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June 28, 2016

The Hate Group Behind the Sacramento White Supremacist Rally

A coterie of racist skinheads and other white supremacists staged a rally at the state capitol in Sacramento, California, this past weekend, a rally that degenerated into a bloody brawl when the racists were attacked by a larger group of left-wing counter-demonstrators. At least 10 people were reportedly injured.

Racist skinheads involved in Sacramento rally

White supremacists who participated in Sacramento rally

Both sides came prepared for a fight, after a previous brawl in southern California earlier in the year, and both sides declared “success” after the fracas, but it is the white supremacists who most benefit from the free publicity that such violent generates “We stood our ground. We’ll be back,” promised one white supremacist after the Sacramento event. That was Matthew Heimbach who, with fellow racist Matt Parrott, organized the rally from afar.

Heimbach and Parrott are the leaders of a new hate group, The Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), which claims to be the “political arm” of their earlier white supremacist endeavor, the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), but seems to be supplanting it.

Their rally is part of a greater effort by Heimbach and Parrott to unite different racist groups under their umbrella to promote white nationalism and a white ethno-state. TWP advertised the event as a rally “against globalization and in defense of the right to free expression.” Plans for the rally had been in motion since April and TWP secured a permit to hold the event at the Sacramento State Capitol.

Traditionalist Worker Party graphic publicizing Sacramento rally

Traditionalist Worker Party graphic publicizing Sacramento rally

The group also claimed the rally was, in part, a response to anti-racists, minorities and immigrants who protested at events in California held by presidential candidate Donald Trump. TWP organized the demonstration along with the Golden State Skinheads, a racist skinhead group allied with TWP.

TWP was created after a largely unsuccessful effort by Heimbach and Parrott to attract young people to white nationalism through the Traditionalist Youth Network. Unable to recruit many college students to his group, Heimbach turned instead to building alliances with neo-Nazis and racist skinheads. In 2013, he attended a gathering in Kentucky featuring the racist skinhead Aryan Terror Brigade, the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement and several Ku Klux Klan groups.

Since then, Heimbach has conducted more outreach to racist skinheads and neo-Nazis, particularly established groups like the Golden State Skinheads in California and the Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United in Pennsylvania.

The Golden State Skinheads (GSS), founded in 2003, is a California-based racist skinhead group with members from throughout the state.  They claim to be “a social club of California white nationalists… banned [sic] together for the survival of our people and our beliefs.”  However, previous versions of their website “about us” page stated that they “oppose multi-culturalism, globalization and Zionism, adding “our ultimate goal is to establish a state owned and inhabited exclusively by the white race where we may peacefully exist and prosper governing ourselves without alien influence.”

GSS has coordinated a number of white power concerts and social events throughout the state, including joining other white supremacist groups such as California Skinheads, Blood and Honor, and American Freedom Party in June 2015, in Bakersfield, for a white power gathering dubbed Camp Comradery 2015 [sic].  Heimbach, already tied to GSS, was a main speaker at the event.

TWP has also been active on the East Coast. In February 2016, TWP co-hosted an event with the Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United in Harrisburg. Two months later, the TWP’s first official mid-Atlantic chapter meeting, held in Philadelphia brought in some 20 attendees and featured Heimbach and long-time Keystone State Skinhead Steve Smith as speakers.

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January 14, 2016

White Supremacist Backing Trump Has Ties to Hardcore Racists

William Johnson, the head of the white supremacist American Freedom Party (AFP), has paid for a series of robocalls and radio time in Iowa in support of Donald Trump’s candidacy. In a recent interview on CNN, Trump disavowed the robocalls but said that “people are angry at what’s going on.”

On the calls, Johnson urges people to support Trump while referring to  himself as a farmer and a white nationalist. The calls also include a pitch for Trump from another white supremacist, Jared Taylor, who runs the American Renaissance website. The site features articles that purport to demonstrate the intellectual and cultural superiority of whites.

