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June 15, 2012

Jews Control Black Politicians Says Deric Muhammad

Image From The Final Call Article

The Nation of Islam’s newspaper, The Final Call, promotes the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews control all levels of American government, including the President himself.

The article, titled “The Secret Relationship Between Black Politicians and Jews,” is written by contributor Deric Muhammad, who is described as “a Houston-based activist in the Ministry of Justice.”

Muhammad claims that Obama “had to pledge allegiance to Israel’s flag before he could pledge allegiance to America’s as her president. He was following the course of the vast majority of Black politicians who fear the Jewish lobby more than they fear the Black vote.” He later describes being “sickened” by the way black politicians “kowtow at the mere mention of AIPAC and the Jewish lobby.”

Muhammad also minimizes Jewish involvement in the civil rights struggle and paints it as part of a larger disingenuous Jewish plan to gain control over black politicians. “Jewish people bankrolled the Civil Rights Organizations that marched to uproot the Jim Crow laws that Jews put in place so that we could secure to [sic] right to vote for Black politicians that would eventually end up under Jewish control. You have got to be kidding me.”

The article also perpetuates myths about the relationship between Jews, money, and undue political influence, claiming “…the Jewish community can always use the might of their unified dollars to bully our elected officials into becoming cheerleaders for ‘all things Jewish.’”

On June 13, The Final Call tweeted another article by Muhammad published in January that promotes similar stereotypes about Jewish control over African-Americans, specifically musicians. In the article, Muhammad asserts there have been “decades of draconian record contracts, usury and the general slave/slavemaster relationship between Black entertainers and entertainment executives who happen to be Jewish.”

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June 7, 2012

The Final Call Newspaper Denies Jewish History

The Nation of Islam’s newspaper, The Final Call, featured an article by guest columnist Jackie Muhammad in the May 29, 2012, issue. The article reinforces the blatant anti-Semitic vitriol expressed by Farrakhan during his recent lectures and speeches.

The article not only denies Jewish history by arguing that Ashkenazi Jews have no connection to Biblical Jews but also demonizes the Jewish people in modern times. Muhammad writes that “the white Jewish establishment (Israel)” fears that Farrakhan will “influence the thinking of untold millions who are unaware of the damage done to us by our Jewish ‘friends’” and that “Black youth…will break free of Israel’s control.” The article concludes that it is the “children of the Black slave” who are “the legitimate heirs of God’s covenant,” and therefore the real Jews.

The Final Call serves as a platform to further promote Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. It is a central part of the organization’s media arm, which includes various websites, book publishing and social media initiatives.

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