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October 9, 2015

Incitement To Violence Against Jews Spreads Online

An image posted on Twitter with the Arabic hashtag #TheKnivesIntifada

An image posted on Twitter

As violence continues in Israel, with a deadly shooting and multiple stabbing and other attacks against Israelis this past week, individuals celebrating and promoting terrorism have taken to social media to encourage violence against Jews and Israelis.

Violent hashtags including #stabajew and the Arabic-language hashtag #theknivesintifada are being used by a wide spectrum of individuals who appear to support the murders of Israelis. The hashtag #alqudsunderattack is also being used in conjunction with the violence, particularly by Palestinian organizations and their supporters seeking religious justifications for terrorist incitement.

Online videos promoting the violence have included a cartoon re-enactment of the killing of Eitam and Naama Henkin, a young couple killed by Palestinian terrorists last Thursday in front of their children while driving in the West Bank. The video parallels cartoon videos that grew popular during car attacks against Israelis last fall.

A tweet by Hamas states, "We congratulate and support all forms of resistance using our people as a weapon under the complexities of the security situation.”

A tweet on the Hamas Twitter account reads, “We bless and support all forms of resistance in which our people use whatever weapons are available under the complicated security situation.”

Palestinian groups including Hamas and Fatah have added to the climate of online hate. Hamas’s social media pages and website have applauded the violence; one Tweet from an official Hamas platform read, “We bless and support all forms of resistance in which our people use whatever weapons are available under the complicated security situation.” Another Hamas tweet said Israel had brought “lone wolf” attacks upon itself, borrowing the phrase from ISIS and Al Qaeda, which have encouraged independent, ‘lone wolf’ action in their propaganda materials. Other Hamas posts glorified individuals associated with the murders of Israelis.

Social media posts affiliated with the Palestinian Fatah party have included images of identifiable Jewish caricatures being stabbed with knives.

ISIS supporters online, known for their adept manipulation of social media, are vocal on the issue as well. Multiple ISIS supporters have posted online threats against Jews. One individual who is a prominent ISIS supporter on Twitter based on his persistent online presence, strong following among other ISIS supporters, and regular posting of pro-ISIS news and propaganda posted a series of Tweets encouraging stabbings of Jews, including, “Kill jews. Kill all of them,” “Stab a Jew

A prominent ISIS supporter on Twitter posted about killing Jews

An ISIS supporter on Twitter posted about killing Jews

today. Tomorrow. Everyday,” “Happy international stab a Jew day guys,” and “Stab jews and have a juice.” Another equally prominent individual posted a similar series of Tweets that included, “Don (sic) stop oh muslims ,They (sic) are the worst 123456789…… #STABajew,” and “One of the worst creation, 123456789…… #STABaJEW.”

Other ISIS supporters have posted statements claiming that ISIS will soon conquer Israel. Another prominent ISIS supporter on Twitter re-tweeted a newspaper headline, “The Islamist extremism plaguing the Middle East has arrived” with the caption, “We told you we were coming.” Another ISIS supporter posted a graphic depicting ISIS fighters in front of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem with the hashtag #Qaribanqariba, which is associated with ISIS attacks. Posts threatening ISIS attacks against

A tweet by an ISIS supporter suggesting that the terror group will conquer Jerusalem

A tweet by an ISIS supporter threatening that the terror group will conquer Jerusalem

Israel were also common during the violence in Israel last fall, when they were distributed by ISIS supporters as well as by official ISIS propaganda outlets.

A third genre of posts by ISIS supporters attempts to widen the conflict, making it clear that they believe it is not a localized issue but rather a global battle between Muslims and Jews. This type of sentiment is common in Islamic extremist ideology, which often attempts to portray local issues as part of a larger conflict between Islam and the West. One user, for example, wrote, “Do you want to liberate Qudus (Jerusalem)? You have to kill All Jews in the World.” Another wrote, “#Jews who kill #MuslimsThey amuse themselvesBy continuing to abuseAnd accuse of killingAnd refuse to stop this#ISIS #Israel #poem,” and, most blatantly, yet another wrote, “So see it’s not Israeli on Palestinian thing. This is a yahoodi (Jewish) verses (sic) Muslim thing. Islam vs. Judaism.”

ISIS actively promoted the above sentiments as recently as last month, when ISIS propaganda magazines in French and English both featured cover stories about Jews. ISIS has previously released videos threatening to conquer Israel as well as other propaganda statements that threatened both Israel and Jews. Additional examples may be found in the ADL’s recent report, Anti-Semitism: A Pillar of Islamic Extremist Ideology.

The online activity is broadly reminiscent of social media posts last November, when calls for and glorification of stabbing attacks against Israelis proliferated on Facebook, Twitter and other sites after a terrorist stabbed worshipers in a Jerusalem synagogue.