William Johnson

William Johnson

While Johnson projects a suit and tie image as a lawyer and activist, he has long courted the more hardcore members of the white supremacist movement. This past summer, he was a speaker at Camp Comradery 2015, a white supremacist event in Bakersfield, California, that included racist skinheads from various groups, including Blood and Honor, Golden State Skinheads and California Skinheads.

At the event, Johnson encouraged attendees to run for political office and to promote a pro-white message to the public.

Another speaker at the event was Matthew Heimbach, the founder of the white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network, and a virulent anti-Semite. At the event, Heimbach gave a speech blaming Jews for destroying the white race.

In February 2012, Johnson attended a demonstration in Los Angeles for the South Africa Project, a national initiative to advocate against alleged white genocide in South Africa. A number of racist skinheads participated in the event.

For years, Johnson has promoted the idea of a white ethno-state in America. In the 1980s, Johnson, under the pseudonym “James O. Pace,” promoted a scheme called the “Pace Amendment” to a variety of people, including members of the U.S. Congress and state legislatures.

The Pace Amendment would have eliminated the Fourteenth Amendment (which grants automatic citizenship to anyone born in the United States) and limited citizenship only to “non-Hispanic whites of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro Blood, nor more than one-eighth Mongolian, Asian, Asia Minor, Middle Eastern, Semitic, Near Eastern, American Indian, Malay or other non-European or non-white blood.” Those who did not fit this category, including Jews, would be repatriated to places deemed their countries of origin.

A 1987 ADL report on the Pace Amendment identified ties between Johnson and a range of neo-Nazi organizations and leaders, including the now-deceased Richard Butler, then leader of the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations; Dan Gayman, a leader in the white supremacist Christian Identity movement; and Tom Metzger, who was closely aligned with the racist skinhead movement in the 1980s and 1990s. Johnson is also a long-time associate of Klan leader Thom Robb and has been a guest speaker at Robb’s events.

While Johnson is purportedly trying to reach out to disaffected whites on behalf of Trump, he presumably would like to win those same people over to his white supremacist ideology.


As a 501(c )(3) non-profit orga­ni­za­tion, the Anti-Defamation League does not sup­port or oppose can­di­dates for polit­i­cal office.

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November 4, 2015

UK Bans White Supremacist Matthew Heimbach From Entering Country


Matthew Heimbach

Matthew Heimbach

Matthew Heimbach, head of the white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), has been banned by Great Britain from entering the country. Heimbach posted a letter from Great Britain’s Home Secretary on his Twitter page, which cited Heimbach’s advocacy of racial segregation and his anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi remarks as reasons for the ban.

The letter from the Home Secretary stated that Heimbach “should be excluded from the UK on grounds that [his] presence here would not be conducive to the public good.” Heimbach was reportedly planning to meet with a number of far-right activists at a private lunch in Southport, England this month.

Previously, Heimbach has reached out to other extremists in Europe in an effort to build ties abroad. In November 2014, Heimbach spoke at a neo-Nazi rally in the Czech Republic. That year, he also met with the wife of a leader of Greece’s Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi political party. He has also expressed ardent support for nationalists in Russia and other for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Heimbach has been an active white supremacist since 2012 when he founded the White Student Union at Towson University in Maryland. Since then, Heimbach has grown more virulently anti-Semitic and racist.  He founded TYN with Matthew Parrott in 2013 as a way to attract young people to the white supremacist movement. TYN models itself after the European Identitaire movement, which focuses on preserving white European culture and identity in Western countries.

TYN, a small group, is mostly active on college campuses, where the group often protests against Tim Wise, an independent scholar who gives speeches about combating racism at schools and universities. TYN has also started a political party, the Traditionalist Workers Party, to run white supremacist candidates for local offices.

While Heimbach is active with TYN, he also devotes a lot of time to networking with other white supremacist and hardcore racist groups in the U.S. He has been a speaker at a number of neo-Nazi and racist skinhead events.

In June 2015, Heimbach spoke at “Camp Comradery,” a weekend event in California filled with white power music bands and speeches by leaders in the white supremacist movement. He made a video of his speech at that event.  The video, available here, contains some Nazi imagery and highlights Heimbach’s hatred toward Jews. Discretion is advised in viewing.

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