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October 10, 2013 13

Anti-Israel “Eviction Notices” Taped to Dorm Rooms at Rutgers University

The Stu­dents for Jus­tice in Pales­tine (SJP)Rutgers_SJP_Mock_Eviction_Notice chap­ter at Rutgers-New Brunswick posted mock evic­tion notices in res­i­dence halls through­out cam­pus this past week­end in an effort to “edu­cate” stu­dents about the expe­ri­ence for some Pales­tini­ans whose homes are demol­ished. The notices were report­edly posted “on the res­i­dence hall doors on all five cam­puses as part of a cam­paign to raise aware­ness,” accord­ing to the cam­pus newspaper.

Text on the mock evic­tion notices claimed: “Your suite is sched­uled for demo­li­tion in the next three days. If you do not vacate the premise within this time frame, we reserve the right to destroy all remain­ing belongings…This may seem like unre­al­is­ti­cally harsh treat­ment, but this is the actual state of affairs in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.” The notices also alleged that “the Israeli mil­i­tary occu­pa­tion forces” evict Pales­tini­ans on a reg­u­lar basis and that they have dis­placed over 160,000 Pales­tini­ans from their homes since 1967.

Mock evic­tion notices have been placed on the doors of dorm rooms on sev­eral other uni­ver­si­ties across the coun­try. Most recently, the SJP chap­ter at Florida Atlantic Uni­ver­sity taped sim­i­lar notices to more than 200 dorm room doors around cam­pus in March 2012. Those notices con­tained a seal from FAU’s Hous­ing and Res­i­den­tial Life Depart­ment, which caused wide­spread con­ster­na­tion because it appeared to give cred­i­bil­ity to the mes­sage on the notices. In April 2011, notices were also dis­trib­uted in stu­dent dor­mi­to­ries at Yale Uni­ver­sity to crit­i­cize the “actions of the Israeli state” and to pro­mote SJP’s upcom­ing events on campus.

This tac­tic is the lat­est in a series of efforts by anti-Israel stu­dents to indis­crim­i­nately demo­nize Israel. While it is true that some Pales­tini­ans are evicted from their homes, Israel engages in home demo­li­tions for legit­i­mate secu­rity mea­sures, because these homes were built ille­gally with­out proper per­mits or because they are not in accor­dance with zon­ing laws. More­over, the evic­tions and demo­li­tions take place fol­low­ing a years-long process and a vari­ety of legal approvals, not with “three days” warning.

At both FAU and Yale, Jew­ish stu­dents reported feel­ing intim­i­dated by the notices. Esther Reed, the rabbi at Rut­gers Hil­lel, was quoted in the cam­pus news­pa­per say­ing, “stu­dents were made to feel that they were not safe in their res­i­dence halls,” which she called “one of the most dis­turb­ing aspects here.”

SJP is a stu­dent orga­ni­za­tion with chap­ters on more than 95 uni­ver­sity and col­lege cam­puses. It is the lead­ing orga­nizer of anti-Israel events, pro­grams and con­fer­ences on campus.

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September 18, 2013 0

San Diego State SJP Launches Recruitment Effort Comparing Israel To Nazi Germany

The Stu­dents for Jus­tice in Pales­tine (SJP) chap­ter at San Diego State Uni­ver­sity (SDSU) recently unveiled an online slideshow and ad cam­paign to advo­cate for the Pales­tin­ian cause and recruit new mem­bers to join SJP which “enables you as a stu­dent to act on the truth.”sjp-sdsu-right-side-campaign

The cam­paign, “The Right Side: A Guide to the Moral High Ground,” repeat­edly com­pares Israeli pol­icy to the Holo­caust, includ­ing analo­giz­ing a sup­porter of modern-day Israel to a “grand­son of a Nazi” and claim­ing that the inter­na­tional community’s will­ful igno­rance of Israel’s trans­gres­sions is com­pa­ra­ble to the Euro­peans’ obliv­i­ous­ness of the hor­rors of the Holo­caust in the 1930s and 40s.

