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June 15, 2012 Off

Jews Control Black Politicians Says Deric Muhammad

Image From The Final Call Article

The Nation of Islam’s news­pa­per, The Final Call, pro­motes the anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­ory that Jews con­trol all lev­els of Amer­i­can gov­ern­ment, includ­ing the Pres­i­dent himself.

The arti­cle, titled “The Secret Rela­tion­ship Between Black Politi­cians and Jews,” is writ­ten by con­trib­u­tor Deric Muham­mad, who is described as “a Houston-based activist in the Min­istry of Justice.”

Muham­mad claims that Obama “had to pledge alle­giance to Israel’s flag before he could pledge alle­giance to America’s as her pres­i­dent. He was fol­low­ing the course of the vast major­ity of Black politi­cians who fear the Jew­ish lobby more than they fear the Black vote.” He later describes being “sick­ened” by the way black politi­cians “kow­tow at the mere men­tion of AIPAC and the Jew­ish lobby.”

Muham­mad also min­i­mizes Jew­ish involve­ment in the civil rights strug­gle and paints it as part of a larger disin­gen­u­ous Jew­ish plan to gain con­trol over black politi­cians. “Jew­ish peo­ple bankrolled the Civil Rights Orga­ni­za­tions that marched to uproot the Jim Crow laws that Jews put in place so that we could secure to [sic] right to vote for Black politi­cians that would even­tu­ally end up under Jew­ish con­trol. You have got to be kid­ding me.”

The arti­cle also per­pet­u­ates myths about the rela­tion­ship between Jews, money, and undue polit­i­cal influ­ence, claim­ing “…the Jew­ish com­mu­nity can always use the might of their uni­fied dol­lars to bully our elected offi­cials into becom­ing cheer­lead­ers for ‘all things Jewish.’”

On June 13, The Final Call tweeted another arti­cle by Muham­mad pub­lished in Jan­u­ary that pro­motes sim­i­lar stereo­types about Jew­ish con­trol over African-Americans, specif­i­cally musi­cians. In the arti­cle, Muham­mad asserts there have been “decades of dra­con­ian record con­tracts, usury and the gen­eral slave/slavemaster rela­tion­ship between Black enter­tain­ers and enter­tain­ment exec­u­tives who hap­pen to be Jewish.”

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June 7, 2012 1

The Final Call Newspaper Denies Jewish History

The Nation of Islam’s news­pa­per, The Final Call, fea­tured an arti­cle by guest colum­nist Jackie Muham­mad in the May 29, 2012, issue. The arti­cle rein­forces the bla­tant anti-Semitic vit­riol expressed by Far­rakhan dur­ing his recent lec­tures and speeches.

The arti­cle not only denies Jew­ish his­tory by argu­ing that Ashke­nazi Jews have no con­nec­tion to Bib­li­cal Jews but also demo­nizes the Jew­ish peo­ple in mod­ern times. Muham­mad writes that “the white Jew­ish estab­lish­ment (Israel)” fears that Far­rakhan will “influ­ence the think­ing of untold mil­lions who are unaware of the dam­age done to us by our Jew­ish ‘friends’” and that “Black youth…will break free of Israel’s con­trol.” The arti­cle con­cludes that it is the “chil­dren of the Black slave” who are “the legit­i­mate heirs of God’s covenant,” and there­fore the real Jews.

The Final Call serves as a plat­form to fur­ther pro­mote Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­ries. It is a cen­tral part of the organization’s media arm, which includes var­i­ous web­sites, book pub­lish­ing and social media initiatives.

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