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November 5, 2015

Continued Publication of Anti-Semitic Themed Cartoons in the Arab and Muslim World

As Palestinian terrorism across Israel persists, Arab and Muslim newspapers and social media accounts continue to promote themes in support of the violence, which is often referred to as a “mass outburst” or the “Knives Intifada.”

In addition to the image of the knives, other themes are also being featured. Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent efforts to end the violence are depicted as Israel and Jews controlling the US and its leadership.  Examples of cartoons published include a figure representing the US trapped inside the Star of David, Uncle Sam being in the pocket of Israel and Secretary Kerry wiping the blood from the teeth of a wolf – which represents Israel.

Another ever-present allegation is the charge that Israel is attempting to alter the status-quo on the Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary in Jerusalem.  These images show Israel as a sinister snake attacking the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Below are examples of the cartoons published:


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October 14, 2015

As Israelis Are Stabbed, Obsession With “Even-Handedness” Morally Reprehensible

The international community’s obsession with “even-handedness” in comments on Palestinian terrorism is morally reprehensible.  The recent spate of Palestinians stabbings Israelis has generated too many calls for restraint by both sides and too few condemnations of those wielding the knives (and of those urging the attacks.)

Spain is the current President of the UN Security Council.  Yesterday its government expressed “great concern over the extreme gravity of the situation in Israel and in Palestine, and its serious regret at the successive violent attacks and confrontations that have lead [sic] to the deaths of at least 6 Israelis and 29 Palestinians.”  Spain then called for “restraint from all parties and for them to decisively tackle this swath of violence,” further describing the situation as a “dangerous spiral towards violence.”

Who held the knife and who had it plunged into their chest?  Who was shot after murdering innocent bystanders?  Impossible to know, based on Spain’s statement.

Anti-Israel Incitement from Twitter

Anti-Israel Incitement from Twitter

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, similarly – and uncharacteristically for him – conflated terrorists and civilian victims.  His October 6 statement, the only one he has issued since the stabbings began, reads, “The Secretary-General is profoundly alarmed by the growing number of deadly incidents in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.  The last few days of clashes, which resulted in the death of four Palestinians, including a 13-year-old boy, and hundreds injured, are yet another worrisome sign of violence potentially spiralling out of control.  The Secretary-General condemns the killings and looks to the Government of Israel to conduct a prompt and transparent investigation into the incidents, including whether the use of force was proportional.”

Of the four dead Palestinians referenced in Ban’s statements, it appears that at least two were killed while committing terrorist attacks in Jerusalem. One, Muhannad Halabi, was shot by police after he brutally stabbed to death Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Banita in the Old City on October 3. The second, Fadi Alon, was shot after he stabbed a 15 year-old Jewish boy outside the Old City on October 4.  The murdered Israelis are not mentioned, inferred only by the reference to “deadly incidents.”

Moral clarity requires distinguishing dead terrorists from their dead victims.  Those in leadership positions in the international community who fail to make such distinctions should not be surprised when their other demands are ignored.

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October 9, 2015

Terror in Israel, A Reality We Know Too Well

By: Carole Nuriel, ADL’s Jerusalem Office

Over the past two weeks, a wave of terror has once again hit Israel. For those of us who grew up in Israel during the 1980s, this is an unfortunate reality we know all too well. Israelis suffered through two intifadas, waves of terror attacks including suicide bombs, shootings, run-over attacks, stone throwing and Molotov cocktails. Yet there is a feeling now that this particular wave of terror is different. There are a few reasons for this:

•       The terrorists’ profile: They come both from Palestinian areas in the West Bank and from Israeli Arab communities

•       Most of them are relatively young, some even teenagers

Obviously, another change is the use of social media:  some of the terrorists have declared their intention to carry out attacks on social media. This tool, which has become the new “city square”, provides a platform for recruitment, incitement, how-tos, as well as for organizing crowds to demonstrate and riot against Israeli security forces.

Israel violence

In many ways, this wave of violence represents an on-the-ground version of the recent Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza, which indiscriminately targeted Israeli civilians throughout the country. This wave may have started in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, but quickly caught fire to the rest of the country, and is now targeting cities like Kiryat Gat, Petach Tikva, Tel Aviv and Afula. Much like Hamas’ rockets, much of the fear Israelis are now feeling is because of the sense that no place in the country is immune from terror attacks.

Anxiety is felt everywhere, as is the nature of terrorism. I live in Modi’in and have taken Road 443 to Jerusalem daily for the past eight years. However, during the last few months I haven’t felt safe driving on 443, especially with my kids, as there have been numerous stone and Molotov cocktail throwing incidents on this road. I now feel safer taking Highway 1, even though it means a longer drive to Jerusalem. Indeed, many Modi’in residents don’t drive on 443 anymore. Something has definitely changed. Just today, I received a notice that security checkpoints will be erected at all entrances to the city, and security in all educational institutions will be increased.

Polls have shown that there is a general public consensus among Palestinians against terrorism. But last week we witnessed another kind of evil, one which greatly worries me. During Saturday night’s terrible stabbing in the Old City of Jerusalem, Adele Bennett, whose husband was killed and she herself stabbed, was reportedly spat on and laughed at by Arab bystanders as she ran to get help with a knife still in her back. What can be more insulting, upsetting and inhumane than this indecent act?

But this is not only about terror, it’s also about incitement to violence. Many of those rioting claim Israel is attempting to change the status quo on Temple Mount. This holy place to both Judaism and Islam has been the focus of clashes and provocations for years. It is hard to ignore the dangerous actions and discourse of the Islamic Movement in Israel, who have supported the Murabitun/Murabitat group, whose sole purpose is to provoke and insult Jews visiting the Temple Mount. Incitement has also come from senior Palestinian Authority officials, including President Mahmoud Abbas who infamously declared in a television interview a few weeks ago that Jews are defiling the Temple Mount with their feet.

Today more than ever, religious and political leaders must understand how easily their inciting words can lead to violence and terrorism.

There are ongoing efforts among Israeli and Palestinian leaders to deescalate tensions. Israelis hope and pray that this will be successful, and that the personal security will be restored.

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