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February 21, 2014

Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day In Detroit Preceded By 58 Weeks Of Hate

Prior to this weekend’s annual Nation of Islam (NOI) Saviours’ Day convention in Detroit, NOI leader Louis Farrakhan embarked on a weekly online lecture series that promoted some of the most hateful anti-Semitic themes of his career.Farrakhan-the-time-detroit

The series, titled “The Time and What Must Be Done,” consistently blamed Jews for the slave trade and conspiring to control the government, media, Hollywood and various Black individuals and organizations. The videos generally received about 20,000-50,000 views each on YouTube.

The last three episodes, which were broadcast in the weeks leading up to the Saviours’ Day convention in Detroit, Farrakhan focused on how the “Synagogue of Satan,” a phrase he uses throughout the series to describe Jews, controls the U.S. government for nefarious purposes.

For example, Farrakhan said:

“You cannot say you have a covenant through Moses who gave you a law that you are flaunting today with what you are doing through Hollywood, through music, through the media, through the press, through the newspapers, through your inordinate control of the means by which the people think and make their decisions.

“David – even though he may have made a mistake – he submitted and repented before God. This you false Jews have not done. No. You are not a Jew! I say you’re a so-called Jew. You are Satan masquerading as a covenanted people of God. You must be exposed, regardless of the consequences…”

Farrakhan’s online lecture series represents one of the Nation of Islam’s most significant attempts to incorporate social media into its wide-ranging propaganda campaign against Jews.

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April 9, 2013

Louis Farrakhan’s 52 Weeks Of Hate

Update: In part 19 of Farrakhan’s lecture series, he char­ac­ter­izes the Jew­ish peo­ple as “Satanic” and instructs his lis­ten­ers to look for a hid­den Star of David on the back of the one-dollar bill.

Louis Farrakhan’s latest lecture series, launched in January 2013, enables the Nation of Islam (NOI) leader to reach online audiences with his unique brand of racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. While Farrakhan continues to promotes his hatred at large NOI events such as Saviours’ Day, the lecture series, titled “The Time and What Must Be Done,” is broadcast online in weekly installments.

Farrakhan has thus far primarily focused the series on the importance of NOI’s teachings as they continue to be revealed to him, but he also spends a significant portion of each lecture prophesying the imminent downfall of the United States and advising America to heed his warnings or face divine punishment through severe weather, natural disasters, and world wars. Additionally, throughout the lecture series, Farrakhan reiterates his long-standing anti-Semitic ideology.

For example, Farrakhan invokes anti-Semitic theories of Jewish control over the American government and disproportionate Jewish wealth and influence in a recent installment on March 30 (part 12 of the series). In this lecture, he claims that “nobody becomes President of the United States without going before Israel or AIPAC and promising the Zionists everything that you think will allow you access to their wealth, their influence, and their power.”

In part 11, Farrakhan rants about Hollywood, which he describes as “know[ing] the Torah.” This description is consistent with past statements Farrakhan has made about Hollywood supposedly being controlled by Jews. He explains, “You are promoting that which is against the will of God and you’re doing it purposely.” He then elaborates on his belief that the “Kingdom of God” will be taken from the Jews and given to “the Black man.” He cites this as the reason for Jews allegedly using their control of Hollywood and other media to encourage sinful behavior in the Black community:

“You hate the fact that our rule is going to come whether you like it or not…You know this, so you want to feed us all the filth that we can eat, all the debauchery we can stand, so you are now bringing the privacy of sex into public view in your movies, in your magazines, in your newspapers. It’s all about sex….you are promoting that which is against the commandments of God.”

Farrakhan also makes conspiratorial statements about what he perceives as Jewish control of Hollywood in part 3. While not explicitly mentioning Jews, he claims that “those that own Hollywood” are writing plots to encourage a race war in America, getting Black characters to kill white characters in movies “so that white people in America who have these guns will start preparing their minds for a race war.”

In part 9, Farrakhan describes the Talmud as “part of the tricks and lies” used by Jews to “master the original people with that system of tricks and lies and unrighteousness.” He then claims that such statements are not anti-Semitism but rather truth, a truth that “exposes the lie, the liar, the deceitful one.”

Farrakhan frequently discusses race in the lecture series as well, calling on America to give “millions of acres of land” to Blacks so there can be “separation” between Blacks and whites. In part 4 he warns, “You’ll see the end [of the white race] by 2050. Separation will save you. Separation will give you more time as a white person on this earth.” In the same lecture, he accuses the Amer­i­can gov­ern­ment of hatch­ing a plan to kill “two to three bil­lion peo­ple on our planet,” asking “Could this be why, in Africa, AIDS is slaugh­ter­ing black men and women, par­tic­u­larly in those areas where the min­eral resources of that area is nec­es­sary to keep Amer­i­can in power in this 21st century?” He then claims that the “same genocidal thought” of whites towards Blacks “will be against the Mexicans and others as well.”

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