The recruit­ing tool – which is avail­able on SJP’s web­site as a slideshow and has been dis­played on fly­ers around cam­pus – is rife with extreme pro­pa­ganda and claims that Israel is guilty of apartheid and “war crimes” against the Pales­tin­ian peo­ple. It fur­ther alleges that Amer­i­can politi­cians turn a blind eye to these injus­tices because they “receiv[e] money in exchange of a polit­i­cal stance.” One of the slides even repeats UN Rap­por­teur Richard Falk’s infa­mous line: “Is it an irre­spon­si­ble over­state­ment to asso­ciate the treat­ment with Pales­tini­ans with the crim­i­nal­ized Nazi record of col­lec­tive atroc­ity? I think not.”

The first slide, titled “The Racist Grandpa,” claims that “no grand­son of a Nazi, or a KKK clans­man or a sup­porter of apartheid in South Africa can be proud of their grand­fa­ther. The last thing you want to be is that racist grandpa in the future.” The slide then warns: “Today, many of us could be racist grand­pas or grand­mas in the future if we con­tinue to let our­selves be fooled by politi­cians, lob­by­ists and the media” with regard to Israel.  

The web page fea­tur­ing the slideshow also con­tains images of well-known fig­ures who have expressed anti-Israel views in recent years, includ­ing Alice Walker, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, for­mer pres­i­dent Jimmy Carter and Lupe Fiasco, a rap­per who is crit­i­cal of Israel.

The SJP chap­ter at SDSU is very active on cam­pus and has existed since at least 2009. In the past year, the group has spon­sored speak­ing appear­ances by Nor­man Finkel­stein, a for­mer pro­fes­sor at DePaul Uni­ver­sity and noted critic of Israeli pol­icy, and orga­nized events with Mex­i­can stu­dent groups like MEChA that sought to com­pare the U.S.-Mexico bor­der fence to the secu­rity fence in the West Bank.  The group refuses to dia­logue or meet with the pro-Israel orga­ni­za­tion on cam­pus, Aztecs for Israel, an anti-Israel tac­tic pred­i­cated on a rejec­tion of “nor­mal­iza­tion” of the pro-Israel position.

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March 29, 2013 1

ADL Releases Report On American Muslims for Palestine

AMP press con­fer­ence at a Metro North station

The Anti-Defamation League today released a new report on Amer­i­can Mus­lims for Pales­tine (AMP), the anti-Israel orga­ni­za­tion behind this week’s ad cam­paign appear­ing on 25 Metro North train sta­tions in New York.

The ad, which was announced on the first day of the Jew­ish hol­i­day of Passover, shows an image of an Israeli aim­ing a weapon at a Pales­tin­ian child amid a back­ground of the sep­a­ra­tion bar­rier between Israel and the West Bank. The ad is indica­tive of the organization’s con­tin­u­ing efforts to pro­mote its extreme anti-Israel views to a wider Amer­i­can audience.

ADL’s report details AMP’s con­tin­u­ous efforts to dele­git­imize and demo­nize the Jew­ish state while pro­vid­ing anti-Zionist train­ing and edu­ca­tion to stu­dents and Mus­lim com­mu­nity orga­ni­za­tion through­out the country.

Since its found­ing in 2005, AMP has at times pro­vided a plat­form for anti-Semitism under the guise of estu­dents for jus­tice in pales­tine, adl, ducat­ing Amer­i­cans about “the just cause of Pales­tine.” In more recent years, it has placed heavy empha­sis on pro­vid­ing sup­port and help­ing coor­di­nate the activ­ity of cam­pus anti-Israel stu­dent groups, includ­ing Stu­dents for Jus­tice in Pales­tine (SJP), the pri­mary orga­nizer of anti-Israel events on cam­pus, as well as high school students.

Check out the full AMP report here.

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