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August 6, 2014

More Extreme Rhetoric at National Anti-Israel Protest in DC

Approximately 10,000 people took part in a demonstration against Israel in Washington, D.C. on August 2. The demonstration, billed as the “National March on the White House,” was organized by ANSWER and featured several speakers, along with anti-Semitic signs and chants similar to those that we have seen at other recent anti-Israel demonstrations.

Cornel West, Professor of Afro-American Studies and Religion at Harvard University, claimed that Israel is guilty of “not just occupation, not just humiliation, but more and more every day: annihilation.” He alleged that “Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal not because he’s Jewish, but because he has chosen to promote occupation and annihilation.” West did not speak favorably of President Barack Obama either who he claimed “is a war criminal, not because he’s black or half African and white, but because his drones have killed 233 innocent children and because he facilitates the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza.”

Nihad Awad, the Executive Director and Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), also spoke to the crowd, insisting that Israel is a “terrorist state” and that AIPAC controls the U.S. Congress. He told the audience “Do not accept Israeli talking points. AIPAC should have its hand off the United States Congress. They have corrupted our foreign policy; they have corrupted our political leaders.”



Many of the anti-Israel demonstrators shouted insults such as “Baby killers” at a small group of pro-Israel demonstrators. At one point, when a pro-Israel supporter showed up and tried to enter the blocked-off pro-Israel area, one man shouted “We’ve got a Nazi here!” and “more pigs, more pigs!”

Tensions eventually became so high that the pro-Israel demonstrators had to be escorted away by law enforcement, presumably for their own safety. After the pro-Israel supporters were escorted out, the rally participants marched around the White House and through the streets of Washington, D.C.

An Israeli flag was also burned by participants at the rally.


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July 25, 2014

Anti-Semitism On Display: Two Weeks of U.S. Anti-Israel Protests

In the 15 days of protests against Israel’s response to the latest round of rocket fire from Hamas in Gaza, there have been a total of 134 anti-Israel demonstrations held in cities throughout the U.S. Many of these demonstrations featured anti-Semitism with many comparisons made between the State of Israel and Nazi Germany. In addition, some of the rallies have featured content in support of Hamas and overall Palestinian “resistance.”



1. California

The state with the most anti-Israel demonstrations was California where there were 19 different protests held in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chico, and Santa Cruz. Quite a few of these demonstrations featured signs that compared the State of Israel to Nazi Germany. In San Francisco an Israeli flag was burned. In Los Angeles, a demonstrator held a sign that read “That Jew-Jew Lame shit I ain’t with it Israel you better quit it Gaza-za #FreePalestine.”





2. New York

Ten anti-Israel demonstrations have taken place in New York State in cities such as New York, Syracuse, and Buffalo. At these demonstrations, some participants held up anti-Semitic signs and certain speakers called for the destruction of the State of Israel and defended the terrorist group Hamas.



3. Ohio and Washington

In Ohio and Washington State, there were nine separate anti-Israel demonstrations held in cities including Cleveland, Toledo, Seattle and Olympia. In both states, protesters held anti-Semitic signs that made comparisons between the State of Israel and Nazi Germany and alleged Israeli control over the American government. “Die-ins” were also held in both states.




4. Texas

Eight anti-Israel demonstrations took place in cities such as San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Protesters held signs that read “They’re both the same” (written next to pictures of Adolf Hitler, an equals sign, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu), “We’re seeing Israel’s incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto,” and “End the Palestine Holocaust.”



5. Florida and Washington, D.C.

Seven separate anti-Israel demonstrations took place across Florida and in Washington, D.C. Protesters attended these demonstrations holding signs that read “Adolf Netanyahu Hitler,” “One Holocaust doesn’t justify another!,” and “Gaza is the real Holocaust.” A sign that read, “Blaming Hamas 4 firing rockets @ Israel is like blaming a woman 4 hitting her rapist” appeared in Miami.





6. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts

There were six anti-Israel protests held in both Pennsylvania and Massachusetts in cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Boston. At these demonstrations, participants were seen with signs that read “Not even the Holocaust gives you the right to do this!” and “Do you think that Israel is a victim? Zionism = Nazism.” The sign “Blaming Hamas for firing rockets is like Blaming a woman who punches her RAPIST” also appeared at a rally in Philadelphia.




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July 17, 2014

More Allegations Of Genocide At Wednesday’s Anti-Israel Protests

On Wednesday, July 16, at least seven anti-Israel demonstrations were held in cities across the U.S. At these protests, comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany continued, along with calls for an end to U.S. aid to Israel and allegations that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

Here’s a round-up of what took place:

Dallas, TX

A few hundred people attended a protest sponsored by North Texas BDS and One Democratic State holding signs that read “End the genocide in Gaza,” “Gaza is the current day Holocaust,” and a sign that stated “End the Massacre End the Occupation! Stand up for Humanity” with a picture beneath it showing an image from “the Holocaust” and “today’s world” next to one another.

Gaza is the current day Holocaust - From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free

Washington, D.C.

A demonstration organized by the regional Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine was held in front of the White House. Organizers conducted a “die-in” wherein participants lay on the ground and “play dead” in an effort to reenact what is allegedly happening to Palestinians.

Die-in and Neteuri Karta

While the organizers read the names of all the Palestinians who have been killed during Operation Protective Edge thus far, about 35 people laid on the ground acting “dead” with fake blood smeared on their bodies and mock tombstones on top of them.

Chicago, IL

A demonstration by Jewish Voice for Peace that led to the arrest of five protesters was held outside of the Boeing headquarters yesterday. At the demonstration, about 50 protesters held signs with various messages including “Yes to life. No to collective punishment. End the siege of Gaza,” “Israel: stop killing children,” and “End the Violence: Divest from Israeli Occupation.”

arrested activists Boeing blood

A group of the protesters also made their way inside the building wearing bloodstained t-shirts. When security asked them to leave, they refused, and protesters outside the building led chants of “Boeing, Boeing, Blood is flowing” and “Boeing, Israel, what do you say, how many kids did you kill today?” Chicago police subsequently arrested five protesters.

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