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July 23, 2015

Help Take ISIS Videos Off WordPress

Ansar Khilafah promotes terrorist propaganda on WordPress

Screenshot from the site

The Anti-Defamation League contacted WordPress about a website it hosts that features hundreds of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) propaganda videos, statements and publications.

This particular website includes propaganda released by ISIS and other terror groups in English, French, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic and other languages. Among the hundreds of items on the site are beheading and execution videos, as well as videos and articles encouraging Westerners to travel to join ISIS or to commit attacks on its behalf in their home countries.

Help us urge WordPress to remove this website from its platform. Copy this URL and paste it into the WordPress complaint form. Mark it as “abusive” and tell WordPress that it’s NOT OK to support terrorist content.

The propaganda made available by this website comes from various ISIS media outlets, including Al Hayat Media, Al Furqan Media, Al-I’tisam Media and Ajnad Media. The site also has a section for ISIS’ English-language magazine Dabiq.

Ansar Khilafah blog on WordPress features ISIS propaganda

Screenshot from the site

Online repositories of terrorist propaganda are not new. In February 2015, an ISIS supporter created a website called IS-Tube. Similar to the WordPress site, IS-Tube provided access to an archive of searchable ISIS propaganda videos. IS-Tube was hosted on a Google-owned IP bloc, and Google quickly removed the site after ADL notified the company of its presence. Both IS-Tube and the WordPress site appear to have originated in the Netherlands.

In July 2014, ISIS attempted to move its online presence away from Twitter – where its accounts were regularly shut down – to alternate social media platforms Friendica and Quitter. ADL publicized the move and Friendica and Quitter quickly removed all ISIS presence from their platforms.

If you come across such content on other platforms, the ADL’s Cyber-Safety Action Guide provides resources on flagging content directly with host companies.

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June 30, 2015

Farrakhan Receives Support From Rappers On Social Media

Update — 7/8/15: Read ADL’s new report What is the Nation of Islam?, which provides further information on the NOI’s long record of anti-Semitism.

In the lead-up to the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March scheduled for October 10 in Washington, D.C., anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan has received support from well-known rappers and others, who are helping bring Farrakhan’s message to a broader audience.

Photo with rap artist Rick Ross posted to Farrakhan's Instagram account

Photo with rapper Rick Ross posted to Farrakhan’s Instagram account

According to a June 23 Final Call article Farrakhan “is placing a priority on identifying and energizing youth leadership with support from members of the Hip-Hop community because today’s rappers have more followers on social media—and in real life—than many preachers in America.”

In recent weeks, Farrakhan, the leading anti-Semite in America, has spoken in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago to promote the October event, meeting with various rappers along the way.

Photo with rap artist The Game posted to Farrakhan's Instagram account

Photo with rapper The Game posted to Farrakhan’s Instagram account

Instagram and Twitter posts from rappers posing with Farrakhan or promoting his recent visits have reached a combined 10.9 million followers so far, and many more people through reposts and retweets. Even with some overlap, this represents a significantly larger reach than a post from Farrakhan’s Facebook account (173,000 followers) or his Twitter account (381,000 followers).

Some rappers who have posted messages promoting Farrakhan or the Million Man March anniversary include Rick Ross (3.2 million Instagram followers), The Game (3.1 Million Instagram followers), Birdman (1.6 million Instagram followers), 2 Chainz (1.5 million followers), Young Thug (1.3 million Instagram followers), and Scarface (227,000 Twitter followers).

Photo with musician Ceelo Green posted to Farrakhan's Instagram account

Photo with musician Ceelo Green posted to Farrakhan’s Instagram account

Additionally CeeLo Green met with Farrakhan in Atlanta, and the NOI posted on Facebook a video of Green praising Farrakhan as “legendary.” The NOI also posted photos of Ice Cube meeting Farrakhan in Atlanta, Bun B attending Farrakhan’s June 15 event in Houston, and Kanye West attending Farrakhan’s Los Angeles event on June 17. Kanye West is also working on a documentary on Farrakhan according to Rolling Stone.

Farrakhan has also received support from elected officials in at least three states, including Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and New York State representatives and City Council members who attended Farrakhan’s June 5 event in Harlem.

Farrakhan continues to espouse anti-Jewish hatred at high-profile NOI events, such as in March during his Saviours’ Day address, where he alleged that Jews com­mit­ted the 9/11 attacks and con­trol the U.S. government.

Previous Million Man March anniversaries have featured anti-Semitism including Farrakhan’s two-part 2012 sermon in Chicago and Char­lotte, when Farrakhan spread hateful anti-Semitic myths about Jewish control in the U.S. and a litany of other conspiracy theories.

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