, however, which are to feature five women’s suffrage activists, Eleanor Roosevelt, and African-Americans Marian Anderson and Martin Luther King, Jr., on the reverse sides.

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February 9, 2016

White Supremacist Messages Flood Facebook After Anti-Semitic Posting by Ted Nugent

Rock musician and right-wing activist Ted Nugent surprised many of his followers on February 8 when he posted to his Facebook page a blatantly anti-Semitic graphic that labeled a dozen prominent supporters of gun control measures as Jews and asked “So who is really behind gun control?”

Angelo John Gage

Angelo John Gage

The graphic was one that had circulated in white supremacist circles for several years before Nugent gave it new life, telling his followers to “Know these punks. They hate freedom, they hate good over evil…you know how evil they are.”

To their credit, a number of Nugent fans expressed dismay at his posting. One prophetic Nugent follower, a self-described 40-year fan, described the post as “appalling” and informed the aging rocker that he had just “opened the gates for hundreds of Jew haters and Holocaust deniers to pour out their garbage on your page.”

Sadly, that was exactly what happened. Predictably, white supremacists and anti-Semites flooded to Nugent’s Facebook page to endorse his post and share it with their own Facebook friends (in less than 24 hours, the post had been shared over 2,800 times). Hundreds of white supremacists rushed to exploit and amplify Nugent’s post with their own propaganda, including a number of prominent white supremacists, such as former Klansman David Duke, neo-Nazi David Pringle, Traditionalist Youth Network founder Matt Heimbach and former National Youth Front leader Angelo John Gage.

Gage, a white supremacist activist, blogger and occasional political candidate, helped start the rush when he quickly posted a YouTube video about Nugent’s posting, saying “it shows all these Jews, all of them,” and urging like-minded people to go to Facebook and “start blasting” anti-Semitic propaganda. Gage was not alone. Scott Roberts, another anti-Semite, posted his own YouTube video about the incident, explaining that “we seized this opportunity, Angelo, myself, David Duke…we are injecting that anti-Semitic truth, and taking the point [Nugent] initially came out with and hammering it home.”

On the white supremacist discussion forum Stormfront, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists made similar pleas. “Anyone that is pro-white or ‘alt-right’,” posted user “RavenClaw, “needs to jump on this and comment. Post David Duke videos on there.” Another Stormfronter, “PolishSlavAryan,” asked, “Can we all work together as a team to make it go viral? The mainstream needs to know.” An Oregon Stormfronter explained that “even at this early point the exposure is priceless…Some will look into the ‘jewish problem’ a bit further. Win.”

Hundreds of anti-Semites indeed flocked to Nugent’s Facebook page to share their opinions of Jews. “Jews are the existential enemy to the white race and need to be exterminated off the face of [the] Earth,” wrote a Facebook user with the screen name “Max Macro.” User Dan Dean echoed those sentiments: “Zionists Jews are your deadliest enemy. Virtual wolves in sheep’s clothing. Deep darkness cloaked in a false light.” Others took the opportunity to promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial, and anti-Semitic stereotypes, epithets and canards.

A Facebook user with the Holocaust-themed screen name “Zykklon Beaner” urged Nugent not to retract his statement: “No apologies, Ted, stick by your guns, literally and figuratively! F__k these supposed ‘chosen’ Zionist scum!”

So far, Nugent has neither apologized for or deleted his post. To date, his only reaction was to make another post in which he raged against people who had called his original message anti-Semitic and asked how anyone “could possibly not know that Jews for gun control are Nazis in disguise?” Meanwhile, he wrote, “I adjust my yamika [sic] at my barmitzva [sic] playing my kosher guitar.”

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